a 3rd Camp, CiOP Controlled it on Purpose

After much thought and many conversations with people who believe in the official story, I have concluded that a 3rd option may be possible when discussing 9/11. We often think about things in the MiHOP or the LIHOP world view,
but I think these explanations are too simplistic for the average citizen who can't imagine such a devious and violent plot starting with our own government, they then dismiss the wider theory in response, despite the real evidence that supports the need for a New Investigation, and of course the LIHOP crowd, gives way to much credit to the "terrorist&q. uot; and avoids the real history of our covert foreign policies over the years and the influence of the Neo-Con Think tanks and the Philosophical teachings of Strauss and others. Empire , greed and dillusions of grandeur are what may be the primary motives to a select few, but it is hard to explain how the military, FBI, elected officials, can all look the other way if this "soft reasoning" is the only reasoning that launches the Black Op Military Aparatus, which was obviously present that day.

I propose here a theory that tries to give a real world explanation of how the Military and other Institutions carried out 9/11, Orders need justification, real or imagined, the background motives may be sinister at the root, but those motives can not mobilize the
operation that carried out the attacks and that continue to this very day.
Here it goes:

We all know of the multiple warnings before the attacks, the Crowley Memo, the Brits, The Russians, the Aug. 6th PDB, suppose for a second that we had our own intelligence asset inside Al Queda, not hard to imagine after the Bosnian incident and (depite what CNN tells us) the cold War is far from over Now lets suppose our asset informs our "DecisionMakers" that an attack is being talked about by what he considers to be " Real Terrorists", now lets suppose our asset is a mid-level operator within Al Queda and our DecisionMakers see this as an opportunity to move our asset into the inner circle of this group. What if our decisionmakers felt that it is more important to keep our asset covered at all costs, they feel that it is not beyond the realm of possibilith that Al Queda is a real threat to use WMD somewhere in the US or the UK. They rationalize thousands of lives are better than millions of lives. Now lets suppose you are a part of the deision maker group, what would you do:

You may try to control the target and the way the target will be destroyed, by controlling the demolition you allow most people to escape and cause minimal damage to other buildings and provide a visual image to the public that pleases the Straussians in the civilian world. You may want to avoid any angry Industrialist by providing a warning and prepare monetary compensation (Silverstein's Insurance policy), you may make sure that the "normal" US defenses did not operate as usual on the selcted day, you may ensure local, and key federal officials are informed of this National Security crisis and that their co-operation will lead to positions of influence and power. (Giulianni for President give me a break) The cover up team is put inplace, patsies may or may not have been used. All of this done under the guise of a national security crises and an ethical responsibility to
control the attacks and to not just let them happen. This crisis was more than likely manufactured, but our military aparatus and the complicity of key media and politician types never know this. They are doing important top secret work, the decision was a
hard one, but not doing it would be more disastrous, death on a scale never seen before within the United States.

This "Theory" is not an excuse or rationalization of what happened that day, but a set of plausible circumstances that actualy could have happened or that were manufactured to get the wider Military and civilian leadership to co-operate and keep silent.
Personally I find it hard to believe that Media, Elected officials are all in on the Gobalist conspiracy of a wider Police State and World Government and this is why they are keeping silent about 9/11, this may be the motives for a few powerful people, but they
can not exist without the support and actions of the broader US institutions and to get this co-operation a real world justification to the basic human moral values (that I believe are at the foundation of most people) are crucial. I hope this theory gives these
people pause, maybe they will realize that there is a real possibility they are being used for a sinister motives. And Remeber no Order is Valid if it is WRONG!

ok i'm done now.


Although there are variations on the theme, I am one of those who believes that what ever way you look at this, 'allowing', 'making', or 'sort of making', it is all tantamount to making it happen. The crime is treason, then penalty for 9/11 is death. And whether involved in the government 'conspiracy' and simply an accessory after the fact (disinfo to hide the truth), the crime is still treason. For example with respect to the last point, the Chertoff slime at Popular Mechanics is solidly in the last group. One question is, if there is ever an accounting, which path will be followed; that of Maximillien Robespierre or some other equally tragic route.? But whichever is followed, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that there is a hideous evil loose in our Republic, its tentacles stretch far and wide. It threatens the lives, freedoms and welfare of us all. How can it be countered?

