9/11 Theories To Be Discussed

Organizers of Chandler conference want someone held accountable

Source: azcentral.com

Luci Scott
The Arizona Republic
Jan. 11, 2007 12:00 AM

A national conference focusing on conspiracy theories tied to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is coming to Chandler next month.

"We are taking the information one step further, and we want to raise accountability," said Eric D. Williams, a filmmaker and conference co-chairman.

The event, "9/11 Accountability Strategies & Solutions Conference," will feature 40 speakers and 30 films. It will be Feb. 23-25 at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler.

"There are two conspiracy theories about 9/11, the government's and the other conspiracy theory," Williams said. "No matter whose theory you believe, no one has been held accountable."

The "other" theory is one that claims government complicity in the attacks.

Speakers include investigative journalist Jim Marrs, author of The Terror Conspiracy; Steven E. Jones, a retired physics professor at Brigham Young University who contends the World Trade Center collapse was a controlled demolition, and John Feal, president of the FealGood Foundation, a group advocating for first responders suffering health problems.

Other participants include radio host Alex Jones and New York artist Janette MacKinlay, author of the book Fortunate: A Personal Diary of 9/11.

The films, which will be shown continuously in a theater at the conference, include 9/11 Mysteries, Terror Storm and What Really Is the Matrix: World Events. Williams expects discussions to go into current politics.

"We went to war (in Iraq) for the wrong reasons," he said. "Let's try to figure out a way to stop funding an illegal and wrong war. . . . We elect people to watch over us, but when they get there, they're watching out for themselves. We have to focus on accountability."

The conference is sponsored by Phoenix-based 911 Truth of Arizona.

EX-CIA Ray McGovern "Cheney

EX-CIA Ray McGovern "Cheney let the plane hit the Pentagon"
C-SPAN Camp Casey interview with Ex-CIA Ray McGovern
He talks about running into Norm Mineta and confronting him on his testimony before the 911 commission and why did Dick Cheney hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

Keep in mind, as Ray McGovern hinted also, that many truthers

doubt that AA-77 is what slammed through the Pentagon.

How could a Boeing 757 fit through a 16' impact hole???

What happened to the plane??? Where were the 2 giant engines, the 250 seats, the luggage, the bodies??? How could they have IDed the passengers with DNA when the plane itself disappeared???

How did Osama's lackies fly it there from Ohio/Ketucky???

Conclusion: AA-77 did NOT strike the Pentagon!

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Gee, what a fast reply. You must be one of the disinfo agents

permanently assigned to spread b.s. on 9/11 blogger. BTW, that makes you an accessory-after-the-fact.

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That burned corpse you show as proof of passengers at the

Pentagon is far more like to be some poor soul who was working inside the building, as it was most likely a missile that slammed through 3 sections of the Pentagon.

that "burned corpse" looks like rubber

But even if I'm wrong, and it IS an actual dead person, what exactly makes anyone think it was someone who was on AA77 and not, as you say, some poor soul, like the accountants who were working on searching for the missing trillions of dollars Rumsfeld reported to Congress on Monday, September 10, 2001.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


i find it amazing that the

i find it amazing that the burnt person is stillin one piece, makes me thing they were defo not on the plane. Think about it, the largest peice of the 'plane' that we have is about the size of that guy and it is completetly twisted up, yet this guy, who flew intot he pentagon at cerca 500mph is in one peice, be it, rather horribly burnt. i dont beleive that anyone could still be in one 'whole' piece after that kind of violent crash against concrete walls.


I find it strange that the part that collapsed at the pentagon did so in such a clean manner, just like someone cut a chunk out of the building. I really wish there was footage of the pentagon part of the building collapsing, would be interesting to see. i can't believe that there isnt footage!

there is video of the collapsing pentagon...

i dont have time to find it but i just saw it the other day... shouldnt be hard to find...

I think painful deceptions has it...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Yeah, the plane burned up

Yeah, the plane burned up and only small pieces of it are found, with no wings or tail section...BUT a human corpse is still intact.
Makes perfect sense!


