9/11 Accountability Conference on the Radio Today

Today will be the first of six (6) radio spots to announce and explain the 9/11 Accountability Conference to take place in Chandler, AZ on the weekend of Feb 23-25, 2007. These spots will be on the Truth to Power Hour with Jeff Farias from 4 to 4:30 pm Mountain (6 P.M. Eastern) each Saturday until 2/24 when the three (3) hour show will be broadcast live from the conference. Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone during this time of the year.

Today the show will feature Meria Heller (The Meria Heller Show, www.meria.net) and Kent Knudson (9/11 Truth of AZ and Chair of the 9/11 Accountability Conference). You can listen live on your computer at www.1480kphx.com or on your radio at 1480 AM in the Phoenix area. Call in numbers are 602-258-8800 (local) and 800-989-1480 (out of town).
More information about the conference can be found at ... www.911accountability.org ... or ... 602-714-1174.
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"Is the 911 truth movement racist?"


I think that it is racist to be passionately concerned about the deaths of our fellow Americans while not even giving mention to immorality or illegality of what our government does to people of other nationalities.


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

reply to "Is the 911 truth movement racist?"

At first I thought this was going to be another one of those people who say "you're racist because you don't think Arab Muslims could have pulled this off."

Which of course is one of my favorite lines from 9/11 deniers. But no, it's right out of Chomsky's "so what? who cares if it was a conspiracy?" bunkum.

This particular bit of disinfo is pretty lame but it does get some play here and there. The basic gist is this: "OK suppose, the U.S. government DID do 9/11--they do a lot worse things every day so stop obsessing over it and join Chomsky and his friends in the World Can't Wait."

At first glance lots of people don't see the main problem, which is that the "U.S. government" did not "do 9/11". That premise is simplistic and simply untrue. The U.S. government is a machine, it is a bureaucracy. Into and out of that machine different people cycle ever day. Some days, like the day George Bush was inaugurated, people get into the machine and take the controls who don't have America's interests at heart.

They are not necessarily self-interested either--they may serve a broad agenda the furtherance of for which they play a single (if vital) part. A group of people with a goal of causing to occur a history making-and changing event came to power through the presidency of George Bush and effected this event again not in their own self-interest but in the furtherance of an agenda.

The agenda of the true perpetrators of 9/11 was summed up succinctly by no less than Osama bin Laden when in his only authentic video appearance after the attacks he denied involvement and said that the perpetrators were people who wanted to make the new century one of conflict between christians and muslims. To that I would add that arab muslims in particular were targetted, and that the real reason for wishing to demonize those people specifically has everything to do with the land they inhabit and the need to bring it under strict control, for a number of reasons.

Why would anyone want to do this? Isn't that the way to figure out who was behind the attacks? There are several suspects, and we can list them based on who has benefited the most since the attacks bearing in mind that benefitting after the fact does not prove involvement--it just tells us where to start looking.

Who benefitted from 9/11?

1) Israel. Israel's mortal enemies are those people who feel most violated by the creation of the Zionist State on land inhabited mostly by Arab Palestinian Muslims, though Jews (mainly Sephardic, or native to the mediterranean--Sephardic means from Spain) also lived peacefully side by side with them while Palestine was a British colony. Because Israel's existence as a state where Jews are privileged over other peoples is in question, anything that turns world opinion against Arabs, Muslims or Palestinians is good for Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu's first reaction to 9/11 was to say that it was good for Israel. The dancing Israelis, 5 Mossad agents detained in New York after celebrating while the towers burned and for violating their visa status (they were "working" illegaly as "movers") told their arresting officer that "we are not your problem, we are Israeli. your problem is our problem, the palestinians are your problem." A video showing Palestinians celebrating in Gaza was proven to be a fraud staged by the Israeli military by offering candy to Palestinians. Many Americans saw the initial report and never heard the clarification and explanation of the video's true provenance.

2) Larry Silverstein and other "insider traders". By presciently purchasing the lease on the doomed towers Silverstein positioned himself to gain control not of the aging and problematic twins but of the state of the art buildings that he would take part in building using the proceeds from his insurance policies. Other "investors" seemingly used similar foreknowledge to earn money on stock trades affected by 9/11. Buzzy Krongard, former #3 man at the CIA has been linked by some to a firm responsible for a large amount of such trades.

