The Flaws In The Perfect Plan of 911

The Flaws In The Perfect Plan of 911 -

The more I consider the master plan for 911, the more I marvel at what went right. Then I roll my eyes and shake my head at what went wrong.

The flaws are obvious and leap out at any objective observer not blinded by denial or a false sense of patriotism. Anyone possessing logic and a basic knowledge of science and the rudiments of human behavior can see the gigantic flaws.

Still, when you consider that the mainstream media in America is corporate-owned and those corporations earn billions in war profits (directly related to 911),the deathly silence about the many obvious flaws in the perfect plan does surprise you. Presently, the planners enjoy immunity for the time being, enjoying a godlike sense of power to commit acts, however flawed and criminal, without repercussion.

This hubris, this overwhelming feeling of power, is itself a strength and flaw. The powerful do not fear the weak. As long as the master planners, however flawed and corrupt, hold top positions in the Department of Justice (sic), Department of War, both houses of Congress and the White House--plus the US media, they understandably feel invincible.

Let us examine a few of the biggest flaws in the master plan of 911. The master planners--for the sake of argument let us call this group the Project For a New American Century or PNAC--discussed a new Pearl Harbor attack which took place soon after their blueprint. They knew America needed enemies and needed control of oil-bearing countries and needed to prop up the US dollar.

So they devised a plan that would terrorize Americans, allow the rise of a profitable, trillion dollar police state (while embezzling over a trillion dollars through the Pentagon), while smashing the enemies of Israel at US taxpayer expense and with American blood. And the entire scenario would be wrapped around a "terror" event concocted by a relatively few men without morals who planned to make a huge amount of money.

Diabolical yet perfectly brilliant however flawed.

Click the link above for the full article by Douglas Herman, USAF veteran.

Thanks Joe for the heads up!

Beamer & Bingham 9/11 script errors

Here are more 9/11 script errors: The first article says that Mark Bingham was a 1987 graduate of Los Gatos High School and Todd Beamer was a 1988 graduate. The second article says the opposite. And the third article mentions that Mark Bingham graduated from Los Gatos but that Todd Beamer only attended for one year.

Bingham, a 1987 Los Gatos High School graduate, was aboard the flight from New York to San Francisco that went down in rural Pennsylvania on Sept. 11. Bingham has been credited with being one of the heroes of the terrorist attacks, along with 1988 Los Gatos High School graduate Todd Beamer.

Los Gatos High School will remember graduates Todd Beamer (class of 1987) and Mark Bingham (class of 1988), who died aboard Flight 93 on Sept. 11, by planting two trees on its campus.

When United Airlines flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania from a terrorist hijacking, two Los Gatos High School graduates perished with it: Mark Bingham, 31, and Todd Beamer, 32. Bingham, a public relations executive who commuted between San Francisco and New York, spent his teenage years in Redwood Estates. He graduated from Fisher Middle School and Los Gatos High School in 1988. Beamer only lived in Los Gatos for the 1986 to 1987 school year but established a name for himself as a basketball and baseball player.

But what is more revealing is that MARKBINGHAM.ORG was created on September 12th, 2001!!!!

Pick Pick Pick

There are far more pieces of pertinent evidence to convict and hang the PNAC than this nitty little bit about graduations.
The list is so phenomenal it may well rank as one of the eight wonders of the world.
I have 690 something links to stories by title, photographs and petitions to give credibility to our premise.
Burn the Bastards !!!

Show "There's no evidence to" by Mr. X

Flight 93, most likely hit by rocket

(Never mind that Rumsfield already confirmed this point, publicly.)

I had not seen sufficient coverage of the said crash site to make a conclusive statement prior to this. I discovered that Killtown's site has several video clips and better images of the entire event. The newest 'Gray clip' greatly helps us stich the timeframe together...

It shows very compelling evidence that the plane exploded in mid-air and made no impact. We see hundreds of reflective pieces that were spread in a forward trajectory, at 90-degrees to the pit. The abnormalities at the pit now make sense. This was NOT created by a plane-sized object as reported.

Obviously, the c-horizon of the soil was not disturbed until the crews arrived with the dozers. The rocket skirted the surface, creating the illusion of the area they attributed to the {60 ft.?} wingspan. Since nothing surfaced from a depth greater than 40" we must assume that there is no way a plane could have magically imbedded itself below grade, however impossible.

