Olbermann's 1/11 Special Comment about Bush, Iraq and plans to attack Iran and Syria

This aired last night. Olbermann must be one of our closest friends in the mainstream media. I find him truly remarkable. Listen for when he makes reference to "conspiracy theorists" and "fertilizer". Was he alluding to the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Of course, I couldn't resist adding my own special comment about 9/11 at the end of the video. Hopefully, a lot of people will watch this for Keith and end up getting their eyes opened up even more. Watch all eight minutes and tell me what you think of my work.


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Good Stuff!!! What would

Good Stuff!!!

What would say though is when you do your next one wait until a site like Crooks and liars has the video up first then use that, rather then record straight off the TV. But totally keep it up, that's a great idea putting your own "special comment" at the end. And the music was very chilled as well, helps people think.


Just what does a precident

Just what does a precident have to do to get impeahced nowadays ? the sole reason he;s not been impeached is because of 9/11, without 9/11 none of the neo-con blue prints would have seen light of day, without the justification of 9/11.

oops that should read

oops that should read "president" .

starting to hit harder

I uploaded the Crooks & Liars one last night. A lot better quality.....


Sure, but is their 9/11

Sure, but is their 9/11 Truth at the end?

No. I apologize for the bad quality. I just couldn't wait for other people to upload it.


No, there's not. And I don't expect him to touch the subject either.

good stuff but...where was he 4 years ago?

I don't recall Keith openly disenting when this shit was in the works. It seems like only recently he's running his mouth. I could be wrong but when did you all learn about these 'special comments'? I watch MSNBC often and only in the past year have I heard of him talking back in such harsh terms.

He doesn't use the 'I' word once. Or how about the "war crimes" phrase? Come on Keith, call it like it is. These doods are fucking mass murdering criminals.

well for one he didnt even

well for one he didnt even have a show.

he started in 2003

He started on countdown in '03. I should be happy atleast n ow he is openly against war with iran and syria....but still

these men are mass murderers. There is no reason not to say so. He should up his rhetoric or else he's just another blow hard. Refercences to 1984 are cool and all but what was the outcome of 1984? If Kieth is suggesting that we live in semi-1984 like times....then what does that say for hope?

I say...fuck 1984. Call it like it is. War crimes, murderers, genocide, megalomaniacs, psychopathics killers, death penalty, treasonous, phony war on terror.

Kick it up a notch Olbermann

he was on MSNBC with his own

he was on MSNBC with his own show in 2003? can you verify that or are you just saying that?



Look it up. He constantly references Edward Murrows who was apparently a hard core dood but if you look at Murrows...you will find that he was the director of the USIA. The USIA is a piece of shit organization that spreads American propaganda around the world on a scale that has yet to be match. The largest broadcaster and publisher in the world at the time.

Countdown originally was

Countdown originally was titled Countdown: Iraq and was a show focused on a single pressing topic, which at its inception on October 7, 2002 was the military and diplomatic actions which would become the Iraq War. Countdown: Iraq aired at 7 p.m. and replaced a flailing eponymous show hosted by Jerry Nachman, which was moved up to 5 p.m. before its eventual termination. The original Countdown: Iraq was hosted by Lester Holt.


You're right; it WAS originally called "Countdown: Iraq." At the time, MSNBC actually (in an attempt to outfox Fox) launched an entire hour-long, five-night-a-week program dedicated solely to propagandizing America into supporting an illegal war.

here is the thing. Keith is

here is the thing. Keith is hardcore it seems like right? Wrong. This war is illegal. This whitehouse lied and has lied over and over and over. There is no excuse not to call these men what they are. Until Keith admits his unexplainable weak rhetoric...then I will say he's just another cog doing his job by dishing out acceptable dissent.

Ask yourself a question.....how long have YOU been calling it like it is? Me? Since about 6 months after 9/11/2001. To imagine that it took these NWO cogs 5 fucking years to catch on?

Keith Olbermann might be sincere...but can you imagine that he hasn't looked at 9/11 Truth? Maybe he doesn't have time to notice that yes, even 9/11 was a fucking scam.

I'm undecided on Olbermann. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm leaning towards 'controlled dissent'. He sounds good an all with his 'special report', but it shouldn't be sepcial. It should be the news. Why do we need a 'special report' to call a spade ....almost a spade (in msnbc's case).

Oh, and before you think MSNBC would allow REAL opposition to this war..or perpetual war for that matter....think about the money that this war is generating for those patriotic companies that get to rebuild, build weapons, build troop bases, etc. etc.

Conflicts of interests abound....this war was a viral marketing campaign from the get go.

The funny thing is that when someone is disenting on NBC it's all lefty glory. He's speaking the troof!

But as soon as the host on NBC does not agree with us....we call bullshit on NBC (as we should). Maybe I'm just entirely and unhealthily skeptical. But, it's been allowed to go on this long with no mention of war crimes and treason...so I can only assume there is collusion with most main stream media outlets.

captain obvious strikes again

Anonymous, you seem to think we need you to lay everything out for us. we have something you dont. PERSPECTIVE. of course Olbermann isnt going far enough, that goes without saying. we all want Olbermann to speak out about 9/11. but ask yourself, how realistic is that? like i said, Donahue was fired for simply being anti-war in the run up to the Iraq war. im just saying lets give credit where its due and keep prodding Olbermann to go further. you seem to have a VERY black and white view of the world. its not always that simple man. its not always simply us against them. there are many shades of gray.

