NYC 's "The Devil's Departure" Gives 'em Hell

The Devil's Departure

Ann Horst-Person's "The Devil's Departure" premiered at the Dillon's Nirvana theater club restaurant in NYC this past Sunday, the 7th of January, at 245 West 54th St., to an enthusiastic crowd of savvy New Yorkers, in on the secret (to the general public) that the events of 9/11/01 were a staged false flag terror attack instigated by obscure powers affiliated with the government who, though not in league with the Devil, have instead outdone him.

The playwright Ms. Horst-Person's husband Carl Person attempted to run for New York Attorney General of New York in the last election with the intention of investigating the 9/11 crimes. He was unable to get on the ballot because of very strict New York laws regarding 3rd party candidates.

Outstanding performances by Damien Dimino as Mr. "D" - the Devil, Sherry Mandery as Natalie Barker, his secretary, Douglas Cerranto as the Reporter and Robby Brennan as Wayne Holloway, a depraved pet store owner. Shown above on the far right is Ms. Horst-Person.

The witty and charming Devil, Mr D. breaks the news to the stunned, eager and young reporter: The Devil is leaving town since he's no longer needed.

The venue, Dillon's Nirvana dinner theater, has required the company sign a disclaimer stating that the point of view represented in the play is not endorsed by the proprietors.

(just before Devil finally leaves)


(studying questions in notebook)
Boy, this is going to be difficult.......
Let's see......I guess the thing that bothers me know you have a lot of animus for politicians, the advertising industry, corporate executives......the judiciary.....But you seem to reserve your greatest venom.....for the press. Can you tell me seem to especially hate the media?

Because you're the ones in control.....of.......information!!!!!!
(motioning to ringing phones)
I could have let them all in! I could have had the biggest press conference in the world.....but my leaving still wouldn't have been a story......

Why's that?

Here. Let me put it this way. Tomorrow I'll be gone. But your Rockefellers.....your Rothschilds.....Kissingers......all the rest of the neocons.....will still be here. And so will the World Bank......the International Monetary Fund.....the Federal Reserve.....those few banks running the global economy. And the places where those few peole who run the world hang around will still be here too! The Counsel on Foreign Relations......the Bilderberg meetings......the Tri Lateral Commission.......! And you know who's sitting in on those conferences? The media!

The chosen few......certainly not me!

Yeah, and the elite few hacks who are invited to those meetings know they won't be invited back.....if they report what's really going on.........

So the public knows nothing. Just like with 9/11.....the government makes up somekind of CIA legend.....and even though people in the media were right down there at Ground Zero.....and at the Pentagon.....and saw what was going on.....they're all afraid. So they don't report it.

Don't report it????? They help cover it up.

They're scared to death.......
(starting to pace)
We have mortgages to to raise.....just like everyone else.....and it's too easy to get dumped when you work for a large corporation.

Oh, I know.....there'll be someone else in your job.....before your chair cools off. So the free press.....which used to be the watchdop of your democracy....has been decimated. There's NO ONE looking out for you........

Certainly not Bill O'Reilly!

Oh, there was a time when you had a somewhat independent press......before all the consolidation.

Now a few multi-national corporations own everything.....they control what news we're allowed to report.....and you're right, it's all lies!

The guards have joined the inmates.

We're all in prison together.......

That's right. So why in the hell do you need a Devil??????

(Adjusting his hat and cane he starts for the door)


The show is excellent. Our crowd there were cheering and clapping. The truly difficult humorous lines were delivered skillfully and the acting was an extreme pleasure. We would like to put it on video - Joe Friendly has offered, and present it on youtube - though of course it's best to watch live.

According to the playwright:

"Whether or not we survive in the venue we're in is crucial of the next few performances. We're on this Sunday at 2PM again, doors open at 1 PM with a $10.00 cover charge for the actors. The first time they will receive any payment for all their time invested. [] The guy who played the Reporter's brother died Thursday before the show, was waked on Friday and buried on Saturday. So he missed lots of rehearsals and we were unable to have a real dress/tech rehearsal. []People spend millions of dollars to try out original shows and we're doing this one by the seat of our pants. Thank god for the wonderful, enthusiastic cast I have who are as anxious as I am to get the word out about 9/11 and hope we can sustain in this new venue and do so. [] "

I am suggesting Ann Horst-Person set-up a PayPal account particularly to accept donations in support of this play. It would be nice to keep it running until it is honed to perfection and then taken on national tour. I believe the 9/11 community will support this. And we are big people. Let's show 'em how big! This is a very good play. And desperately needed at this time.

Please pass the word about "The Devil's Departure" to anyone you know in New York City, and if in-town New York City please go there and bring your friends!


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