Finally, ALL of these planes 'dissolved' upon impact. This was evidently accomplished by lining the inner surfaces with a blanket of explosive insulation. Taking this into account on the 'frictionless,' second hit, we have a model that in fact -could- penetrate the exterior paired collums!

Here's part of that story explained in pictures:

Thanks Douglas, nice work!

First they ridicule you, then you look for better ways to be entertained!

Killtown is not doing too well in debate.

IMO, the planes that hit the WTC were drones, the Pentagon was

slammed by a missile. Flight 93 may have contained any/all of the "non-ficticious" passengers & crew of that day (who were perhaps recruited to participate in the war games) and was shot down by a missile. A missile was also shot into the ground in Shanksville to create the fake crash site of said airliner. (The real site of the shoot-down of 93 was 2-10 miles away, but they couldn't have any rescue people poking around there, now could they.)


What I don't get (and neither do some of my less convinced friends) is how a group of people skilled and smart enough to pull of an historic crime like 9/11 could be stupid enough to let such obvious errors occur in that plan like the Pentagon, Building 7, and the flight over Pennsylvania etc.

It makes it seem like it wasn't a master inside job plan, but rather an error that occurred like the official story claims.

I don't get it. All I know though is that Building 7 was a controlled demolition and no one seems like they want to discuss it except on websites like this etc.

Let me know how you rationalize these two obvious paradoxes. Thanks.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

There is no paradox

It is impossible to flawlessly pull off a plan of this magnitude. Mistakes were made and now we can see those mistakes. We can use those mistakes as proof that the official story is false.


"It makes it seem like it

"It makes it seem like it wasn't a master inside job plan, but rather an error that occurred like the official story claims."

oh come off it! I can understand the first part of this statement, but to arrive at the polar extreme opposite end? You seriously don't see any grey area?

My assumption is that the organizers of this event assumed (mostly correctly) that the American people were dumbed down enough to buy anything put forward by the government and its microphone (the corporate and gatekeeping media), combined with the shock effect...which was doomed to dissipate within a couple years. My guess is that Flight 93 went very wrong which stymied their ultimate plan for that day. Had the capital building or the white house been struck by Flight 93 that day, we all might already be living in an overt police state. For all we know (and we don't) Flight 93's failing to reach its target might have slowed the process of Martial Law becoming a permanent reality. Of course that is merely speculation.
But the main point is true, the official 9/11 narrative has holes in it the size of Texas (pun intended).

Do you think any of these

Do you think any of these players really grasped the concept of what the internet would become? They were sure if they controlled the mainstream media, the photos of the sites, and any cctv videos of the incidents they would be free and clear and no one would look back. Thats why FEMA was in NY on 9/10...
crime scence control, both administatively and
physical command.
How could FEMA do so well with an unpredicted event like 9/11 and then watch a hurricane come for a week and blow the response?
Without the internet , how big would this be? Not very,imho.

Show "The Flaws In 911-CT minds" by Oliver (not verified)

Well Oliver, do you believe the governments story?

Building 7 would mean not to much, except building 6 was closer to the twin towers and it did not collapse. Also building 7 is very significant because of what offices were located in it.
CIA, FBI, international banking, and offices of the SEC. The SEC is significant specificaly there were literally thousands of investigations that a fair amount of them would be pieces to put together toward hard evidence tying in plans similar to 9/11.
Such as project Bojinka, which was the blueprint for 9/11that was discovered in 1995. The confession tortured out of those who were planning this revealed flying airliners into buildings such as the twin towers, the Pentagon, the office of the CIA, the white house. The person who's office these were sent to was Dietrich Snell, who eventually became Senior Counsel on the 9/11 Commission and one of the team leaders left out this information completely in the report. There was an incredible amount of warnings PRIOR to 9/11, for years, some of which specified the actual date.
Now for the government to say they were not prepared?
All people involved in government positions never lost their jobs, most got PROMOTED. Strange..getting promoted for incompetence. Plus lying to the public, and trying to cover up is not honest government and very suspicious indeed.

Even if the Illuminatis

Even if the Illuminatis Headquarter was in this building, this alone
proves nothing. Do you really believe that "they" were not able to get
rid of the building or documents or holo-plane command center in
another ways instead "blowing it up" while the whole world is watching.

Do you believe they wouldn´z blow it up within the smoke clouds of
one of the tower to hide the controlled demolition?

Who benefits from WTC7? Right, speculators.

Give me a good explanation to blow up that building and
i will take a look into your claim.

