Best 9/11 Truth video short

I'm looking for one or more short videos (2-10min) that succinctly present the core points of 9/11 Truth (the non-debatable ones, not the contentious ones). My intent is to load them onto on my mobile phone and to show them when the opportunity arises.

Does anyone have any good links? Preferably higher-quality videos since they will have to be recompressed to a smaller format.

this site has the most high
this site has the most high resolution vids ...not sure if you can use them on a phone though as they require dvx to view. Hope it helps.


Quite a treasure trove of videos indeed.

I was thinking more along the lines of a mini 9/11 Mysteries or Loose Change, but I guess I could achieve something pretty decent by simply stringing together a few of your videos.

The format doesn't really matter as I'll convert to the format supported by my phone.

This is an excellent idea

Everyone with a video cell or ipod should do this.

Here's a pretty good 7 minute video focusing on WTC 7:


Thanks YT, not seen that one before...Very impressive and should convince the most ardent skeptic !!!

Here's another sweet one by Chris Sarns (4 minutes long)

Youtube -

Google Video -

If they ask why would they get rid of WTC7...

Then show / email them this as one possible reason (click for full res pic)...

NY Post - 12-Sep-2001 - SEC Records Destroyed in WTC7

Wtc1/2/7 collapse video idea

A few days ago I read a blog entry (I now cannot find) here that suggested showing a video of wtc7 collapsing and asking the unaware viewer what he or she saw. In most cases, the answer was an unknown building being intentionally taken down. This gave me an interesting idea for another video that would do a similar thing, and then show on split screens all three buildings falling simultaneously in real time, with real height perspective, from the moment of collapse initiation. You would watch all three buildings collapse on one screen at more or less the same time and speed of collapse. It would be a stunner, I think, for an unaware American or even a skeptic. I don’t have the technical know-how to do this, but would kindly pass it on to another qualified patriot.

This could be what the short video (under two minutes) looks like: First show wtc7 collapsing from all angles involved--without commentary--then invite the viewer to explain what they are seeing. According to the original blog author, nearly everyone said it was a planned demolition. Next, split the screen and show side-by-side wtc7 and a known controlled demolition of another building (any may do, but the bigger the better), falling simultaneously from collapse initiation, freefall speed, hitting the ground more-or-less the same time. Then show another comparison, if possible, splitting the screen many times if necessary to show anonymous buildings in acknowledged CD freefall, again all impacting the ground at approximately the same time. Then show the wtc7 collapse by itself again.

Then tell the viewer that this is wtc7, the third building to fall on 9/11 (but you must wait for it.) Say it was documented that day, and then never again seen in the mainstream media (not sure if this is true…) Mention that falling objects, with respective resistance to air, fall at approximately the same speed.

Next, show the twin towers in split screen, sizing dimensionally true, and collapsing simultaneously from collapse initiation, through global collapse, and impacting the ground simultaneously (9 and 10 seconds, respectively.) Tell the viewer this is real-time. Then for the finale, split the screen thrice, and show wtc7, wtc1, and wtc2, from collapse initiation, freefalling to the ground floor at again the same time, starting wtc7s fall halfway through wtc1 and 2 (appx. building height).

A short running commentary might go like this: “Before Sept.11, high-rise steel buildings were taken down only by well-planned controlled demolitions. On Sept. 11, high-rise steel buildings were taken down by controlled demolition and by jet fuel-ignited office fires. After Sept. 11, high-rise steel buildings were taken down only by well-planned controlled demolitions.” As a bonus, try a comparison of CD squibs and wtc squibs in a side-by-side comparison on a split screen.

Short videos like this could be an impressive activists tool. I have a similar idea for comparing actual plane wrecks with the Pentagon and Shanksville disasters, similar to the “Find The Boing” videos.

15 min clip

This is a good clip, think it is from 911 mysteries.