No need for the sarcastic

No need for the sarcastic condescending tone my friend. I'm with you.

All I'm saying is that we should not look to these people and these networks because they are assisting the very thing we are against.

A good analogy would be a lamb lost in the woods getting 'guidence' from a wolf...

"here mrs. lamb...follow me...I'll take you safely out of the woods"

I like how you say "WE HAVE PERSPECTIVE" and then claim that there is no "us against them". Seems a little contradictory.

Your tone is almost insulting and I can't figure out why for the life of me. I have not been attacking you, this site, or your view points. Just keith Olbermann.

Seems YOU are the one who is creating the "We vs. You" scenario.

west chester uh?

I'm less then 10 mins. away from West Chester :) We should get together sometime and discuss these issues over a few beers.

yep, born and raised. where

yep, born and raised. where are you at? Downingtown/Coatesville area?

Oi! Chris! If you actually

Oi! Chris! If you actually meet up with anonymous--and he-she is on the level, blog it! We are all eager to know the circimstances that make sincere Truthers not even pick a fake name--seriously, no sarcasm.

On the other hand, if its an annoy-mice, itll be great material for my next episode of CROSSBALL--and lots of sarcasm!

Be careful--seriously. Imagine you"re a teen age girl about to meet your myspace bud face to face. Public place, you know the drill...any hint of trouble dial 911.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

HA! no way im meeting, the

HA! no way im meeting, the Anonymous scare me. he/she seems on the up and up though. your fake concern for me is making me blush though, haha. i like the name of your show by the way. and i thought Ronny Wick was creative? Hardfire is such a cliche title, Crossball works much better.

Thank you--but I think

Thank you--but I think Ronnie ran away.

You should submit a poem...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

yeah, i think he got sick of

yeah, i think he got sick of people calling him a greasy douchebag. have you read any of his work from American Thinker? you want comedy? seriously, check Ronnies articles out. i couldnt even pretend to be that goddamn predictable and typical.

"Fake" concern? WTF?

You obviously don't realize the deeply caring soul that lurks behind the tough as nails facade that is Col. Jenny Sparks, Chris. Your well-being -- the well-being of all 911bloggerites who are as sincere and registered as you -- is foremost in her mind. Even now that she's no longer a twoofer, that's how big a person she is. She still cares.

Seriously, though, dude, why wouldn't she care? You're a lot more care-aboutable than a lot of people here, mwahahaha.

Jenny doesn't believe 9/11

Jenny doesn't believe 9/11 was an inside job anymore? When did this happen?

When my dear friend Ronnie

When my dear friend Ronnie helped me see the light!


There's just a few of my new insights available at CROSSBALL, the blog that "let's you decide what we've decided!"


awwww, and all this time i

awwww, and all this time i thought you thought i was just an annoying and overly aggresive typical male. : )

believe me, i dont need a

believe me, i dont need a lesson on how the media works, i completely understand which is why i was a media activist before i was a 9/11 activist. thats also why i can appreciate Olbermann and what hes been saying lately, precisely because i understand the media. you dont seem to be capable of that same appreciation, hence the "us vs them" mentality i was speaking of. have you watched many of Olbermanns special comments in the past few months? i dont know how even the most cynical of us(which i thought was me, but clearly you got me beat there buddy,haha) cant at least give a little bit of credit to Olbermann for at least going in the right direction. im sorry i came off as sarcastic and condescending as i did, but i can say if you had a name i wouldnt have reacted to you so disrespectfully. i dont look to Keith Olbermann to lead anything, i dont look to him for the whole story, i dont look to him for anything, but i DO appreciate when a MSM talking head finds some spine and states some much needed if obvious truth. im no lamb and Olbermann is no wolf. this is what i mean about you seeing things in too much of an "us vs them" way and in too black and white terms. give credit where its due and attack when its called for. thats all my point is.


I'm in Exton. Moved here about a 1.5 years ago. I'm not really trying to give anyone a lesson...and definitely not you. You already have it all figured out :)

I'm calling it like I see it. To me, the truth is black and white. For almost 7 years this admin. has lied, cheated, stolen, murdered, committed mass murder, defeated the constitution....but it's no news really. Same shit different decade.

BTW, did you know George Bush senior was appointed to the board of the Constitution Society? Imagine that.

To me it is black and white. You are either for illegal, perpetual war or you are not. You either call a spade a spade or you butter it up with acceptable dissent after the fact.

You either agree with me or you are wrong. (that's a joke of course)

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

i have it all figured out? whos condescending now? : )

the truth is black and white, the way the media operates and the people in it is not so much. no, i didnt know that about George H.W. Bush. hilarious and sad at the same time. isnt the Constitution Society just some conservative activist organization with an ironic name though? not sure if i have that mixed up with something else or not.

I think Donahue was actually fired because

He had people on who questioned 9-11 very early on . I remember the show. I think it was the Jersey girls or victim's families who were questioning why no one was being held accountable. That is what I think happened to him. It was a message : don't question 9-11 or you'll be fired.
If there had been an movement early on in the mainstream to question 9-11 even from the sort of "limited" criminal negligence point of view, then public perception would have been totally different and we would have seen a more educated public and the facts about NORAD, etc.. couldn't have been hidden/obfuscated, but they blackballed everything except patriotic "hero" crap until now and the distance allows them to frame it as "conspiracy theory"..

That is very interesting and...

...the first I had heard of that....I would love to see video of those early shows....