"911 remains the greatest unsolved crime of the century"

911 remains the greatest unsolved crime of the century. - that says it best. 9/11 was a crime of historic proportions. It should have been investigated by the toughest, best CRIME experts! What wrecked any good investigation however is that the "policing" job was given to the Commander in Chief and "his" military.

Yes, there are a lot of

Yes, there are a lot of flaws. Obvious for us truthers.

Yet, they sofar have been very successful. They were and are so confident that breaking a few natural laws are no serious problem.

Minor Typo Alert

In the body of the story (below what we can see here) it says Flight 93 into Pentagon... Can someone get in touch over there at Rense to fix the number and update the page?

Damn DZ!

That was so good i had to read it twice!


Here's a thought....Tell me what you think.Was'nt 93 late in taking off?Do you think it's target was WTC #7.
Still the lack of fighter jet's in this fable,and NO accountability is mind blowing.

A theory

I've seen the theory somewhere else that 93 was meant to hit WTC 7, but the flight was late and then went awry -- maybe by the famous passenger revolt? Maybe that actualy happened? So it got shot down. But WTC 7 was rigged to fall, and fell on schedule -- only nothing hit it prior to that. Ooops.

It is at least an interesting theory. Hitting the White House seems more plausible in terms of psyop effect.

What we (i.e., truthers; citizens) need is some grand turning point, like a major confession with irrefutable documentation, or more than one such confession, and/or a criminal case with plea bargaining and promise of other high-ups being implicated.

Then some of these would rise above the mere theory phase. Without that kind of thing, our discussions here amount to historical debate. Let's hope, and strive.

Show "New book exposes 9/11 Truth Movement" by Anonymous (not verified)

That is truly vomitous,

That is truly vomitous, harkening back to Jerry Falwell's placing the blame for 9/11 on liberals and "Sodomites."

Nice try, Dinesh, you whorish little puke, but I don't think that dog will hunt any longer.

Come on!

Brittany's dumb hick ass, Happy Meals and pillow-biters on every park-bench... that's why they hate us!

Certainly international economic loan-sharking, resource raping and a billion tons of fortress concrete poured OUTSIDE the USA has nothing whatsoever to do with Swarthy Freedom Hate.

Pay no attention to the Yellow Man's bond holdings, Russky energy deals, nor the oddness of breaking a sweat in muggy January gardening.

When will you understand, ya lefty-pinko-faglove'n-commie?

Save yourself $17.79...

From Publishers Weekly:

Conservative pundit D'Souza (Illiberal Education) roots the blame for the 9/11 attacks in the left wing's "aggressive global campaign to undermine the traditional patriarchal family" in this mostly lucid but unconvincing argument. Pointing to Hillary Clinton, Britney Spears and Noam Chomsky, he decries those who have teamed up with Hollywood and the U.N. to foist an irreligious, sexually licentious, antifamily liberal culture—epitomized by Eve Ensler's play The Vagina Monologues and gay marriage initiatives—on a Muslim world that rightly reviles it. By deliberately attacking Islamic values, the left tacitly allies itself with al- Qaeda in its effort to defeat Bush's war on terror and thus discredit conservatism at home, he asserts. But D'Souza's claim that Islamic extremists are inflamed solely by America's music videos and feminists—not its U.S. bases in Saudi Arabia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or American support for Muslim dictators—is too single-minded. For example, he paints Abu Ghraib poster-girl Lynndie England as the personification of liberal sexual depravity, without acknowledging that the U.S. Army sent her to Iraq, not the left. Charging that liberals aid terrorists while sympathizing with the terrorists' culturally conservative worldview, D'Souza's critique of American cultural excess trips over its own inconsistencies.

9/11 Misdirection

Get over the Mossad connections

Yes, there were elements of the Mossad who may have known about 9/11, but come on! Though this is an area that fine to look into, saying Israel directed this event is simply implausible considering where the attacks took place. The people in the 9/11 truth movement who bring Israel and it's interests up in every argument, unconsciously weaken the movement. We need to get people to the political decision of criminal elements in the U.S. government created, organized, and carried out the attack. The Israeli intelligence may have been aware of the attacks and the art school ring is suspicious, but it is NOT fundamental in getting people the important conclusion of invisible government MIHOP. In fact in many cases, it turns off a lot of people who would normally consider looking into the subject. It is an easy way for the truth movement to get stereotyped. Let's stay focused on points that don't rely on a minute detail or minor aspect of the events. Let's talk about drills and top secret code words. Get over the Israel part.