Great Answer

There is something very fake

There is something very fake looking about the "corpse" but I can't put my finger on it. It certainly doesn't look like it's been sitting in a plane seat. And what are they wearing, some sort of coveralls?

Also, is there a wider shot? I don't remember seeing any other shot that this could be a detail of.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

How did Hanjour do amazing maneuvers with a Boeing 757 &

fly a foot above the gound @ 530 mph??? Those flunkies couldn't even fly a Cessna properly!

Hanjour didn't fly the

Hanjour didn't fly the plane. It was flown either by one of the hijackers who was a crack pilot; or the plane was flown by a remote guidance system into the Pentagon. The latter scenario is far more likely. (And I don't mean to suggest that if it was flown by a human hijacker, that it was an Arab hijacker.)

Which "hijacker" was a crack pilot? If it was a "remote guidance

system" who installed it in the airliner & who operated it that day? All that seems like a huge undertaking when a missile could've just been used.

BTW, were are the 80 or so videos showing what happened at the Pentagon, but were confiscated by FBI/CIA/NSA???

I don't believe any of the

I don't believe any of the hijackers were crack pilots. I believe the hijackers installed remote guidance onto the controls after killing the pilots. This may have only taken a few minutes. Then the plane was flown remotely, perhaps by a pilot in a nearby chase plane, or on the ground. Not a "huge undertaking" at all-- especially compared with trying to make a 757 disappear somewhere with all its passengers!

All the videos showing AAL77 hit the Pentagon are being held under lock and key by our government. They have an obvious motive in not releasing them: they want us all to make fools of ourselves entertaining the No-Boeing theory so that the public is alienated from us. Sad to say, this strategy is working.


Are you seriously suggesting that they hotwired a guidance system into the plane and then the terrorists had another plane following them????


them terrorist have some connections and some advanced technology.... It would have been easier to fly the plane the way it was flown than to hack into the planes guidance system?

you were being serious..... right?

Well, first of all, I don't

Well, first of all, I don't think "them terrorists" were terrorists at all. I believe they were professionally trained commandos with the resources of a state intelligence agency behind them. On the planes, they were only acting like and looking like Arabs to perpetrate the false flag.

As for the "advanced technology," flying airplanes remotely isn't really all that advanced. The technology is "off the shelf," meaning that it is not difficult to obtain.

The idea that AAL77 was somehow made to disappear somewhere and a missile instead launched at the Pentagon requires a far more complex conspiracy and technology than than anything I am suggesting.

Career Suicide

So these professionally trained commandos.....acting and dressing to resemble Arabs?? ... inserted this device into the planes flight control interface.... and knowingly flew these planes into the desired targets??

by the way if you did your research you would find that all major commercial planes are remotely flown.

the plane could have flown over the Pentagon after id dropped it's payload..... all the witnesses saw and heard a plane.... then they saw a huge explosion..... but from the road looking up at the building.... a plane that had flown over would have been obscured from view long before the smoke cleared and by that time everyone would have been consumed with looking at the damaged building.

the plane could have been an entirely different plane all together..... Release the Video tapes!!!

It's a very easy solution to this problem.... if they had nothing to hide then there is no reason to hide it

Yes there is a reason to

Yes there is a reason to hide it: to confuse the truth movement and send many of us on a wild goose chase-- such as thinking a cruise missile, not AAL77, struck the Pentagon. This discredits us with the general public.

who's confused?

no matter what hit the Pentagon, somehow it was either allowed or made to do so and in either case a treasonable offense — moreover that no court martial or disciplining of any sort followed calculates without a doubt to an inside job...anyone still confused?

Show "That's an excellent link," by andrewkornkven

A most peculiar post. You

A most peculiar post. You ask a lot of questions that have no good answers. Your only evidence that AAL77 didn't hit the Pentagon is the 16' hole. All your questions are easily answered by the fact that AAL77 DID hit the Pentagon.

And the lack of the aircraft in the

...Pentagon security cameras

If there ever was a Flight 77

According to the original website American Aurlines did not even have a Flight 77 scheduled for 9/11

John Conner visits Beverly Hills, tries to spread some truth, &



love the site guys, really,

love the site guys, really, but this shit is getting old. this is by far the shittiest and slowest moving website ive ever visited. and it happens to be the website i frequent more than any other. i cant be the only one having a problem with this site. so friggin sluggish.

