recent Pilots for Truth activities

Over at the Pilots for 9/11 Truth forum which I'm part of, we are getting active. As just a few examples among many, in the Congress, Media contact info section - we are curently working on a project to get DVDs sent to all the Congressional Reps in Washington, DVDs which raise unanswered questions about the events of 9/11, such as 911 Mysteries, for example.

Our library of reading material which we have compiled and in some cases written is now quite substantial, covering (in some cases in significant quantities) about 80 topics both directly 9/11 related and looking at the larger world picture, listed alphabetically from Abu Ghraib through Zionism., which created the Pilots for 9/11 truth forum but does not necessarily endorse everything posted within it, will be releasing chapter two in the Pandora's Black Box DVD series in a few days. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for it at the following link:


For your patriotism,and all your efforts.

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