Donate To The First Responders

This is Jon Gold's project, but I thought I would make a blog entry for it to bring it back to everyone's attention.

Donations seem to have stalled, and I know there are more than 20-odd people at this site, so COME ON! Let's do some good!

Trolls can criticize us for being "all talk," unless we show them that we're "all action" as well. A good way to do so involves donating some money to the ailing first responders.

Maybe the webmasters can create an entry of this for the front page every week?


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

That "ChipIn" link does not work for me!


works for me

I just tried it, and it works for me. Maybe that's because I have a PayPal account already, and it's reading the cookie? I don't know.

The other thing you can do is simply make a PayPal payment to Jon Gold is the organizer of this charity drive, and he's reliable, public, etc. The money will get to first responders. (I must emphasize that it's not someone like me, who is using a pseudonym, operating this charity drive. Jon Gold is in charge.)

Has the first responder nun....

...(whos' name, I'm ashamed to say, escapes me) that died recently, had the results of her autopsy revealed yet?

Not sure

I don't see any public reports of the results.

Her name was Sister Cindy Mahoney.


For some reason, it keeps telling me error with my credit card number. I know I've typed it in right, I've tried many times.

So I tried paypal. Never used it before, I just signed up for an account, and I don't even know how to use this thing!