Yes, things are taking way too long to load on this site.

What's up with this?

so im not the only one?

so im not the only one? good. i actually asked dz about this a week or 2 ago and he said something about how the site has been getting attacked. not sure by who or what. im not sure if its still the same problem, or what it is, but sometimes the site is just not even worth reading it moves so slow. thats ashame, because this site is extremely valuable.

No, it's slow for me, too

Very, very slow. (I assumed the attacks are ongoing.)

Is it not slow for anyone?

guys, please email me

guys, please email me personally.. i just made one change to the site after seeing your comments, and i will be updating the version of the software this weekend, and i will need to know if these things help out at all..

hopefully my change just now will be noticeable, but please email me, and i will do my best to address it.. honestly noone has emailed me about it since chris about a month ago.. although i have noticed the sluggishness myself (but just wrote it off as issues with my host)..

sorry, give it a whirl.

Uploads fast for me.

Uploads fast for me.

Same here

no problem with the site

Unusually slow here...

Very frustrating!

Making this day even more depressing, there are many news

stories indicating to me that we and/or Israel are going to attack (perhaps nuclear) Iran in the near future.

Where are the Democrats on this insane threat???

The Demospinelesscrats

will do nothing whatsoever.

Neither will the vast majority of the American public, the Mainstream Media will lie and cover up the truth and the public will swallow every word.

Watch out for a false flag attack soon.

The Democrat leadership is

The Democrat leadership is firmly in the Israel-first camp, and will hand Bush/Cheney a blank check to do whatever when the inevitable false-flag attack incriminating Iran happens.

Pelosi-Reed-Hoyer-HRClinton-Schumer are all enthusiastically in the pro-Zionist camp. Anti-war spokesman John Murtha has been shoved into the background, as indicated by his defeat by Steny Hoyer for majority whip.

The democrats are the republicrats

it's all the same dude.
Wake up!

The democrats are not going to save us any more than Bush or McCain will save us.

It's a false paradigm, don't buy the left/right buillshit they feed us on TV!

The top Democrats are frauds too. It would be much harder

for Bush to be doing all this escalation shit if he were under impeachment proceedings!

and Somalia

and watch how they care not at all about the U.S. airstrike in Somalia. Somalian president has said he expects U.S. ground troops soon, to root out those "al-Qaeda" fighters - the "African branch" of Al-Qaeda, that is. I hope Osama Bin Laden has enough suncreme with him in Somalia, it's a lot hotter there than in Afghanistan's shady caves.
Those "war on terror" strikes against "al-Qaeda suspects" seem to translate into a simple logic for Bushco., that any Islamist with a gun in hand is automatically "free game" to be bombed, burned, shot, you name it.

I was wondering what has been

...keeping Cheney busy.

Show "down with 'final cut'" by Anonymous (not verified)

I'm supposed to believe you over the Loose Change guys? I don't

think so.

the $20M is incorrect

They said it's more like $1 million.

Isreal is definitely reltated to 9/11 but they have included all the facts they can get their hands on for a 1 hour 45 minute movie. Be happy that they are making this movie and if you want something on isreal, make your own.

FBI met with Hollywood screenwriters yesterday at LA Fed Bldg

References 9/11, United 93 http://www.hollywoodreporter.com currently on the front page. Studios were informed after 9/11 that they are part of this war on terror. Some interesting stuff here.

The propaganda machine at it's best!


I agree with you that Loose

I agree with you that Loose Change has worked as disinformation, but obviously we are outnumbered here by Avery & Bermas groupies.

Some of the more insidious disinformation propagated by Loose Change:

1. UAL93 landing at Cleveland airport.

2. Phone calls cannot be made from planes.

3. No Boeing hit the Pentagon.

All of these myths have been exploded by serious researchers using the scientific method. But who needs science when you have filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Dylan Avery to tell you what really happened?