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

His post doesn't excuse those folks

As you say, "this, 'allowing', 'making', or 'sort of making', it is all tantamount to making it happen. The crime is treason..."

Don't you all suppose that some who participated now feel sorry about having done so? You'd think that many people must feel that way.

I hope that we can reach those people. Let's seek them out somehow. They are our biggest hope, IMO.

Good thinking

In my blog here I posted A Call For Confession. I was thinking along similar lines as you (williamwallace) are here.

I believe we can reach that crowd, all those who participated but were misled. I am trying to fugure out how to reach them.

I wish my Call for Confession, or anyone else's with the same message, could be published as full-page advertisements in all the major newspapers in the land.

Note clearly that these people need help. They surely feel just horrible about what they know, and what they did. How would you feel? That is how they feel. Don't you suppose?

YES! we need people to feel comfortable confessing...

As those on the forefront of calls for accountability, we should be making it clear that anyone who was misled or tricked into having some part in what went down is not going to be demonized. We are talking about people who are not only afraid of how their actions might be perceived but also what might happen to them as a result of betraying the real perps. This is not an easy position to be in, especially when few people have come forward. As time goes by and we continue to reach more people so that the crimes become common knowledge and the pressure shifts to those who have some degree fo power (like Congress) to do something, those who come forward should feel that they have the Ameircan people behind them. The problem is that the mainstream media will not, it seems, be covering 9/11 honestly any time soon, so do we expect very public exposés or more like behind the scenes contact to be made? I suspect a lot of behind the scenes work IS going on as we speak--the writing is on the wall and who knows what kind of deals are being brokered to jminimize the impact of shocking revelations to come.

No matter which angle we approach 9/11 from, it always seems to come back to the media not helping to inform people, instead working to deceive them. They seem like the unindicted co-conspirators in all of this, and until congress shapes up and reforms the system of media allocation we can only hope to continue to hurt them in the pocketbook by not buying or watching their crap and not giving them any free advertising--quite the opposite, we should be calling for a boycott of the media outlets that lie and the products that are advertised on their networks and in their papers...


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WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Who Do We Charge ?

At our 911 group meeting this week. Someone posed the question: "Who do we charge? And how do we prove it beyond a reasonable doubt?"
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

these people are the key

You are correct "student" and I think that they know something is eating them away inside, When I left Church today I felt better inside and I usualy get my but to work on Monday, but try carrying around the weight of this guilt and blood stained hands that never seem to wipe clean. The only way to redemption is to Confess and I like your "call to confession" as a theme to get it started. My Lord will forgive these people.

You forget.....

Most of these people are likely to have a lot of experience with false flag/covert/black operations and thus are likely to be disciplined enough to never come forward.

Only the high-ups have black-ops orientation

Would the average NORAD pilot want to remain part of a false-flag operation, once he/she realizes that's what it was? Most folks are like you and me, don't you suppose.

How many workers had to install whatever was needed at the three WTC buildings? Would each and every one of them "have a lot of experience with false flag/covert/balck operations'? I would guess that, in many cases, such operations rely on ordinary electricians and so on.

How does the then head of NORAD feel, the guy who got promoted after 9-11? I really wonder if he feels good about all of this.

I hope we here can seek out these sorts of people, and reach them. I do bet there are many -- not saying my examples above are correct, but that there are correct ones out there.

Either way

When we ask questions implicating a group of people with-in our government such as Bush Cheney Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz amongst others.... we are talking not only about this past 6 years but a span of over 40 years.

This is not that isolated... and when the truth comes out..... Americans are not only going to have to come to terms with 9/11 but also with the past 40 years of World history and the role America has played in that history. The truth of 9/11 is paramount to the understanding of the way the world and it's people has been maqnipulated and controlled.....

Is 2012 the end of the world or the beginning of a new awakening? I honestly hope it doesn't take that long..... either way

Points well taken

There are major and systemic problems here. It will be difficult to do anything about it all, as you imply.

I think the whole 9-11 issue points to problems comparable to any this country has ever faced -- War of Indepence included. Just as then, it will take all our efforts to even try to set this right.

People need to think through aftermath scenarios here. What if 9-11 truth does break wide open, in all its ramifications? What would then happen? What will then fall apart, and what should we citizens try to build up in its place?

The problems this thing will expose are clearly much bigger than just Dems versus Repubs or conservatives or liberals or Libertarian or Greens. Our system itself has failed remarkably.