9/11 Action Net, found at, is putting out the call for all "9/11 Truth" activists to pool their campaigns in the 9/11 Action Net "9/11 Truth" Campaign Directory, a user-submitted collection of boycotts; internet-, phone- and mail-based campaigns; leaflettings; marches/rallies; sit-ins; vigils and other forms of symbolic and direct action in furtherance of the search for and exposure of the truth regarding the supposed terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 in America.

Taking your questions to the streets is important, and 9/11 Action Net is here to help! A regular spot for leafletting, an idea for faxing a Senator's office, or an effort to rally in the streets of D. C., 9/11 Action Net's handy e-mail form can handle all your action ideas, no matter how large or small.

Just starting out? Try the 9/11 Action Net "9/11 Truth" Activist Directory to meet up with other "9/11 Truth" activists in your area (nicknames and handles OK). Or, take the time to register your local action group.

And be sure to check the blog at for the latest in national activism news to get the word out that "9/11 Truth" is here to stay.

9/11 Action may be found on the web by directing a browser to Constructive comments and questions concerning the site may be directed to 911action (@) 911action (.) net. If you wish to use PGP encryption, please use 911action (@) hushmail (.) com or 911action (@) anonmail (.) de (PGP public keys found at