LC is a great tool

It's not perfect and won't work for everyone but it definitely wakes people up and is one of the better movies on 9/11 (I rank it 3rd behind 9/11 Mysteries and Press for Truth). LC Final Cut should blow away everything currently out there.

As for calling everyone "Avery and Bermas groupies", that just makes you look bad.

And, the theories they presented are not "disinformation", they're just unproven. Where is your proof that AA77 DID hit the pentagon? That's just as much a theory as what LC presents.

Agreed. And I would add to

Agreed. And I would add to your post to our friend:

please stop suggesting the only reason people don't believe a jumbo jet hit the Pentagon is because of "dis-information". The reason I didn't believe a JUMBO JET hit the Pentagon from week one was a) the continually changing diagrams in our crypto fascist daily, followed by b) a picture of the crash site WITH NO PLANE. I grew up in the seventies when plane crashes on the front page sold papers so i know what a jumbo jet crash site looks like.

Does it mean it's impossibe it was a Jumbo Jet? No; but--and read carefully, -because no plane or wreckage is observable--common sense/Occam's razor argues against it--without the aid of "disinformation", thank you very much.

I'll remind some that most of us came to 911Truth not because we read one book or saw one movie that "convinced"us. We're not bleeding sheep. We came to 911Truth because we were already analyzing the inconsistancies of the OT. For me it was examining the MSM coverage of the Pentagon that has conviced me, while an aircraft is likely involved, no bloody way is it a Jumbo Jet.

I usually avoid this issue in the interests of solidarity, because, after all, NOTHING should have hit the Pentagon. But I'm getting bloody iritated when some git thinking the reason I doubt a JUMBO JET hit the PEntagon is because I'm a "victim of dis-info". When I was in the military, my classes were in a building a couple hundred feet below the flight path of a civilian airport. Every time a jumbo jet took off, IT WOULD SHAKE THE BUILDING. The teacher would have to pause during the lesson a minute or two to wait for the jet to pass because we COULDN"T HEAR them speak over the engines.

Now, outside the Pentagon this jumbo jet supposedly flew within dozens of feet(not hundreds of feet, like on my base) of people and cars. Does anyone have a link of someone or their car being knocked over by wake turbulance? Anyone have a link of people being temporarily deafened--not saying it's deafening, but being actually deafened for an hour or two afterwards from close proximaty to commercail jet engines--? Until the EFFECTS of close proximatly to a low flying JUMBO JET are solidly corraborated, I shall continued to NOT BELIEVE A JUMBO JET HIT THE PENTAGON, because to do otherwise would be irrational considering my knowledge base. So give us the links, or agree to disagree, but take that "victim of dis-info" shite and stuff it.

Anyway that's me. And this was to what's his face above, not you, Realist--just tacking it on to what you wrote, in case that wasn't clear.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Yeah, the government is

Yeah, the government is paying them to make the most successful movie ever about 9/11 Truth and get thousands of marchers on 9/11/06 to wear Investigate 9/11 shirts.
Cmon you guys, just because some of the stuff that they talked about in the past didn't totally check out doesn't mean they are disinfo agents with the CIA.
Give me a break.

But, besides that, what was the thing about the cell phone calls? How was that debunked? I'm curious.

Loose Change presented some

Loose Change presented some dubious arguments that cell phone calls are impossible from moving airplanes. They never addressed the airphone calls which made up the majority of the calls made from the planes. Nonetheless, thousands of sincere 9/11 activists have been persuaded that the calls are somehow faked, when in fact the phone calls, taken as a whole, are the best evidence we have of what went on in the planes-- and they do not uphold the government's story. Here is a link to a respected site examining LC's handling of the phone call issue:


and here is a link to my own analysis of the phone calls:


911 Cell Phone Lie.

A couple of interesting articles on the subject.

All written in 2004.

"Once you get to a certain height, you are no longer in the range of the cellular network" because cell phone towers aren't built to project their signals that high, she said. The technology is "difficult now, but it's not something that can't happen in the future."


"Today's vote by the FCC is intended to address whether technology has improved to the extent that cell phone calls now are possible above 10,000 feet -- they weren't in the past -- and whether they'd mess up ground- based communications.