Nice analysis into how the war-making machinery, propaganda department worked to shut down dissent and questions....great post..


Donahue was axed shortly after hosting Kristen Breitweiser on his show.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Its one of those chicken-egg

Its one of those chicken-egg things: we had enough evidence available for a movement early on, there wouldnt have needed to be a movement--the appropriate authorities would just have done their jobs and , yeah, we"d probably have impeachemnt\indictments by now. Basically this is evidence of how compromised the MSM is.

Read "Towers of Deception" yet?

BTW: love the Prada--but mind the horns. *WINK*

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Towers of Deception is a

Towers of Deception is a masterpiece. i cant say enough good things about that book. its so much more than a 9/11 book too.

I might just have to get it.

I might just have to get it. I like Zwicker a lot. How does it go beyond 9/11?

it focuses heavily on the

it focuses heavily on the media. its actually more of an indictment of the media than it is of the official story of 9/11. thats not to say it doesnt lay out the evidence, it does, it just doesnt spend as much time on it and assumes you have already looked at most of it. you really should get this book, i cant recommend it enough. it has the effect of waking people up who have seen all of the evidence but still refuse to believe the official story is a fraud. it shows them how its not only possible for the media to cover up something as massive as 9/11, but how its actually quite easy. Zwicker understands the media and lays it all out with perfection. he gets it so right.

Zwicker should pay me for

Zwicker should pay me for that review^^^^(kidding)

Good point. Olbermann is

Good point. Olbermann is great, but he is still employed by the mainstream media. The mainstream media is owned by a small number of entities with a distinct agenda of their own. They lay down the rules and everyone who works for them must follow those rules or else.

A few years ago, the media machine wanted Iraq destroyed, so it was prohibited for any significant criticism of the Bush policy. Now that Saddam is gone and Iraq is smashed, it's been deemed OK to speak out against Bush.


You're totally right.

Olbermann is refreshing but let's be honest he is not pushing the envelope much. He won't touch 9/11 because he knows that will be the end of his NBC career. However, he DID openly question last year whether we purposely let bin laden go in tora bora. So you know he probably agrees with LIHOP at the very least.

But one other thing to keep in mind is that Olbermann addresses George Bush on all these problems. Yes Bush is the figurehead, but Bush's strings are pulled, so the elites are perfectly pleased with Olbermann's performances, becuase it keeps most people's anger directed at Bush, instead of at the real perpetrators (world bankers, CFR, PNAC).

Does anyone really think Bush is allowed to make any serious decisions?

This is why the maintream media will jump on Bush for everything, but never touch 9/11, a much larger issue that of course was not planned by Bush (although he was likely in on the plan).

If/when 9/11 truth comes out, it is likely that the elites controlling the media will pin it on Bush/Cheney. Then we can throw them in jail and put the democrats in and everyone will calm down and accept whatever they want to do next.

So the Olbermann stuff is about as good as we'll get in the mainstream besides maybe Lou Dobbs, but don't expect him to push it to the next step.

You're right about Bush.

You're right about Bush. His purpose was to facilitate 9/11 and the Iraq war. Now that that war's mission is complete, Bush's new role is to be the scapegoat for Iraq. So now it is OK to bash Bush the man-- just don't question the elite that remains in place and their plans for an assault on Iran.


Keith is a bright man who (most likely) knows the score.
His 1984 reference was the hidden nugget.
He chooses the words of one who seeks to keep his job.

His first "special comment"

His first "special comment" was in regards to Rumsfelds referance to dissenters being "morally confused".

Decent advice about

Decent advice about downloading the clip instead of filming off tv, but whatever, the intention is clear. more importantly, I think you need to sharpen your teeth. You stated that the "neocons fooled us" with 911 and getting us into war. They did more than fool us, they hijacked the USA and instill unwarranted fear upon decent citizens. Better yet, call it exactly what it is: a coup-de-tat of the government.

Also, please avoid sites like crooks & liars, don't give them any energy they have censorship policies which make China look like a liberal society. Not only do they block any 911 conversations across the board, even if the conversation is far from conspiracy theory, they also tow the mainstream media line. They are basically a replay of mainstream news on the internet while pretending to be progressive. In a word, bullshit! or in two words, they suck!

Trust, I know all about C&L.

Trust, I know all about C&L. They are bigtime advertising sell-outs, but if we can make 9/11 Truth more legitimate they'll look like assholes eventually and have to cover it. Some of their media is still decent though, so I say why not take advantage of that.

Kudos 911Magician!!!

A couple weeks ago I was bitchin (on this board) about what Keith Olbermann DIDN'T say in his "Special Comments". Instead of merely bitchin, you took the action needed.

A special thanks for reminding me... we are THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA dammit!!!

My hat off to you sir! I wouldn't change a thing.

Olbermann gets better and better....

....I especially liked his references to "conspiracy theories" (in almost a postive light...although it could be interpreted as anger that Bush's actions give them life) and the 1984 reference.

Great epiloge also....it will be useful for me to send to (older) friends who still can't bring themselves to believe the MSM is largely controlled ("If it's not on CNN, it can't be true" mentality).

