9/11 Misdirection

This is kind of interesting, might get through to some people:


Mine keeps "stuttering". Why

Mine keeps "stuttering". Why is there no short synopsis underneath the video clip?


The "effect" worked on me. Kinda cool.

Cool! Never saw the

Cool! Never saw the obvious. An interesting representation of the use of psyops. Thanks for sharing this.

What is it?

Does not display, can't get right URL for it on YouTube - anyone have the direct link?



Three of us took the test with 100% successful MISDIRECTION....

Damn that was clever !!!!

An excellent demonstration.

An excellent demonstration.

This is perfect for MySpace

The kiddies would get a kick out of this one. And learn something in the process (hopefully).

I didn't notice the ape

I didn't notice the ape either.

I pray we can get a new investigation as soon as possible and capture the public's hearts with projects like 9/11 Press For Truth. Everyone should ask for it to be played at their local theatre.

Don't forget to call your Congressman often to demand for a new investigation into the attacks of September 11th, and for impeachment of this administration based on war crimes against humanity.


"I didn't notice the ape either."

Dude... that's the "effect".

he he

you tried CR...


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i like the video response from the guy on you tube...

"you're a REE-tahd..." ouch.

and for the record, I did NOT see the giant squid--EVEN when I replayed the video. amazing!


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