"We adopted this rule 20 years ago," said Lauren Patrich, a commission spokeswoman. "Technology has advanced quite a bit in the last 20 years."

One promising technology developed by Qualcomm would allow cell phone calls to be blasted from aircraft into space and then beamed back to Earth by satellite. "


"Cell phone company Qualcomm (QCOM) has teamed with American Airlines (AMR) to develop satellite-based air-to-ground cellular service. Several smaller companies are working on rival systems. In-flight cell service could be introduced within two years and become commonplace within four, developers believe.

Last week, American and Qualcomm officials circled over West Texas in a jetliner making calls from their cell phones. The Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission authorized the flight to test the technology's safety and transmission quality.

"It worked great," says Monte Ford, American's chief information officer, and the special flight's host. "I called the office. I called my wife. I called a friend in Paris. They all heard me great, and I could hear them loud and clear.""


'No phone calls' hasnt been debunked

The 'no phone calls possible' debunkers claim that it is possible to make A SINGLE mobile phone call successfully for 4 minutes while travelling over 500mph and over 6 miles up. They end up saying it's just possible, and only on certain phones and only to 911.
From there they conclude that yes all the phone calls connecting and remaining connected are all possible, and thats that. Then they also say that people who think phones cant do this reliably are also talking about airphones, which is a straw man argument that they then knock the seeming anomaly on the head. But this is how they debunk most of the research, by attacking one small part, creating doubt and then using that doubt to cascade through straw man arguments and specious opinion, knowing that most people who are being newly exposed to this research really do not want to have to have the catharsis that will change their world view and maybe make them regret their past ignorant behavior; to them it's like a welcome breeze and they are suckers for it.
But they are lying to themselves and ignoring their education if they have any; since there were many cell phone calls and the chance of them all connecting is the chance of one connecting (0.2 say) to the power of the number of calls connected for that average time,(0.2 ^5 = say 3 chances in 1000 being super generous) which makes it impossible here in reality, especially when those calls are the SMOKING GUN that critically sells the world media the hijack story. http://www.rense.com/general56/cellpp.htm
The phone calls were what gave the media the story of hijackers to begin with, they were the SMOKING GUN of the media story, that is why they are critical to pulling off the propaganda. That was the fastest and easiest way to get the 'right' story out to the media. That is IT IS OBVIOUSLY A CRUDE PROPAGANDA TOOL THAT ACHEIVED ITS OBVIOUS OBJECTIVE - to trick the honest people in the media, and thereby the world into reporting the lie.
To blurt out that the 'no phone calls' has been debunked is disengenious to say the least. What a sucker.

Exactly what I was

Exactly what I was thinking.
So many of the calls contents are in question, as well. Why no screaming in the background? Why Mark Bingham's strange greeting to his mother? Why would he ask her if she believes him?
Why the "oh my god I see buildings, I see water"?

Why the "oh my god I see buildings, I see water"?

Great point. A stewardess with about a dozen years experience out of Boston supposedly said this when she saw the NYC skyline. How could she possible not know what Manhattan looks like from a plane??? The wording in many of the calls just does NOT make sense!

All you're doing is

All you're doing is regurgitating the Loose Change line-- I've heard it all before, and all it adds up to is a bunch of unscientific junk.

Why no screaming in the background? What good is screaming going to do you in such a situation? They probably assumed they were going to land somewhere like most hijacked aircraft.

Why Bingham's strange greeting to his mother? Maybe he had a really bad connection?

Why would he ask her if she believes him? Maybe because what he is telling her is so bizarre?

Why the "oh my god I see buildings, water" Maybe Amy Sweeney said this when they were really close to the ground, and it suddenly occurred to her what their fate was really going to be.

Note: In believing these calls are real, I am NOT endorsing the official story! I believe there were hijackers on the planes, but they were not the Arabs of the official story.

"The phone calls were what

"The phone calls were what gave the media the story of hijackers to begin with, they were the SMOKING GUN of the media story, that is why they are critical to pulling off the propaganda" -JoeW.