I do want Olbermann to eventually direct that talent and anger at the Democratic Party for being such a fraudulent opposition Party and their complicity for the last 5 years. It would boost his crediblity even more.

thats the test for

thats the test for Olbermann. hes done a brilliant job in the past few months, many of his special comments were literally the hardest hitting stuff ive ever seen in the MSM(or at least on the rightwing dominated cable news). the test is if he can get after the democrats just as hard as hes been going at the right. lets see how he reacts to the democrats inaction in the coming months. Olbermann essentially works for a defense contractor(G.E.) and im sure he saw what happened to Phil Donahue in 2003. Donahue had the hardest hitting show on cable news, he was against the war, his show was the highest rated show on MSNBC and they fired him anyway because he didnt tow the company line at a time when the entire media was in a war frenzy. dont expect Olbermann to come out for 9/11 truth, because it isnt likely, at least not at this time. but he still deserves some credit for willing to be more realistic than any other talking head. we must keep prodding him.

Olbermann doesn't appear to

Olbermann doesn't appear to be the kind of guy who will sell out. If they came up to him and said, 'Listen Olbermann, if you don't tone it down, we're going to cancel your show.' I can definitely see him saying 'Do it.'

Keith deserves no credit, he's a left-gatekeeper

Has it ever occured to you that he's just another left-wing gatekeeper?

His show proofs just how one-dimensional and superficial the left-gatekeeper logic is.

He is willingly channeling the anger towards the bush/neo-con side, distraction away from the underlying elements, and covering up the Democratic party complicity.

Let me repeat: There is no political solution to the current problems of the US. Keith is just making people believe that there is such a solution, and that the media really cares about it. People need to take back their constitutional rights from below, at the grassroots level. It all begins and ends with oneself. This is what people should realize and what the media does not want them to realize.

Keith is just disinfo, and anyone promoting his message is a proxy for disinfo.

surprise surprise.

well thats mighty simplistic of you.

Show "Chris you are simplistic and arrogant." by Brend

im suspicious now too?

simplistic and arrogant? lets take a look at your post Brend:

Has it ever occured to you that he's just another left-wing gatekeeper?

His show proofs just how one-dimensional and superficial the left-gatekeeper logic is.
Keith is just disinfo, and anyone promoting his message is a proxy for disinfo.

anyone promoting his message? thats not arrogant of you right? thats not simplistic at all? whats his message? the one about how the military commissions act is illegal? or the one where he spent an entire 2 shows called "the nexus of politics and terror" which exposed numerous fake terror alerts? people spreading that "message" are disinfo right? and im the suspicious one? where are your facts? i saw nothing but insults and "hes a gatekeeper, your disinfo" typical bullshit. i gave you facts. grow up.

I agree with you Brend!

I agree with you Brend! Chris is the guy who still feels sorry for Fetzer or, is told to do so.

Reading the posts on this site is like playing online poker thinking there are real ppl on the other side when in fact most them are just bots playing eachother.

You think the bots know all the other bots? lol, if not it must get confusing for them too!

9/11 was a zionist job.

Is that simplistic enough for you Chrissy?

you have no name. i cant

you have no name. i cant really understand you. quite funny how the guy with no name screaming zionist job is the one calling me suspicious though. hmmm........

and i dont feel sorry for

and i dont feel sorry for Fetzer. i persoanlly wish he would just go away at this point. his book on Wellstone will forever be a great contribution but i stopped defending Fetzer when he fell in with Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds. better step your troll game up "Anonymous", your clearly slipping.........

"People need to take back

"People need to take back their constitutional rights from below, at the grass roots level"

Um, this IS a POLITICAL SOLUTION. That's what "politics" is, people organizing to govern themselves, in the body politic.

Seems you got a dose of that "newspeak"--confusing language so we can't communicate. Any solution that involves working with other people to solve a problem is political by it's nature. If you are refering to another problem, you need to be clear.

Sorry if this seems like nitpicking, but , as we are not mind readers, we all need to practice communicating effectively. That's one of the reasons people are turned off to "politics": they think its all rhetoric and posturing--it never was; it's about doing.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Pretext For The North American Union

Google Video
Thursday, January 11, 2007

This presentation is an important, detailed and timely look at forming of the North America Union (NAU). This is information is most helpful to those who knows little about the NAU or the CFR. This complete presentation is broken into three segments - this is segment 1. For a FREE DVD of this presentation e-mail: no_northamericaunion@yahoo.com.


Oceania vs. East Asia

"Oceania has always been at war with East Asia."

-George Orwell, 1984
(as quoted by Keith Olbermann, 1-11-07)

Dump the New York Times. Go with Keith Olbermann!

'Times' Warp: Paper Backs One Last Chance In Iraq

Who ever thought The New York Times would be more hawkish than Oliver North and George Will on this issue? The newspaper's editorial page has been supremely critical of the conduct of the war but on Tuesday it refused to oppose President Bush's "surge" of troops to Iraq, wishing to give the Iraqi leaders "one last opportunity" -- on top of all the previous ones...
By Greg Mitchell

Full page ad in today's NY Times to impeach Bush

Link is on top right side of page: http://www.impeachbush.org/site/PageServer

Bush's new idiotic plan is helping to expose the truth!!

People must wake up soon to the fact he's the devil's puppet or he's completely insane. Bush has pushed so far with this crazy war no one will defend him, hopefully when its impeachment time all the other war lords will stand aside and let it happen.

His is such a long trail of deceit unlike any others we’ve seen to date. Maybe this will be his defining achievement, to be known as President George W Bush the greatest public liar in history!

