I am Curious

I am sure everyone is anxiously awaiting Loose Change the final cut.Will this film be put out in ALL
theaters? Unlike Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism which was only in a few select theaters for a short time,with little to no advertising.
Our Media is controlled as well as our goverment. Will this happen?And if Dylan or Jason reads this .How about a couple tickets to your preveiw at Park Cities Sundance film festival?


I was rushed on the Blog.What iam asking is .Will this be in every theater,and advertised in all papers in the movie section?
This is what our movement needs.

just like how they tried to

just like how they tried to contain the charlie sheen fake media event---

they are also going to try to contain the loose change movie

will they prove to be shills?? or will they betray their handlers and go for it!!!


but it would be foolish not to think that there are people involved with this on some level that dont want to use this as a psyop defeat against 911truth

Doesn't matter. If it's as

Doesn't matter. If it's as good as it sounds, it will jet straight up to the top 50 at google video.


If they had a 20 million dollar budget..... this will not come out on video for a while... it wil have a run at the theaters first.

They won't release it to video or internet untill they get that back....

I'll go see it at the theater!!!

Imagine what plumes look like on the big screen.... the hole in trhe Pentagon at actual size!!