Here is the root of our disagreement, Joe. You equate the phone calls with the government's story. You shouldn't do that. If you sit down and read the records of the phone calls as I have done, you will find that they do not uphold the official account at all.

Yes there were hijackers on board, and they appeared to be Middle Eastern looking-- but they were not Arabs, they were professional operatives armed with guns. There are several phone calls that corroborate that, from Tom Burnett on FL93 and Betty Ong on FL11. That's not part of the official story, is it? But the media and the government don't talk about those calls, do they?

They also don't talk about Ong's call where she reported one of the hijackers coming from seat 9B, which was occupied by an Israeli-trained commando named Danny Lewin. In fact, the government has confiscated that part of Ong's call and will not release it to the public. Did you know that? Probably not. Loose Change doesn't mention it either. I wonder why.

The phone calls are real. Stop fighting them. If you study them you will realize they tell the story of real hijackers on the planes impersonating Arabs, with the purpose of framing Arabs. That was the whole point of 9/11: to frame Muslims so Americans would be willing to march off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Have I made myself clear? The phone calls do NOT equal the government's story. Please read my analysis above.



just met with n idiot who

just met with n idiot who got kicked out of a bar for saying "my parents were killed in 9/11." they're losing patience...


I handed out Loose Change to the owner of a local restaraunt..... I stopped by today and he told me he has made over 500 copies in the past month.... he sent one to every one of his friends and family as well as giving them to people who eat at his place on a regular basis.

He said he's sent copies to people in 12 countries... apparantly he's got lots of friends.

So I went to the car and got him copies of 9/11 Mysteries, Terrorstorm, Press for Truth, Improbable Collapse and Who Killed John O'Neil..... He bought me lunch!


JJJames. That is the best news I've heard in a while. That is exactly what it is going to take for the long term progress we want to see in this country. I think your efforts are aware awesome, and I'm glad you got him the other documentaries as well. I'm motivated by this myself and I wanted to say I appreciate that. Peace and keep it up.


"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley


It says alot when a business owner is willing to put his business and his livelyhood on the line..... you do not do that on weak standing. He would not have done this if there were not the most blatent of questions which need to be answered.

People who know will start talking more as this gains more and more momentum.... there will be a time when everyone is talking and no one left saying.... "Well what are we going to do about it/"

and other people saying..... "They all know. Where are going to fucking hide!"

I can not wait for the gallows to be erected on Pennsylvania Ave and the real criminals to be draped in black hoods

Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia: Which Muslim Country Is Next?

"On the heels of US air strikes Monday [January 8, 2007], U.S. helicopter gunships strafed villages in Somalia Tuesday [January 9, 2007], in an ongoing hunt for al-Qaida operatives in the Horn of Africa," The Christian Science Monitor reported"...

Show "CeeCee Lyles" by Amanda Reconwith

Social Security Death Index

I feel a sudden urge to discredit at least one piece of this post. I'll analyze the rest later. Note this neither confirms nor denies the status of CeeCee Lyles, but it does demonstrate that not every dead person is listed in the SSDI, and that the lack of a SSDI entry is not evidence of anything, it's only a lack of evidence.

(In case I haven't spelled out the logic clearly enough here, an SSDI record can be indicated as evidence [not proof] of someone's death, but lack of a record does not provide evidence of anything.)

Neither of my grandparents is listed in the SSDI either. But they're both quite dead.

To quote their page:

The SSDI does not include death records for everyone who has been issued a Social Security Number (card). Common reasons for exclusion include the following:

* The death was not reported to the Social Security Administration (SSA).
* The death occurred before the Death Master File was maintained in a computer database. About 98 percent of the deaths in this database occurred between 1962 and the present.
* The person did not participate in the Social Security program.
* Survivor death benefits were (are) being paid to dependents or spouse.
* A recent death may not be indexed yet.
* Human error. (Before you give up, read the section titled "Missing Entries in the SSDI.")

(bold emphasis mine. )

Of course, the poster probably cut-and-pasted this entire diatribe without fact-checking, so I'm inclined to doubt the rest of what is written here. I keep an open mind, but I try not to let my brains fall out in the process.

