Upcoming Event in Michigan With Kevin Barrett, Kevin Ryan, and Robert Bowman

Presented by Ann Arbor 9/11 Truth:

The War on Truth:
9/11 and our Civil Rights

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007
6:30 p.m. Michigan Union Ballroom
530 S. State St., Ann Arbor, Michigan

September 11, 2001 was a catastrophic day in our country’s history. Three thousand people lost their lives in this tragic attack. As horrible as this loss has been it has, according to some, initiated an even greater loss to the nation: our civil rights. These speakers allege that, using 9/11 as a weapon, our current administration has terrified us into letting the NSA spy on our phone conversations, giving up our rights to habeas corpus and - mostly recently - allowing the government to open and read our conventional mail without a warrant. Anyone who dares object is "on the side of the terrorists".

Panel discussion by three members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth about the effect that 9/11 has had on our civil rights. Q&A session will follow.

Dr. Kevin Barrett is an associate lecturer in Islamic and Arabic Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. When it became known that he planned to speak openly in class about 9/11, state officials nearly had him fired.

Kevin Ryan is a former site manager for Environmental Health Laboratories (a division of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.). He was fired by UL for writing a letter to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), which questioned the draft WTC report NIST generated in October 2004.

Dr. Robert Bowman is President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies. He was Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under President Jimmy Carter and is one of the country's foremost authorities on national security. He has spoken out against the official version of the events of September 11, 2001. FREE Details: 734-239-1877

Thanks Adam for the heads up!

Which Scholars group?

I believe than Ann Arbor screwed up the announcement. I am rather certain that Kevin Ryan has resigned from Fetzer's discredited and largely defunct www.st911.org organization. Kevin Ryan is one of the founders of Scholars for 911 Truth AND JUSTICE www.stj911.org

I hope that Dr. Bowman is also with STJ and not Fetzer's goofballs.

Jim Fetzer pls. pause for a while and return to our community

The problem with Fetzer as put it J. Ventura on some Alex Jones pre election 2006 video is that Fetzer being a good guy but just tends to believe everything is a conspiracy (and I don't question his good JFK research by that), which in turn might lead him closer to this fringe dissinfo/no plane/space beam stuff. Now, we don't know the answer, well there is probability that Fetzer is right but that's just very small percentage given the current amount of info they can support their theory. And moreover the damage which this could present for the movement in general is really high.

So, lets keep focus on the more stronger points (higher probability theories) as everybody already suggested here.. I hope that Jim Fetzer would pause for a moment and reinvent himself and go to the basics of this case..

I had my own issues with him in the past I presented material about the frauds from Judicial Watch but he still endorsed them blindly in the media, that's just a closed mind to me..


Just to clarify few points.
Time is of the essence for us, the time is running out and we need the Garrison style Clay Shaw trial ASAP otherwise this 9/11 fraud is just going to be another episode for the History Channel..

We can make some progress, and as put it S. Jones in his latest paper on the new scholars website we can make a relatively solid case and go to the court. Yes, at the moment we can expect that the whole hell would break loose as they will try to destroy the case by intimidating witnessess and all aspects of the proceedings..
They DID that in the past and they will DO it now as well..

But we have to move it on that stage now or never,
Fetzer's activity has been recently quite counter productive to this strategy..

Regardless they are all

Regardless they are all speaking together.

Fetzer is entitled to his beliefs. And what evidence do you have that st911 is "largely defunct"?

Whom does...

...st911.org represent? A third entity?

Definitely Barrett, Ryan, and Bowman

Hello people,

I am the Adam that posted notice of this event.

Just so you all are clear, we've spoken with all three people and they are definitely coming.

As for the Scholars question, Barrett and Ryan have both indicated that they have no quarrel with each other, they are fine speaking together, and neither really seems to care about the split between Fetzer and Jones.

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is the time and location

is the time and location correct? i just looked on the website and it says this:

Reservation Id:42338
Event Name:Ballroom Dance Club/SO*
Date:Sunday, January 28, 2007
Time:4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Building:Michigan League
Event Type:Meeting

kevin barrett seems to be associated with st911 and is still listed as a "FM" member -

judy wood and rick siegel, I guess'll be his company there. also still listed as members and featured on the front page continuously. this whole charade is a good example of how the idea of "it's ALL good" is completely bogus and designed to tank the work of serious people.

i see that most on here are now aware. took a long time. but how 'bout that list on the left . . . why does it list the extreme "no-planes" and "nukes" sites like team8 plus and reopen911, along with everyone else? might as well list rick siegel's sites that trash everyone too, even blogger! i've seen him trashing blogger hard on there. Opps, there he is on bloggers list .. .

i guess you guys support the right of the promotion of wtc no planes and nukes on here with the "its ALL good" theory . .. or "we won't censor anyone," or whatever. you become a part of the problem when you do the same stuff on here as most commenters are complaining about.

Time and place are correct.

Yes the time and place is correct. The ballroom dancing is the Michigan League not the Union.

The 911 Truth event will take place in the Michigan Union ballroom.

As for "nukes" and "no-planes" theories, first of all the focus of the event is on the attacks people become subject to when they speak out.

Second I don't believe any of our speakers are in that camp at all, much less that they plan to speak about them.

Third I do believe that most of the hate within the 911 Truth Movement is the work of COINTELPRO or some similar program. It is one thing to honestly debate the merits of the arguments but to suggest that Barret Ryan and Bowman aren't credible because they were/are in ST911 is pure slander.

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How so?

got any evidence there hater?

Adam, why is there no link

Adam, why is there no link to any announcement anywhere on a webpage? Does the Mich 9/11 group not have a site or a blog or something?

The problem with referring to any internal critique as "hate" is that you make it impossible for any filtering to happen within our own work. Hate is about personal attacks, not academic critique.

I agree with the post about the list on the left of this page . . . why is Team8 plus on there?

Web page for event

The flyer with directions is at


and there is a web forum for our group at