3) the weapons and oil industries benefitted tremendously from the windfall profits resulting from increased military spending and from the ability to raise oil prices because of fears of a disruption in supplies that has never occured (stable oil producers can always pick up the slack if they choose.) Contractors like GE, Boeing, McDonnel Douglas, Raytheon, Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group have all seen gains in their bottom line. In addition, opportunities to make money have arisen in the security industries by virtue of people's increased paranoia.

4) Individuals in government, including many of those known as Neocons, have extensive connections with the industries that have fared so well-including Rumsfeld, Cheney, Feith, Perle, Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Dov Zakheim, etc. After 9/11 they found their importance and respect to increase, at least temporarily, since many of them had been arguing for a build-up and anticipated a possible new pearl harbor.

5) High level international drug kingpins and their networks found easy access to a big new supply after Afghanistan was invaded using 9/11 as a pretext. Money has flowed into that trade, which also pumps money (for laundering and other purposes) into the world of finance and stocks. Much of this money is also linked to illegal weapons smugglers.

6) International bankers and their US branch, the federal reserve. Banks make money by encouraging (and sometimes forcing) governments to take on massive amounts of debt. We have seen the US Treasury looted in this way for years, and more so after 9/11. After years of abuse the system has been near crisis as so much dollar debt was created that it threatened the stability of the global economy and the hegemony of the banking cartel. With so many dollars in circulation and Americans producing nothing much the world wanted, oil had long been its crutch--since OPEC demanded payment in dollars, people could always get something with them. 9/11 was used as an excuse to invade Iraq, along with the fake story of WMDs, thus ensuring that the dollar's crutches could not be removed or undermined by oil producing states like Iraq exercising independence. It is important to note that this does not mean that the dollar will not be devalued or that we will have cheap oil. It means the bankers are able to take the dollar down slowly while oil companies keep oil prices high. The result will be a new balance of power with a weaker US and stronger Europe facing a stronger China. Without a sole superpower the people who wield economic power will find it easier to control things by playing states off each other. The important thing is that the federal reserve and its dollars continue to keep America shackled by debt and beholden to a group of internationalists.

I suppose there are others who benefitted but these I think are the main ones, and within this broad agglomeration is no doubt to be found the individuals who, in their various capacities, were able to coordinate, carry out, and manage the aftermath of the attacks. One ommission that was intentional was whoever it was that benefitted from all the case files destroyed in building 7 when it collapsed. These are numerous cases of Wall Street fraud, including Enron's fleecing of the California public through their manipulation of energy prices. While no doubt many people benefitted it is hard to say exactly who they were, and most of them are probably just grateful beneficiaries rather than perpetrators, but without knowing specifically whose records were expunged in that destruction we'll have to leave that open.

Means, motive, opportunity. Who had it? No doubt more than one or two people, and there is plenty of evidence linking people in all these groups to the crimes. The level of involvement of each, including amount of foreknowledge and the degree to which their role was compartmentalized is something that an investigation--a REAL investigation--would strive to pin down.

The next time someone says "Bush did 9/11" or "the government did 9/11" or "Israel did 9/11" try to help them see that numerous people were involved, lest we miss the forest for the trees and descend into fruitless scapegoating instead of demanding a full accounting and real justice for the countless innocent victims of the crimes commited that day and since.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Show "You need this, RT, poor kid." by Anonymous (not verified)

So, 19 arab hijackers

So, 19 arab hijackers plotting 9/11 is a conspiracy. We already knew that.

You must be scared.

Poor kid.

"you must be scared" Of?

"you must be scared"


"scared of?"

Didn't think there would be a reply to that!

Well put.