Great post, thanks John

it seemed like

the overwhelming sentiment last night on MSNBC was sounding the alarm bells over this president's seeming intentions to stir up conflict with Iran. Hardball, Countdown, Scarborough Country - all the MSNBC primetime news shows hammered this point all night long.

Its amazing how the US move to overrun the Iranian consulate in Iraq yesterday is getting such little press today. Last time i checked violating an embassy was an act of war.

There are also reports of the deployment of patriot missiles into Iraq (which has no application in a ground war), the movement of carrier groups into the region, and the appointment of General David Petraeus as the new commander in Iraq (an air force general) - is leading many to believe that some sort of air-strike is in the works.

what will it take for congress to commence impeachment proceedings against this guy?

i am beginning to wonder if this crisis trumps all others - and perhaps i need to put the 9/11 work aside temporarily. there were protests on the streets of NYC last night that made the cover of a few local papers. people are waking up. even republicans are waking up. but - time is really short.

Iran boxed in

The neocons' policy of prolonging the Iraq presence is in truth about having the troops on the ground for a new Iran conflict. All they need is a pretext.

BREAKING NEWS: Andrea Mitchell talks to Jay Rockefeller

I am watching MSNBC and just watched Andrea Mitchell ask whether the US might "trigger" a war with Iran by staging an attack which would allow us to "counterstrike". Jay Rockefeller even said it would be possible. I must give credit for Andrea Mitchell for asking this. I think everyone, even the MSM, is figuring it out/admitting how our military wages war these days.

PS: Did everyone watch my "special comment" after Keith?


Ok. Ok. I'll turn off MSNBC!

Ok. Ok. I'll turn off MSNBC!

I did

and thought it was great. loved the music, too. who was that?

Thievery Corporation with

Thievery Corporation with the Flaming Lips. Its called "marching the hate machines into the Sun". Its become my 9/11 Truth anthem.

Definitely some good music

Definitely some good music there.

thievery corporation

that whole album is amazing... everything they do is rad. it was great to hear. Have any of you heard the Wyclef song "President"? He sings, "If i was president, i'd be elected on friday, assasinated on saturday, buried on sunday, back to work on monday... but the radio won't play this, they call it rebel music, how can you refuse it... tell the children the truth


yeah, i cant stand Wyclef

yeah, i cant stand Wyclef for the most part, but i love that song. reminds of redemption song by Bob Marley when he says-"how long will they kill our prophets, as we stand aside and look?". Wyclef says "tell them the truth about JFK" in that song too by the way......

Wow, that is impressive when

Wow, that is impressive when even the MSM is referring to possible false flags. Anyone have a video of Andrea Mitchell suggesting that?


Someone needs to put a video on that to youtube..

Andrea Mitchell is Mrs. Alan Greenspan

Everyone knows that, right? Andrea Mitchell is in the inner circle of TPTB. Andrea Mitchell is no more a journalist than Tucker Carlson (Swanson frozen foods heir), Anderson Cooper (a gay Vanderbilt), Thomas Freidman (multibillionaire heir), Christianne Amanpour (wife of former Treasury secretary and Goldman Sachs head Jaime Rubin), or Wolf Blitzer (voice of the Mossad).

Good stuff in your post.

Good stuff in your post. Write up your own blog as you seem to know a lot about the media anchors and their connections.

trial baloon

she as a MM insider floats a thought baloon ..this one in the form of a semi question

designed to induct the viewers into a discussion about Iran and test the masses...but really coded to incite MORE us against them mentality
the good guy americans vs
the bad Arabs

Iran is being set up same as Sadam.

of course this itself is a thought baloon

"The neocons' policy of

"The neocons' policy of prolonging the Iraq presence is in truth about having the troops on the ground for a new Iran conflict. All they need is a pretext."

One should take a look at a map too. We're on both sides of Iran! Iraq and Afghanistan pincer attack.

I agree, but you can't just

I agree, but you can't just drop 9/11 truth, it's the only issue that'll stop all this madness. If Hardball, Countdown and Scarborough Country (MSNBC) did their job and investigated 9/11 there wouldn’t even be a "War on Terror" any more, let alone a f*cked up military build-up against Iran.

"What will it take for congress to commence impeachment....

.....proceedings against this guy?".....

Probably millions in the street protesting. The fabric of society threatening to spin out of the elite's control/manipulation.

Sunsara Taylor talked about this yesterday (on Alex Jones radio show) comparing Nixon's impeachment yesterday...only when the masses took to the streets and colleges were shut down protesting Kissingers' criminal Cambodian escalation in the early 70's, did they find an pretext for getting rid of Nixon as kind of a steam-release valve...

Will this happen? I don't know....I do know the anger continues to build....

i agree

which is why i am starting to think that this crisis trumps all others. i feel like we all need to drop everything and go onto the streets banging on pots and pans.

can you imagine the impact of 1 million americans standing in the streets of washington DC banging on pots and pans for peace?

I agree with Dem Bruce Lee Styles that 911 underpins everything. i agree that if we could get a breakthrough on this issue - everything else would fall into place.

unfortunately, i am starting to think that we only have WEEKS not MONTHS to stop this war.


If you have any suggestions for actions, don't hold back. 

 The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Olbermann alluded to potential Iran false-flag attack...

Earlier in last night's show, during an interview, Olbermann brought up the possibility of a future Gulf of Tonkin-like incident that would bring the people to favor an attack on Iran. I don't remember the exact words, but it is the first time I've seen anyone on mainstream TV discussing the topic of a future false-flag.

