New Freedom Tower to be protected by Liberty Forcefield

As originally reported in The La Rochelle Times:

High-tech shield will protect tower from terrorist threats

Alex Terrieur
La Lune de la presse internationale


The Freedom Tower, set to replace the twin towers of the former World Trade Center, will be protected by a state-of-the-art electro-magnetic shield dubbed the "Liberty Forcefield." Construction on the new skyscraper has only recently begun, delayed by the pesky victims' families who want a memorial to commemorate the nearly 3,000 victims of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. The project is now underway, over-budget and behind schedule, but nevertheless set for completion by 2012.

The Port Authority of New York, which has repossessed the site after it was privatized by Larry Silverstein properties in July, 2001, is overseeing the construction of the new tower. Although Silverstein properties had intended on financing the project, his investment was threatened by insurance companies who found inconsistencies in the policy that was taken out in July, 2001. They refused to pay the $7 billion Silverstein claimed as his reimbursement for "two separate attacks" that occured on Sept 11, therefore doubling his otherwise paltry $3.5 billion insurance claim.

Problems arose once officials realised that office space on the World Trade Center site was not necessarily in high demand. Before the destruction of the three skyscapers in 2001, including 47-story World Trade Center Building 7, the city had trouble finding tenants for the towers. Moreover, the towers were considered a liability due to the asbestos used in their construction, and they were slated to be dismantled by 2009 at a cost of several billion. Fortunately, the towers were destroyed by Al Qaeda terrorists and therefore costly cleanup and management was unnecessary. However the problems of building new office space and new terrorist threats remained. The replacement for World Trade Center Building 7 was completed in early 2006, and remains at about 10 percent occupancy.

The new Freedom Tower, which will soar to 1,776 feet above the Manhattan skyline, and preside auspiciously over the other near-empty skyscrapers around it, will be protected by a Liberty Forcefield developed jointly by Lockheed-Martin, Halliburton and Boeing. The ion-plasma energy field will be projected out of the building by high-capacity generators, thereby thwarting any wayward aircraft or kamikaze pilots wishing to repeat the tragedy of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. Other details on the forcefield remained highly classified for National Security reasons.

Some victims' families have cried foul. "That Liberty Forcefield won't work, as any common sense can tell you," said the brother of a firefighter killed in the WTC. "Those buildings didn't fall because of the airplanes. They were built to withstand aircraft impact."

Larry Silverstein, Mayor Bloomberg and other city officials have scoffed at the victims' families "outrageous conspiracies," saying they are only relishing in their relatives' deaths for fame and glory. The forcefield project, they maintain, will become an integral part of the new Freedom Tower, despite what some "dispersed, unorganized and somewhat unstable surviving family members might be saying," said Port Authority employee Phillip Dapitt. This will ultimately protect the tower, "a new symbol of America's unfettered and continued freedom and liberty since 2001 under the courageous policies of the Bush administration," said Dapitt.

Monsieur, Your site is


Your site is hilarious! I encourage everyone to visit and read all of the entries back through the archives.

The one on Sean Hannnity is priceless.

Brilliant satire

I will definitely check out those archives....

Hilarious complements....

Thanks for the compliments

and I'm happy to share my work with everyone at 911 blogger. I find that humor can often be the best way of opening people's eyes to reality! Smile

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

Great site dude. Loved the

Great site dude. Loved the "death star" entry.

Is this article for real, or

Is this article for real, or is it a joke? I seriously can't tell. Please tell me it's not real.

Wow that's awesome

I'll totally take that as a compliment. It's of course fake, but it's intended to sound real, and has a lot of truthiness in it - like the stuff about Building 7 ...

But the premise is completely false!

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

LOL. I was confused because

LOL. I was confused because there's Glenn Beck on TV saying the 9/11 families are really annoying. And after 9/11 people believe buildlings fall just like in Jenga, and it's not a stretch to imagine those same people believing that an electro-magnetic shield could protect a building.

Yeah, Ann Coulter said that

Yeah, Ann Coulter said that too. Of course, she's been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, or so it was reported last July in the LRT.

I think they attack the 9-11 families because they are enemies of the truth, and the think anyone who lost someone on 9-11 should just shut the f__k up. But it don't work that way see ...

So that's why I included that last paragraph in the article ...

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

"They" (Ann Coulter, et al) do a good job....

of saying "up is down" and getting the public to buy it.....but they find that almost impossible to attack the Jersey Girls and other victim's families and make it go down; this obviously frustrates always backfires and exposes the viciousness of the people behind all of this....Ann always looks like the bitch (and I'm restraining myself) she is when she talks about how the Jersey Girls are just waiting for their chance to "pose in Playboy".....