As usual, RT.

thanks TW

I thought I should add that this is just my best take given the information I've seen. Of course it's possible that there are people out there who benefitted of whom we are just not aware. And stress again that just because someone benefitted doesn't mean they were responsible--though you can bet that anyone who benefitted would be helping the coverup. Also I should add that among those benefitting would be all those who used 9/11 to fake their deaths. As far as trying to get to the bottom of who was responsible for which aspects, like the demolitions of the three towers, the as yet murky strike on the Pentagon, and the hole in Shanksville, I think that they are definitely among those I list as benefitting above. My gut feeling is that it was indeed the neocons, including Rumsfeld and Cheney, with assistance from the Israeli Mossad who were involved in hatching and carrying out the plot. Some names that come to mind as suspects are Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, and Zakheim. I don't doubt that certain people in the CIA and FBI also had a hand in the planning and execution. Giuliani and Silverstein, of course are at least knee deep.

That's about 10 individuals there, and the number could certainly be higher (perhaps some Bushes) but it seems about enough given that a lot of the things that had to be done were accomplished by tricking people into certain courses of action that they would have had no clue as to the real nature of. The Pakistani wire transfer and the pseudo-hijackers running around, getting visas, etc. are things that probably happened but under pretenses unrelated to the events themselves.


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flights passengers

The Real Truther wrote " Also I should add that among those benefitting would be all those who used 9/11 to fake their deaths"

No wonder that you can find only 50 passengers incl. crew of the four flights in the Social Security Death Index who died on 9.11.01 (you don't know how, maybe peacefully in their bed) and the other 182 are perhaps still alive or never existed. Interesting is the record about TODD BEAMER: he was born 11 September 1968 and died 10.6.1997! Strange!

Masonic orders are somewhat missing from your analysis

There are many proofs that the high-level people within our government, the criminal court system, and various other institutions belong to secret orders, and take secret oaths.

These pyramid structures of naive members and real criminals are the glue by which religious cults, big corporations and government work together.

Look into how presidents (or important CIA/FBI/... officials) are _selected_ from these societies, look into the how corrupt the court system has become (see eg. the work of Sherman Skolnick and the Opus Dei controlled supreme court judges), look into the historic relation of the Bank of England with the Federal Reserve (and the masonic influence behind the BoE), look into the relation of the Rotschilds with Hitler and the Vatican (and their controllers: the Jesuit Order). Then look into the relation of the CIA/FBI/NATO with former Nazi people and structures. Look into the various international pedophilia/gay networks in which high-level politicians are/were involved, then ask yourself why this is the case?

There is a much larger criminal network which is never portrait in the mainstream media. Only the Internet is documenting these enormous acts of corruption, treason, molestation and genocide.

These are the people who have been supporting and implementing global oppression policies, via the puppet United Nations (look into how much influence Rockefeller has there), the World Bank, the IMF, NATO, and other global organizations with their fascistic agenda's.

Well Put RT

I think that was so good that I printed it out as a reference source.

That is the most idiotic question about 9/11 truth I've seen in

a very long time.

beamer comment

That probably isn't the same one... everyone doesn't turn up on there... i looked for lots of people I know that have died and found several.. and didn't find several.

just my 2 cents

U.S. intelligence agences know that WE KNOW that...

Murderous criminals inside the U.S. intelligence agencies, military, and presidential administration -working with intelligence networks and murderers abroad - created, aided, and abetted the events of 9/11 to move more quickly to one-world government and dominance.

In essence, these criminals have declared war on freedom everywhere and are just waiting to ratchet up the violence and destruction to the next level to exert more tyrannical and financial control over civilizations.

This deserves to be discussed in open debate everywhere.

Come to Chandler, AZ to the 911 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions Conference.  We can and will change the direction of life on this planet.


Lesson 3: Conspiracies Or Institutions: 9-11 and Beyond

Conspiracies Or Institutions: 9-11 and Beyond

June 2, 2002


Part 3 of 13

(4) Can thinking about conspiracies ever be institutional? Can thinking about institutions ever highlight conspiracies?