Maybe our work here has not gone in vain.

exactly, which is why we

exactly, which is why we should be prodding people like Olbermann and not shitting on them.

our work

is much more powerful than you think

we are responsible for shifting millions of people's perceptions - and although the MSM will not overtly validate us - they know we are here and they know the truth is on our side.

this conflict with IRan could be our best opportunity to open the floodgates of 9/11. Even republicans are getting desperate. this president could be courting armageddon - and perhaps 911 is the only crime big enough to stop this trainwreck of a foreign policy.

to anyone out there in the federal government who may be monitoring this website - WAKE THE F UP!!! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WORLD WAR 3 HERE!!!

someone PLEASE blow the whistle.



^ Damn right!


wake the fuck up 

 The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The U.S./Israeli: Iran-Iraq-Afghani-Syrian-Lebanese, etc., War


u forgot china

they are the elephant in the corner no one talks about - but i do not think they will sit by and allow the USA to attack their #1 trading partner - Iran.

I urge you to listen to Robert Steele on Webster Tarpley...

....last Saturday....he is really sounding the alarm...very angry, worried and frustrated....


Starts somewhere near the middle of the first hour...


I will

by the way - there are reports of massive explosions in southern iran this morning:


Also Russia, North Korea,

Also Russia, North Korea, Japan and the NATO countries. That Israeli strike on Lebanon in the summer was an attempted to throw matches on the bursting powder keg which is the Middle East, those psychopaths may try something like that again given a “pretext”.

Get out there, get active people! The 9/11 truth movement is the Anti-War movement, there’s no way I would ever neglect an anti-war protest just because the “leadership” aren’t calling for 9/11 truth yet. Get involved!!


A couple weeks ago I was bitchin (on this board) about what Keith Olbermann DIDN'T say in his "Special Comments". Instead of merely bitchin, you took the action needed.

A special thanks for reminding me... we are THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA dammit!!!

My hat off to you sir! I wouldn't change a thing.

goddamn HuffPo! They scrubbed their site clean of all 9/11 truth

about a year ago. Today, on HuffPo's huge front page, not even a single word about IMPEACHING the bastard! How's that for controlled media!?

Same thing for that hag Amy Goodman! Little or nothing about

anti-war or impeachment on her show today! Damn NSA/CIA-controlled asset!

Olbermann on Fake Terror

Yup, Olbermann's good, but he just barely flirts with LIHOP. Publicly, at least.

Here's a good recap from October '05 showing Bush playing the fear card, starting with 9/11.


Thanks for that link JA

I hadn't seen that one. That was an impressive piece - suggests the "War on Terror" is fake - thereby opening the door for US and 911 Truth. That goes beyond "controlled desent", etc.


I had the exact same thoughts when he mentioned “fertilizer” for conspiracy theories. His comments are amazing. It’s refreshing to see the truth spoken so powerfully.

It’s very possible that he has noticed the 9/11 truth movement. I know that I have sent him a few emails.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

What is the You Tube url for

What is the You Tube url for this video?

Is there an easy way to determine the url for an imbedded You Tube video like this on my own?

Just click on it and it will

Just click on it and it will take you the youtube page. There you will find the embedding specs.

I have tried left clicking

I have tried left clicking the video, right clicking it, while its playiny, while it's not playing, left, right, center, corner. Still I cannot find the URL. Please help me step by step. I just cannot figure out how to get the URL. Also please tell me the You Tube url in case I still cannot get it. Thank you.

Literally click on the

Literally click on the screen.

I can click on the screen

I can click on the screen and see the video run just fine. The question is, is there a direct URL to the video tube that takes you to the clip playing directly on the You Tube website? If s, what is the URL, and how do you find out on your own what it is? I have tried forever left and right clicking on the screen and I do not get any URL. Is there a way to learn the URL of the clip? If so, how, and what exactly is the URL of the clip on you tube? Thanks.

Why do you want the original URL of the clip so bad?

Answer me this and I will tell how to get there.

I like to collect and

I like to collect and distribute to others links to You Tube and Google video clips that I like, for educational purposes.



Yeah, you should just start it playing, then click the video as it's playing to get it to take you to youtube.. either that or the "share" button. although i don't know why someone didn't just give it to you already!

I hope you are friend not

I hope you are friend not foe.

Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" is a masterpiece!

While not on 9/11 per se, it explains much about what's behind 9/11 & what we're up against! Please watch it for free: http://www.freedomtofascism.com/

It does seem overwhelming

It does seem overwhelming what we are trying to expose and reverse:
The Federal Reserve
The Income Tax
The New World Order
The International Bankers
The complicit media coverup
Concentration camps in the USA
Cashless Society with RFID implants

How is it possible to successfully go up against such an overwhelming power structure????
Is there any chance we will ever win against these monsters?
Most people just don't care, and won't care until it is too late. That's what happened in Nazi Germany.

I think that's just human nature

No one is willing to do anything until it is too late.

There were probably a lot of people who knew we were in trouble during the roaring 20's. But the majority chose to just live it up and enjoy the good times. The hangover was far worse than most ever thought possible.

THese days, everyone is so concerned with working and making a living and raising kids that they don't even want to think about world affiairs. Unfortunately they will be forced to at some point, but then it's too late.

It takes us in the minority to change things.

Agreed, however shutting down the Federal Reserve first

will make all sorts of structural improvements possible, such as stabilizing the economy in the long-term, better prevent imperialistic war spending, cheaper governmental-debt loans and less financial inequality across the board. The pan-American Union state (and the single currency) would also be off the table.