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

Show "Sonia Morales Puopolo" by Amanda Reconwith

Here's an announcement from Frank Craven:

Friday, Jan 12, 2007 on Manhattan Cable access TV (MNN ch.34, RCN 83) at 9:30pm (which is also simultaneously and internationally webcast on the internet via www.mnn.org) Frank Craven's WA/HA? (What's Ailing/Healing US America?) will feature a novel program:

Paul Isaacs, A FDNY (in uniform) WTC survivor and rescue worker barks out in public on behalf of 9/11 truth...the first time he speaks out publicly (at St. Marks Church) and presents a very credible, factual perspective on why he is convinced that the whole tragedy was an inside job and the aftermath is also a continuance of complete criminal behavior on the part of the authority. He defends the individual cops and Firefighters as guys with heart willing to serve the best interest of all, but the system is corrupt at the top and we are subject to an enormous fraud.

Feel free to tune in and make copies and distribute widely. This is not only a personal first and milestone for Paul, but for the 9/11 truth movement. Because it now has a legitamate, active first responder to the scene and brings to the table quotes from his firefighting manual, codes and other perspectives regarding the practice tank demolition out in Queens prior the 9/11 tragedy, a SHOCKing & AWEful crime we seek answers for.

FYI - for those outside of Manhattan, you can stream the show online by going to the MNN web site above.

Who is planning to go? I

Who is planning to go? I know Casseia said she's set (and I'm looking forward to meeting another lady truther!), and LeftWright is planning to dance, but I haven't heard of others making reservations.


i will be there...

And I will be speaking as well.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Excellent! Are you coming

Excellent! Are you coming to D.C. for Jan. 26-28 as well?


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Any chance Jim Hoffman will

Any chance Jim Hoffman will be there?

No chance.

No chance.

why don't you investigate

why don't you investigate israel's role, you sweet talkin' press for truth whore'

I have been, and will

I have been, and will continue to do so, so stay tuned. And I will do so without resorting to name calling or other juvenile tactics. Thank you.

I'll be there


wish I could go

wish I could go

Tony Blair & Bill Clinton both "groomed" by secretive Bilderberg

group. Now that's something worth looking into!


Guantanamo Five Years Later: The Graveyard of Human Rights

Goat herders & others were turned in for big U.S. $$$, and we really had no idea whether these people were friend or foe: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/h-candace-gorman-/guantanamo-five-years-la...

I hear the UN wants Guantanamo Closed

I hear the UN wants Guantanamo Closed

Finally, Citizens are getting Pissed!

Shortly after he returned from Oxford, I became Bill Clinton's very first political supporter. I was the first to challenge him about this professional 'grooming.'

The problem as I saw it was that nobody, -bar none-, absolutely nobody I have ever met talked the Democratic~ "save the world" ~ philosophy nearly as completely, nor as urgently as the fresh young Bill Clinton. And, he had come to our family for support on his first uncontested election for Arkansas State Attorney General. An ambitious position for someone who had about as much knowledge of Arkansas as I have of Idaho.

When Hillary arrived, Bill was running for Governor. He was excited to let us know that "an old friend was coming to see him." A week later, the story was expanded, now she was a "very dear old girlfriend." But, the problem was that they interacted as if they had not been actual friends, but classmates.

They didn't so much as kiss one another that first week, and Bill openly pursued other girlfriends during the entire first few months, as they began to put-up a foil of enderament. Hillary hated me on sight. Her distain grew to unusual proportions, as I called a spade a spade. At a large party, I said; "they might be fu*k-buddies, but they sure weren't in love!" -At this remark, they didn't stop holding hands through the duration of the party, despite the fact I/we knew Bill had a date scheduled later that night with someone close to our band. Also, his 'people' didn't take their eyes off me for about 2 weeks thereafter, proving this was not a matter of 'local' politics, but that they were CIA, or Gov. boys, assigned to cover the up-n-cuming Clintoons.

I would definately put them both on the stand for Treason.

First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

A 757 did not hit the Pentagon!

I don't know what did, but it wasn't a 757.

