Angry at My Local Newspapers

I see how Other Newspapers are covering some of the 911 Truth Movement

I saw on article on 911blogger how SC did a cover on 911 Press for truth.

I think I called them a few months ago, Got no where. I just emailed them this morning.

Maybe if serveral People contact them, They will pay attention.

Here are some questions?

Why arent they covering 911 truth movement? Whats it going to take for them to cover it? Other Newspapers are covering it!

If you dont mind, or want something to do..Let them know how u feel...

Let them know How other Newspapers Are covering this.

I emailed them, I am just one person. Maybe if they get dozens of emails.

and a few phone calls. Maybe they can do a story on Terrorstorm. Press for truth.
American Scholars Symposum, Anything at all... Alex Jones Predictions, Anything.

Here is there contact info:
(717) 291-8811

If anybody contacts them, Let me know how it goes/went...



Make sure you click on the

Local Press

They would have to admit how badily they have lied to us all. I've tried for years to submit good evidence such as but they won't listen. All we can do is keep trying.