Secrets of the matrix

My first blog... so hope someone finds it interesting :-)

.....the below videos, whilst being long, gives maybe the most detailed analysis and information as to why 911 happened, and what those in power have to gain from such events.

He covers A LOT OF GROUND.... some of which is extremely controversial.. however once you can let go of a few indoctrinated beliefs, it makes a lot of sense. Part 2 goes into detail on 911, and other current events, part1 is essential background though.




"turd in the punch bowl" -

"turd in the punch bowl"

- alex jones


Really? He said that about David Icke? I find that surprising as he is not ussually so rude. He did interview him on his show and I gather they had significant differences. I personally think David Icke is a true hero - unafraid to follow the evidence trail regardless of how bizarre it may seem! It's pretty sad whenever those in the truth movement sink to vicious personal attacks on each other.

David Icke is off his NUT !!!

I watched his three part, six hour matrix trilogy...

All seemed ok'ish until he got to the third part... and then he truly whacks-out...

Everything is an implanted hologram and illusion and the reptilian BS and I reckon he knows it is BS too (looked shifty to me).

The guy is totally kooked out... and the amount of times he rubs his nose makes me think he might be on speed or coke...

Totally off his head IMO.

David Icke is a complete

David Icke is a complete fruitcake, he used to think he was Jesus now he thinks Lizard men run the planet, this bullshit doesn’t deserve to be on the blogger it damages credibility BIGTIME!

Not just that

he is also a major fear monger with all his Dooms Day and demon scenario's, just like Alex Jones (police state this, police state that, bla bla - most police are just normal people like you and me - we should be educating them about the critical issues of today). Did you know that Alex works for a Disney Corp owned company? Via ABC subsidiary GCN.

Also, lookup up the silence and ignorance of Alex on the fascistic Jewish plots by Rothschild and Co. (so called Zionism) and the larger plot by the masonic cults and their master the Jesuit Order. The Rothschilds and the Vatican go way back. Look into the Knights Templar banking monopoly, etc. Mr. Icke likes to go on about the so-called important Meringovian bloodlines (most of that is complete disinfo).

Icke and him are fear breeding loudmouths who only tell bits of truth the real perpetrators are comfortable with. They hardly do any research themselves, and claim most of the credit for it. Notice how they rarely cite their information sources, did they do all the research themselves?

Notice how they keep repeating the same things over and over again. Notice how they don't really go into the important details (who owns that, who's related, older history, sharp logical reasoning, etc.) .

Their motto is: be afraid of the police state and the reptiles controlling it. Perhaps they should do a show together called Hill Street Snakes.


Brend If you watch the video, David makes it quite clear that YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR, as soon as you realise how you are being controlled... it is fear that keeps us in bondage.

I must say if you go to Alex's site, it is just full on flashing NEGATIVE IMAGES... doesn't fill me with postiveness. But lets not beat around the bush - sry for swearing ;-) - the things going on under our nose are not pretty.
911 is the most massive example of how the masses are fooled, and then gievn the solution.

ORDO AB CHAO - order out of chaos. An illuminati slogan/motto

The lizard.reptillian thing is way out there - EVERYONE is repulsed & rejectit at first, however.. start to look, start to research.. or as someone else put it on another blog: "Who are you to say "take the reptilian thing with a grain of salt"? - Have you actually studied the background to it? -Have you studied the history of all major cultures of the world? Have you read "trance-formation of america"?-have you watched "the reptilian agenda"?- have you watched"revelations of a mother goddess"? - have you interviewed hundreds of witnesses?..... if all these are no, then... like everyone who frequents this site would say to those who are still fooled by the official 911 story: "wait, wait, wait... look at the evidence, read between the lines, don't take the official story..."

If you need proof of the Illuminati and their subliminal signs watch this -

Its called "Poisoning the truth"

David Icke sends ambiquous messages all the time. Why do you think he does that? So that some people can immediately discard the elements of truth he puts in his talks/video's. The few people who can't argue against the stupid things he says are fooled into believing that there are ancient, evil bloodlines that need to be preserved according to the elites. Its simply distraction from the real issues and details, just like the Davinci Code story. He also likes to blend in his pseudo-understanding of holography and the other elements of nature. Then he keeps dwelling on his superficial understanding.

Icke does not really go into the real roots of the Illuminati (the real family names, their oppressive and murderous history), the masonic orders, the Jesuits, the Zionists (including Rotschild's Isreal project), the international financial networks, the international pedophile networks. the global conspiracy with the secret services in the US, UK, Israel, Russia, Pakistan and several other nations.

David Icke is a genuine disinformer and ultimately a fool to himself. I ask you to carefully examine more of his work, I think you will come to the same conslusions.

Thanks for your response though.