Alex Jones interview with Sunsara Taylor

Alex welcomes peace activist and member of the Advisory Board of The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime, Sunsara Taylor, to discuss her recent appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.

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Original O’Reilly interview here;

O'Reilly is a despicable liar. Is there any doubth that he &

mouthpieces like him aren't FBI/CIA/NSA assets??? Even Condi Rice was overheard saying that she loves all her FOX boys the other day.

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Obviously, a meeting of the minds & common ground strike fear... what passes for the hearts of the shillsters' controllers....

Remember folks, "divide and conquer" is ploy #1 in the elites' playbook...

Don't fall for it.

What a giveaway....

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Linking Jones to the RCP?

I don't see that happening. But the idea is giving me a good chuckle.

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If she's down with Communist

If she's down with Communist groups like that then there's something that I disagree with passionately. But it's about everyone from all over the political spectrum getting together and not being divided in their opposition to the crimes being committed. You need a degree of tolerance for any movement to be successful. And the second O'Reilly starts saying that 9/11 Truth is Communist a million other voices from the "Right" lead by people AJ, Paul Craig Roberts etc will prove that it's not and further build our credibility by showing how diverse and enriched this effort for a new investigation is.

That's the way I see it at least and I greatly appreciate the work that people like this girl are doing, “Communist” or not.

Dem, Sunsara is not really a communist

That's part of the point--she works as a "communist" for a controlled fake left org. See the problem? I don't know if I can spell it out any more...

Anyway, I'm trying to listen to Jones' interview with her, but there are like a million commercials. Must be nice to get paid for truthing.


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Yea, I hate the ads to lol.

Yea, I hate the ads to lol. You've got to give people a chance though man, I identify exactly the same problems as you do, it's just it's easy to get too judgmental.

well, we hafta maintain our integrity

Frankly I think it's hilarious that after 5 years these people are suddenly saying oops we chose poorly, let's see if we can salvage our work by building some bridges. But I speak from experience--I've been a dupe more times than I would have liked, but I've learned how the game is played and before I'm disappeared I want people here my side of it, for them to be able to judge for themselves down the line if I was speaking truth or not.


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I appreciate your vocal skepticism

I'm not down with WCW at all (meaning the org, not the people on the ground). Aside from being an RCP front, the first I've heard of them being involved with the 9/11 issue is this event that they are hosting in Ohio with Uncle F...

Still, there are a lot of people involved with WCW who AREN'T controlled opposition and we have to navigate this to the benefit of truth and justice.

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You all heard it here first...

...personally, after watching her call out Rahm Emmanuel, make O'Lielly her bitch, and true-dat with AJ, I'm pulling for a Ron Paul/Sunsara Taylor ticket in '08.

Then we might have a chance....

(I know we're all supposed to experience brain-lock fear once the "c"-smear is casually, questionably bandied around, shades of McCarthy-era America, .....but I don't buy it).

Thanks for posting this....

....that is a great interview...

Would you consider doing the same thing for the Aaron Russo/AJ interview about Nicholas Rockefeller... the day before?....that was just as good....Rockefeller's arrogant, mocking predictions of 9/11 need to be heard by everyone.

Sunsara Taylor (no doubt not

Sunsara Taylor (no doubt not her real name) is a writer for the RCP's paper, Revolution. The RCP is behind the World Can't Wait. If you think the RCP is anything but an elite tool for attracting disaffected youth into dead-end radical politics, then I have a bridge to sell you, comrade! They have been silent, these self-styled Bush bashers, on the obvious fraud of 9/11 until now. This development is huge but not because we need this group on our side but because it shows the elites are scrambling. Having OReilly be able to point to AJ and Sunsara getting it on on his show is something the perps must find to have great potential. Beware beware! This is disinfo laid on really thick, and AJ looks like he's about to "pull a Fetzer".

No, the girl seems genuine

No, the girl seems genuine to me. I agree though about Communism and the "Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade" or what whatever the f*ck it's called.

You're wrong about AJ also, he knows about "Communist" groups better than anyone;

of course she seems genuine

that's her job. she does, it seems, write for the RCP's paper, which has never covered 9/11. Go ahead and promote this stuff if you want, Dem, but be warned! And if AJ knows about communists, and is a paleo-conservative, why is he promoting a pseudo-communist group? It just makes no sense whatsoever, sorry.

In my opinion, this is all about manufacturing the movement out of existence. Every day I'm more convinced that most if not all of the "brand name" 9/11 people are part of this complex act--a whole manufactured and controlled spectrum. The only person I still feel confident about is David Ray Griffin, honestly. So again I stress-don't focus on personalities, people. Be careful who you recommend--imagine what people we told to check out the work of Jim Fetzer must think of us now!

I'm not saying not to listen to these people, I'm saying you don't need to let them speak for you. you can go out and make sure people know about 9/11 without endorsing public figures who could well be part of a disinfo campaign. People like Uncle Fetzer.

Think about it this way--when you first came to understand that there was disinfo out there, did you think it would always be easy to spot? Of course not. The reason disinfo succeeds is because it is sophisticated. It sounds... right. Remember these are professionals doing their job. And trust no one implicitly.

"Of course you should trust me, but you'd be a fool to take my word for it!" -RT


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Do you believe AJ is

Do you believe AJ is disinfo?

Disinfo here disinfo there

Disinfo is no different than information that is just wrong.
People push invalid information all the time. Plenty of it going here by people who think they are right.

If people would spend half the time focusing on moving head. As oppose to flaming everyone as being disinfo agents. The movement would be miles ahead of where it is now.

People seem to get their yah yahs off calling people agent this agent that. Waste of time in my book.

Alex Jones is a sincere as you can get. He has been on the trail miles ahead of everyone else. Sure some of his info is incorrect. So is everyone'e elses. IMO.

Opinions abound here. That is all you get. Is an opinion.
That is practically all we have at this point is opinions.

If your opinion inflames someone else you are a disinfo agent. Seems very childish to me.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

There is a big difference

There is a big difference between Misinformation and Disinformation. You can call Alex Jones misinformation without a problem because he no doubt gets some things wrong. Disinformation, however, is "false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth".

We all need to use the term "misinformation" more often.

Sunsara did fine.

O'Reilly did his usual scumbag routine.

How is it possible for him to continue like this?

This is really a critic of you Yanks. I mean the audience must at least accept his behavior.