I knew there was something

I knew there was something profoundly wrong with her when at one point on Hannity & Colmes she said "Osama is irrelevant" when debating a Democrat. Not even Hannity backed her up, he left her swinging in the wind.

jersey girls

But, we haven't heard a peep from them since. Have they taken it to heart?

You're not paying attention?

They called for a new investigation on the 5th anniversary and are petitioning for declassification of documents...

I pay attention the best that I can...

and probably far more than most...but I haven't read anything recently. Any updates on the petition?

Sorry -- it's so tempting to be a smart ass sometimes

I checked the petition site and it has over 5000 signatures. (There are two links about family members -- which includes the Jersey Girls -- under "recent headlines" in the left column.) Or you could ask Jon Gold, "Hey Jon, what's up with the Jersey Girls right now?"

But my point was that both things happened after the Ann Coulter controversy and they received zip, zero, nada in the way of media coverage, whereas we had to see the **** all over tv for weeks.

And then there's the movie and the scathing rebuttal.

Kristen Breitwiser wrote a scathing open letter to Ann that should have made her feel really, really bad, except that she's a zombie. And the movie 9/11: Press for Truth came out, which is arguably the truth movie with the highest production values so far.


The media is controlled?

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

With ONE Exception...

9/11: Press For Truth has not been covered by a single news outlet aside from Rawstory.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

press for turth on end cap at barnes & noble

john, do you know anything about an increased marketing or distribution campaign for press for truth?

i was surprised to see it at barnes and noble face forward at the end of a shelf. I couldn't tell if it was a corporate thing or if the employees decided to set it up that way. I asked around and no one could give me an answer

Completely false premise - NOT

"It's of course fake, but it's intended to sound real, and has a lot of truthiness in it - like the stuff about Building 7 ...

But the premise is completely false! "

I am sorry, but I wonder why you would call such current technological capability "completely false." I hope you are simply mistaken, but these days people are so often mistaken on purpose.

Russia (who protects Iran), Israel and the USA all have a wide array of Energetics Weaponry -- Scalar Electromagnetic Waves and Quantum Potential weapons.

People who yell "space beams" in a derisive way are no different than those yelling "you're a bunch of conspiracy theorists".

Bush and Company do this same thing when they call everyone who does not go along with his plans for Iraq and our troops "unpatriotic".

I know the original poster is probably well intentioned but we in the 9-11 truth movement just cannot afford to trafic in silliness like calling directed energy weaponry a "completely false premise."

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.


That's hilarious, Monsieur le Prof! Thanks!

And we have Dachsie to keep us chuckling, too!

I swear I saw that coming...

about halfway into your brilliant satire, M. le Prof.

C'est triste :(

The space beam theory

Okay, I admit you've got a point. It can touch a nerve to get into the space beam crap. But I didn't talk about that, only the premise of a "Liberty Forcefield" that would protect the building. That is the false premise that I was refering to, since I don't really think that's part of the Port Authority's project? Never know, they had some pretty funky police equipment there on 9-11-06.

Knowing whether or not that tech has been or will be invented, etc, isn't at all my speciality. But the references to past events at the WTC are true. That is part of the key element of satire, making the reader decipher what is true, and what is not. 

Obviously speaking seriously there need to be new investigations into 9-11 mucho pronto.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

Monsieur, Don't be surprised


Don't be surprised that it's hard to tell anymore. I think that things have become so bizarre and through-the-looking-glass that it's tough on the satire biz. How far do you need to go? Did you know that a significant percentage of the viewers who stumbled onto the Colbert Report didn't realize he was satirizing certain types of talking heads? The mic-ed up idiots have become so outrageous that it's hard to out-do them, and folks simply thought they were watching a new show on Fox Cable.

I shared the "Clue" piece with a friend, sure that she would appreciate my self-deprecation in sending it along, and she emailed back to ask if it was real...

Sir, you've achieved a masterful tension. Keep up the good work -- and keep sharing the fun!


Great blog site Monsieur! I took the liberty of cutting and pasting a couple to Oberlmann's site, hope you don't mind. I haven't seen you there for a while.

Excellent satire

Excellent to the point that, having somehow missed the seemingly obvious fact that this was listed as "humor", I temporarily presumed it was accurate, was not really surprised, and all I could think of was possible environmental side effects and wondering who would put their headquarters in this building. Dating this fictional project to be completed in 2012 was a cute touch. Thankfully I went back to re-read it and realized my error.

The moral of the story: When possible, read everything carefully, twice - once without prejudice and once attempting to deconstruct it, checking sources, etc.

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