White House replaces Miers with trusted liar, Fred Fielding (9/11 Commission Member), as White House Counsel

from the Washington Post:
Bush Picks Reagan White House Counsel Fielding to Succeed Miers
By Peter Baker

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 9, 2007; Page A04

President Bush has selected Fred F. Fielding to be his White House counsel, recruiting a seasoned Washington veteran to represent the president with Democratic congressional investigators and reprise the job he held under Ronald Reagan, sources close to the process said yesterday.

The White House plans to announce the appointment today just days after longtime Bush loyalist Harriet Miers was eased out as the president's top lawyer in preparation for the anticipated struggle with a new Democratic Congress eager to investigate the administration. A White House official confirmed the appointment but insisted on anonymity because it has not been announced.

Fielding, 67, brings the experience and political heft that White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten has been seeking to counter any aggressive moves to probe the most controversial decisions of the Bush presidency. Smooth and soft-spoken yet battle-hardened, Fielding is considered a Republican "wise man" who Bush aides believe will be able to negotiate compromise without surrendering on the most important priorities.

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It makes it completely illegible! (Top one, at least.)

Rule of Law Crisis Brewing

Here is an excerpt from an important article on this subject of the president preparing for a big legal showdown. Our imperial presidency will use a variety of delaying tactics, diversions, and pseudo-compliances to bring the issue to a head at a time most advantageous to it.


"Notwithstanding Administration delays and diversions, Congressional access to Administration documents is likely to become a serious power struggle quite rapidly after the opening of the new Congress. A plausible scenario looks something like this:

--A congressional committee will request information.
--The Administration will stonewall.
--The committee will issue a subpoena.
--Amidst a sea of justifications and vilifications, the Administration will fail or refuse to produce documents.
--The committee will pass a contempt citation.
--The Senate or House will pass a contempt citation.
--The contempt citation will be referred to the Justice Department.
--The Justice Department will fail or refuse to bring contempt charges.
At that point Congress will have several options:

--It can make angry noises while in actuality accepting Administration intransigence.
--It can pass legislation establishing a special prosecutor.
--It can appeal to the courts by suing the Administration.
--It can establish a select committee or otherwise threaten impeachment against whatever officials it decides to hold accountable, from the President and Vice-President through cabinet members and other top officials.
What choice Congress makes will depend largely on public perception of and response to the situation. "

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this is great, Dachsie, thanks

Sometimes we get so caught up in Truth biz we forget that there is value in keeping abreast of what the mainstream opposition is up to. Especially helpful is to look ahead to anticipate actions and work to pre-empt them. A few good memes in the right places can cause to arise a debate at an inconvenient time for the schemers. This is great fun, even though it's dead serious!


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But what about this?

Mark McGwire doesn't get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame; only 25% of the the electors for the Baseball Hall of Fame voted for him!

because unlike squeaky clean Ripken and Gwynn

McGwire was a juiced-up cheater, like the 9/11 perps. And Americans are FED UP with liars and cheaters. They're looking for those rare untainted souls.


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