Do you see a 757 in this video? Even the reporter doesn't see one.


"Ground Effect" would prevent flight 77 from decending <50'!

Noticed a bit of argument about the flight 77 crash into the pentagon and I thought I should comment on an important point little talked about, "Ground Effect".

An aircraft in flight close to the ground develops an area of high pressure under its wings due to lift produced by the chord of the wing (the aerofoil) and the inability for that pressure to escape (from the ground). This “Ground Effect” increases proportionally with a/c speed and it’s proximity to the ground.

As an aircraft engineer I know that flying a flat trajectory at cruising speed (approx 500mph) that close to the ground (<10ft) is impossible due to this “Ground Effect”. If you want an aircraft to go that low you need to configure it to land. This involves slowing down considerably reducing lift (approx 180mph airspeed depending on a/c load) while increasing the amount of flaps progressively (to prevent a stall) and finally at 30’ to 50’ altitude flaring the nose up about 15 degrees to force the aircraft to stall( more drag than lift ) allowing it to land. In other words it becomes a controlled crash in the last 50’ or so during landing, as this is the only way to overcome or break through this “Ground Effect”.

Talking to pilots (on 767’s) at work they say at the speed the official story proposes an a/c altitude of less than approx 60' is not obtainable considering the flat trajectory reported.

Of course it is possible to nose the a/c down at the last second form say 60' at 500mph but obviously this would lead to a impact crater and/or some rotation of the fuselage throwing wreckage over the roof which is not seen. This is also an extremely difficult maneuver and does not explain the light poles being broken as they are only say 30’ in height.

I and many of my colleagues have never thought a Boeing went in to the Pentagon.

I also find it sickening that the FBI would rather confiscate video tapes than assist people burning in that building.

Regards John Bursill

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Boeing 767/737 and 747 series aircraft

Thank you, John, for your

Thank you, John, for your contribution. I am not a pilot, and do not have the expertise to address the technical points you made in your post. But my friend at pilotsfortruth.com, Robert Balsamo, has told me that the maneuver is doable by a good pilot.

That is not to say the official story is correct, or that the information provided with the release of the flight data recorder is accurate or has not been tampered with. However, I don't think it is unanimous among pilots that a 757 couldn't have been flown into the Pentagon, either by a skilled, experienced pilot, or by a remote navigation system.

You say you have never thought a 757 struck the Pentagon. The real question: can it be ruled out that a 757 could have been flown into the Pentagon?

Possible yes, but the crash evidence is not there!!

To make the maneuver is possible as I said, please read my post again. The problem is that you need to nose the aircraft down considerably at the last second before impact causing either a crater and or a completely different debris field than we see in the photo's. Remember the official story has the a/c flying into the building at a flat trajectory this allows the explanation of its complete disappearance. If the a/c was to hit at an angle the momentum of the tail would throw wreckage over the roof. Are you getting the picture?

I'm not going to argue about this to much, maybe you should ask your pilot friend about these conclusions I have come to, with regards "Ground Effect", trajectory and the crash scene.

Kind regards John

I don't mean to be

I don't mean to be difficult, John, and I realize you are saying what the majority here want to hear. But first off, let me remind you we are talking about a 757 here, not a 767.

You base your conclusion on what the crash scene would have looked like. You also say many of your "colleagues" do not believe that AAL77 hit the Pentagon. By colleagues, are you referring to other aircraft maintenance engineers like yourself? Would an aircraft maintenance engineer have experience dealing with similar crash scenes? Do you have experience dealing with crash scenes?

I agree with you that the plane would have had to adjust its attitude to compensate for ground effect. But I do not agree that it would necessarily follow this adjustment would result in a "rotation of the fuselage throwing wreckage over the roof."

757 and a 767 are basically the same aircraft!

End of lesson, do some more reading. I base my conclusions on 20 years of aviation experiance in general and the crash site pictures, what else is there to judge as the data recorder information is obviously faked.
My colleages are pilots and engineers, as I work in line maintenance, if you know what that is!

Regards and thanks for bringing doubt to my post!


Thank you,

Thank you, John.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


You do your country proud!

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