"make all sorts of structural improvements possible"

...well said. it's wake-up time.

Olbermann chooses his words carefully...

Olberman said…


“Your assurances, sir, and your demand that we trust you have lost all shape and texture.  They are now merely fertilizer for conspiracy theories.  They are now fertilizer indeed.  The pile has been built slowly and with seeming care.”


Olbermann is an excellent writer.  And, though his hands are no doubt tied by the MSM bosses for whom he works, this is, in my humble opinion, a disguised nod to the 9/11 Truth Movement. 


I’ve written Olbermann several times about 9/11 truth with no response.  However, somewhere deep inside, I felt that someone on his staff was reading my letters and taking them to heart.  I tried to write eloquently so he would take me seriously.  I am certain others on this forum have done the same.


So then, let’s look more closely at Olbermann’s words because he no doubt chose them carefully.


“Your assurances…are now merely fertilizer for conspiracy theories. 


What other conspiracy theories could he be alluding to?  Is it a nod for or against the Truth Movement?  As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity.  Therefore, assuming Keith is as astute as he seems to be, he was probably trying to help the movement by giving it a little MSM airtime.  I’m guessing it was the only way he knew how given the constrictions under which he has probably been placed by his superiors.


Then he goes on to say…


“They are now fertilizer indeed.”


Quickly changing back to equating Bush’s lies with shit, crap, whatever you want to call it.  Then Olbermann accuses Bush of building the pile of shit with “seeming care” indicating again, this was all planned and that there may be truth in the above mentioned conspiracy theories.


Of course, one could also view Olbermann as being a gatekeeper for the left.


I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt.  At least he is speaking out vehemently against Bush.  Something which remains sorely missing from the MSM these days.

I hate to be cynical, but I

I hate to be cynical, but I have to (for the time being) assume that he's 'controlled opposition'. His rhetoric may only be harsh to persuade "conspiracy theorists" that he is in fact legit.
But until I hear "war crimes", "detention facilities for dissenters" and "treason" and "impeachment (not just for Bush, but the entire administration), I'll be skeptical about his true motive.
Also, think about it. He's the only person who speaks the way he does on MSM. If the rest of the corporate media disagrees with him, I imagine he's not a very popular guy among his colleagues. Why wouldn't they have fired him by now, or at least put his spot real late at night?

Keith won't get fired yet. It would cause riots.

Its too late for the MSM. They should have gotten rid of him sooner. But you expect the world from someone like Keith. He is treading in dangerous territory and frankly, what is he saying is very good for our cause. This truth movement must take time. People need to figure it out on their own.

Everyone is 'controlled

Everyone is 'controlled opposition' to some people unless all anchors are foaming at the mouth and waving a gun. Do you suggest that we ignore Olbermann and tell people not to listen to him? He's amazing and he represents profound progress. Progress in the MSM, like a previous poster said, is not black and white.

are you the only rational one here?

thank you rollo, at least somebody gets it. you seem to understand how the media works unlike some people here who expect Olbermann to scream INSIDE JOB at the top of his lungs. i swear, some people have no perspective.

Chris, that wasn't very

Chris, that wasn't very nice. Please be cordial. My views are subject to evolve. I'm just trying to make sense of how the corporate media works.

sorry man, my comment was

sorry man, my comment was more of a positive directed at rollo than a negative directed at you. didnt mean anything personal.

I hope you're right.

I hope you're right.

The MSM is increasingly irrelevant

You have a right to be skeptical. Personally, I do not suspect that he is a 'gatekeeper'. But we should keep demanding that the evidence be presented to the public. Eventually it is going to happen. You can bet on it.

It is my belief that the MSM is increasingly irrelevant. We have created our own Media. 9/11 Blogger is our voice. The internet is our medium.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

I have soooo much respect

I have soooo much respect for Olbermann. Can somebody explain why he doesn't have a leash like the rest of mainstream media? lol

And great message and music in the last half. I hope it does well on YouTube.

Why doesn't Olberman have a

Why doesn't Olberman have a leash?

Because of people like us..... we are here!

and when this all shakes down.... we will still be here and MSNBC will be on top..... without people like us doing what we are doing then they would have no reason or standing to do or say the things they are saying?

Still I question.... they are still MSM.... and I do believe that much like Michael Moore.... they do not go nearly as far as they should.

Also, when you really think about it.... people are pissed.... everyone knows this.... it just doesn't make any sense to have all MSM sources for news riding the Presidents jock..... before Olberman the only people saying anything were John Stewart and Colbert. and Bill Mahr....Comedians??.... if that utter bias had continued much longer... it wouldn't have made any logical sense that no MSM was saying anything when the entire country was rumbling. The surprising thing is how good that Olberman puts it down.... he really hits hard.... appealing to intelligent people..... those of us who have figured this out.

Leaving the Bushies to keep their heads in the perverbial sand trap

I'm actually taking a closer

I'm actually taking a closer look at Bill Maher. I absolutely love his show, but I have also always had the feeling that there was something odd about him. For instance he whole-heartedly supported the Israel-Lebanon war this summer. He's certainly a gatekeeper, dismissing 9/11 truth out of hand.

