'Freedom to Fascism' and 'Terrorstorm' screenings in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver 9/11 Truth proudly presents:

Award Winning Film and TV Producer Aaron Russo's 'AMERICA - FREEDOM TO FASCISM' Jan 28th and 30th

and in February the INFO WAR continues with....

Alex Jones' stunning and revealing new documentary 'TERRORSTORM'

with Special Guest Speaker Connie Fogal of the CANADIAN ACTION PARTY!

more info at: http://www.V911Truth.org/

We will have lots of FREE 9/11 Related DVDs and Literature to handout to everyone who attends!

Please tell everyone you know about these screenings. Proceeds will go to future events, including a 9/11 Truth Symposium we are planning for May or June 2007.

Please help us by attending.

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