There are, of course, complicating borderline cases. A person investigating personal proximate causes of some occurrence in what appears to be a conspiracy-minded way could do so to make a larger institutional case. Thus, a person trying to discover a CIA role in 9-11 could be trying to verify a larger (incorrect) institutional theory -- that the U.S. government is run by the CIA. Or, more subtly, a person might be trying to demonstrate that some set of U.S. institutions propels actors toward conspiring. Someone studying Enron, for example, may be doing so not as a conspiracy theorist concerned with condemning the proximate activities of the board of Enron, but rather to make a case (correctly) that U.S. market relations instill motivations and provide the contexts that make conspiracies against the public by major corporate decision makers highly probable. The difference is between, on the one hand, trying to understand some broad claim about society by understanding its institutional dynamics, and, on the other hand, trying to understand some singular event by understanding the activities of the direct actors in it.

(5) What are the relative features and attributes of conspiracy theorizing and institutional theorizing?

For social activists, it makes sense to develop institutional theories because they uncover lasting features with ubiquitous recurring implications. On the other hand, if an event arises from a unique conjuncture of particular people who seize extra-systemic opportunities, then even though institutions undoubtedly play some role, that role may not be generalizable and an institutional theory may be impossible to construct. For a district attorney, it is sufficient to identify individual wrong-doers, but for those seeking social change it is important to go beyond particular participants. Unique events, of course, could be hugely consequential -- as in the attempt to assassinate Hitler -- but exploring the details of such events rarely if ever facilitates understanding society or history.

Institutional theories claim that the normal operations of some institutions generate behaviors and motivations leading to the events in question. For example, an institutional theorist is much more likely to explain U.S. foreign policy in terms of corporate and geopolitical interests, than in terms of the operations of shadowy characters, and when they look at corporate interests they are much more likely to focus on corporate interests generally rather than the interests of one rogue corporation that tries to hijack U.S. foreign policy to its narrow interests at the expense of the corporate system more broadly. When institutional theories address personalities, personal interests, personal timetables, and meetings, it will be to enumerate facts that need explanation, not because these are seen as explanations themselves. With institutional theories, organizational, motivational, and behavioral implications of institutions are the heart of the matter. Particular people, while not becoming mere ciphers, are not regarded as primary causal agents.

With conspiracy theories, regardless of the type of conspiracy identified, the balance of attention is inverted. The specific deceptive actions of rogue or at least greatly duplicitous and deceptive actors are highlighted.

Consider the media. A person seeking conspiracies will listen to evidence of media subservience to power and see a cabal of bad guys, perhaps corporate, perhaps religious, perhaps federal, censoring the media from doing its proper job. The conspiracy theorist will want to know about that cabal and how people succumb to its will, when they meet, etc. Discussion will highlight the actions of some coterie of editors, writers, newscasters, particular owners, or even a lobby of actors. In contrast, an institutional theorist will highlight the media\'s internal bureaucracy, socialization processes, profit seeking motivations in a market system, and funding mechanisms (selling audience to advertisers), as well as the interests of media owners directly and more broadly due to their class position. The institutional theorist will want to learn more about the media\'s structural features and how they work, and about the guiding interests and what they imply. The conspiracy approach will tend to lead people to believe that either they should educate the media malefactors to change their motives, or they should get rid of these malefactors and endorse new editors, writers, newscasters, or owners who will behave differently. The institutional approach will note the possible gains from changes in media personnel, but will explain how limited these changes will be. It will incline people toward a campaign of constant pressure to offset the constant intrinsic institutional pressures for obfuscation, or toward the creation of new media free from the institutional pressures of the mainstream.

are you going to serialize this whole 13 part article?

can you sum up its main points? what exactly it's trying to prove? is zmag readership really down by so much that this tactic is necessary?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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wow. Z magazine really has

wow. Z magazine really has reached new lows. Chomsky is clearly getting pissed with all the accusations that arise from his silence and outright disrespect towards 9/11. to think i used to actually read that trash a few years ago. im ashamed.

Don't be ashamed Chris. I

Don't be ashamed Chris. I used to read it too. I also used to be a huge fan of Infoshop.org , the so-called home of anarchist thought. It's nothing short blatant gatekeeping. In fact, I think they are the worst...they actually throw insults at anyone who accuses them of gatekeeping or censorship. I suspect that Chuck Munson is a high (or low)-level plant.