I completely agree. I no

I completely agree. I no longer watch Maher's show or take anything he says seriously. On the last episode of his older show "politically incorrect" he actually said (describing Ann Coulter) that "you can be wonderful friends with a fascist" or something to that effect. Something smells rotten there, with harsh cologne trying to cover it up.

concept vs. execution

Adding content after the Olberman video is a good idea, because many people will watch it.

What you added, however, was lacking. There was nothing visual. White text on black background is just boring. I thought you were going to read something, which at least would have meshed better with the first segment (I stopped watching pretty soon, so if more than text on screen happened, I didn't see it).

Next, the pacing of your text was just too slow. Olberman talks very quickly, and with a passionate staccato. Your stoner like slow motion text is too jarring and too much of a change in gears to work well.

They already mentioned using better qual video than just a shaky camcorder.

You should start with a script and a concept to communicate a specific message in a very short amount of time.

Crimes of the State

I thought it was right on.

I thought it was right on. The pacing of the messages matched the tempo of the song. Kind of surreal.

just think if stephen

just think if stephen colbert and olbermann totally rebelled against their employers------

it's too late for the fake msm to stop them as individuals-----

they could call together massive demonstrations unlike any known in the history of man----

too bad ----theyre owned

They all know...

There is no journalist or news commentator alive today that does not know that 9/11 was an inside job. It is just too easy to figure out. Most of the people on this board are common American citizens. If it is so easy for us (and you know once you cross that line you never go back), it is more than easy for them. They know...it will spill...it is only a matter of time (and balls?).

I have a friend...

who is a producer with a major MSM news operation. We talk about pretty much everything under the sun.

This person flat out refuses to discuss. 9/11 with me. Flat out refuses.


....that which we avoid/fear the most, holds the most power over us...

...I know you've asked yourself why this topic is so verboten....

MSM producer

Just curious. Do you think your friend knows the truth and refuses to discuss it or is just in deep denial? My experience has been; most people are open-minded but complacent. They question the official conspiracy theory. But others (minority) simply refuse to consider the possibility of an inside job and hence, refuse to listen to any alternative ideas.

How Can you be fooled - FOOLS !

As has been stated - this guy is Mainstream Media.

It is only an Agenda. Bush can be the fall-guy so long as the NWO Agenda continues...

Olbermann is there only to give the people a false hope of a side and quench their American consciences while the NWO kill and sip Martinis and turn more chapters of the `Great Work'.

His information (if you actually listen to it) isn't for 911 Truthers. It is for sheep and to keep sheep asleep. He disses Bush and the war because they are already a done deal!! His information always includes mentions of things that the sheep hold onto as gospel. So he still keeps the fear factor and visualisation alive - again for the sheep.

If bush goes down - one way or another - it is all for the Agenda.

Also - if they have the next 911 (maybe like this http://www.2kgames.com/shatteredunion/home.php ) and hundreds of thousands of people die - then the gov can try to turn around and say - we told you so.


Bang on, Anon (poet, didn't

Bang on, Anon (poet, didn't know it).

And in a similar vein, as I've said before, if ANYTHING about 9/11 "Truth" shows up on the MSM that is not a hit piece (i.e. something that supports the truth, or speaks to the official lie), then we better be sound some serious alrm bells, because it will have been PERMITTED.

And the push by some in here to impeach will do absolutely NOTHING to stop the NWO's plans, and in fact may be useful for further dividing a country already firmly divided. Bush/Cheney are simply high-powered pawns in the "game", and they are expendable like the rest.

Nice to see some reasonable analysis going on in here, instead of red-neck, hot-head, knee-jerk responses to attempts at rational discourse.

Is it really too much to ask

for Mr. Olbermann to just once mention that the 9/11 families have demanded a new investigation?

Is that too hot a topic for even a Special Comment?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Show "I totally agree. And that" by anti-gatekeeper (not verified)

excuse me? you wanne be

excuse me? you wanne be specific when comparing me to a neo-con young man? you obviously havent been here very long if your gonna call me that..........

Aren't these people who

Aren't these people who drive by, throwing out tangental barbs, right twits? I think it says something when they obsess over a registered user while staying annoy-mice, OR obsess over one's signature. Now wait for it ...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Thanks to you and Keith O.

In today's US, Keith is doing just what is needed, its just too bad that he doesn't have the captive audience that Murrow had. In my view, Keith is smart enough to know he's risking his own career and life by telling it like it is...but he's doing it anyway..and by doing so, for whatever reason, personal or otherwise, he's a much better ally to the people of the world than is all of the other newscasters who are playing it safe.
AMERICA - Despite the news black-out here in the U.S., the world is quickly understanding what we are doing and America's place in the world will never be the same.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Throughout America's adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among people and among nations. To strive for less would be unworthy of a free and religious people. Any failure traceable to arrogance, or our lack of comprehension or readiness to sacrifice would inflict upon us grievous hurt both at home and abroad.

- Eisenhower


I actually think one of the

I actually think one of the main reasons Donahue's show was terminated was due to his large audience. The show proved too much of an opposition to the governmental order, which any "rational" --dare I use that term in this instance-- tyrant would want immediately stamped out.


Olbermann is a ZIONIST CRACKHEAD. The guy blames everything on BUSH, but nothing on the NEOCONS! See: James Petras, the foremost Left Scholar in the US. His book, The Power of Israel in the United States. See also Grant Smth, Deadly Dogma. More than you will ever learn from the mainstream Zionist Apologist media of crackheads.


Add a music credit! The song is hypnotically evocative of a dystopian future (present?). Would love to know who the singer/songwriter is.