U.S. Intelligence Chief Says Hezbollah Growing Threat to the United States

Could this be the pretext for blaming Iran/Syria when the next false flag attack comes?

"WASHINGTON — Al Qaeda poses the gravest terrorist threat to the United States and an emboldened Hezbollah is a growing danger, the U.S. intelligence chief said Thursday.

In his annual review of global threats, National Intelligence Director John Negroponte highlighted an increasingly worrisome assessment of Hezbollah — backed by Iran and Syria — since its 34-day war with Israel last year.

"As a result of last summer's hostilities, Hezbollah's self-confidence and hostility toward the United States as a supporter of Israel could cause the group to increase its contingency planning against United States interests," Negroponte told the Senate Intelligence Committee."



Anything the "butcher" says will be well scripted. It will be spoken only if it furthers a given set of plans. Certainly, potentially setting up Hezbollah as an unwilling patsy could be one of them. From all I read, as I am sure others know, Hezbollah has enough on its platter in Lebanon to have little interest in attacking the US even though I am sure they hate us. I would too, in their place. And it has been long acknowledged by all parties (except Israel, the US and other bastions of neocons) that Hezbollah is Not a terrorist organization.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

Why would Hezbollah attack us when....

....the Bush regime is just itching for the slightest excuse to attack Iran/Syria?

They obviously wouldn't....and won't...it's suicide....

And that is why another pretext (crime) will be committed by the shadow goverenment for the war profiteers...

Its to the point

where this administration's intentions are so transparent that every word that comes out of their mouths reeks of pure bullshit.

just a thought..... we are perhaps entering into one of the most dangerous periods in US history.

More than just a thought....

Has Bush already declared secret war with Iran/Syria?


It's fucking madness.

At least during the Cuban Missle Crisis we had newspapers screaming what the stakes were....

Its not so secret

not so secret:


but i agree that the media is not alerting people to this crisis.

can you imagine the hysteria if Iran or Russia or China overran a USA embarassy? Yet, the USA just overran an Iranian embarassy yesterday - an ACT OF WAR - and the American media acts as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile there are reports today massive explosions in souther Iran:


this is pretty serious