Yet ANOTHER Training Exercise Predicts 9/11

We know that within the two years prior to 9/11, NORAD held an exercise based on the scenario of terrorists deliberately crashing a hijacked aircraft into the World Trade Center. And there were at least three exercises in the year before 9/11 based around a plane hitting the Pentagon.

But here is yet another exercise that mysteriously predicted the attacks. This one was held less than two weeks before September 11, at the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. Only a few details of it have been described, by Ellen Engleman, administrator of the DOT's Research and Special Programs Administration, at the National Transportation Security Summit on October 30, 2001. She said:

Ironically, fortuitously, take your choice, 12 days prior to the incident on September 11th, we were going though a tabletop exercise. It was actually much more than a tabletop… in preparation for the Olympic games, at the Department of Transportation, which was a full intermodal exercise. During that exercise, part of the scenario, interestingly enough, involved a potentially high-jacked plane and someone calling on a cell phone, among other aspects of the scenario that were very strange when twelve days later, as you know, we had the actual event.

[There is a PDF of this document here. This quote appears on page 108.]

So not only did Engleman say the August 31 exercise included a simulated hijacking: She said there were "other aspects" of it that were also "very strange," considering what happened on September 11. What could they have been?

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