The Truth Movement Needs a Good Detective

There are so many unanswered questions, and so many half truths. What the 9/11 Movement really needs is a good detective. Someone who can investigate as to whether these people (9/11 related) are alive, have ever lived, or truly died. Whether some of the terrorists, or even Barbara Olsen, are alive and living in another country. I am willing to give in some cash to hire someone to do it possible? Is there someone who is solely committed to becoming a truth detective? And are you willing to pay for it?

We do not need a good

We do not need a good detective, we need a good prosecutor. There's enough evidence at this point to warrant a criminal case for negligence in the least, if not full blown mass murder.

Good point. Impeachment.

Good point.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Hey greenback, your posts were great until now, but why do you

oppose hiring a privite detective(s) to ivestigate who was real or ficticious passenger on 9/11???

Only a shill would vote-down the privtate dectective idea!


Annoy-mice do not have

Annoy-mice do not have enough credibility to judge others as shills. Get registered and then we might care.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

The Truth movement had a

The Truth movement had a good detective: ex-homicide/narco cop Micheal Ruppert.

But he was underfunded, ignored, shut up, pushed out (I will never forget what you did to Mike, Norman Soloman), hounded, attacked and finally driven out of the country knowing his life was at risk. After his health failed in Venezuala, he went to Canada, then NYC to be treated for said health problems. After years of fighting the good fight, being driven to drink--Mike is in AA)-- being slandered, nearly being killed, and watching the MSM propaganda machine march on apparently without opposition, Mike has decided to retire from public life.

Now maybe you get an idea why, while this is a great idea, it sort of flounders in practice. However, if someone is ready, willing and able to pick up where Mike left off, most of the leg work is done:

No one, contrary to my handle, is a superman or superwoman. You are right; there would have to be significtant funding and/or extrordinary access to incontrovertable evidence.

So the problem isn't a lack of quallified or willing people; the problem is funds, resources and access. I'd be willing to pay for it--but with the caveat of learning from what happened to "From the Wilderness" when the bastards know you are on to them.

Anyway, good idea.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

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If you have anything at all connecting Alex Jones to Disney

why don't you post it right now?

Otherwise, please stop posting bullshit. Thanks.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Ruppert did declare the

Ruppert did declare the Truth movement dead after the 2004 election was stolen, so he's not my favorite person for the job.  He was a great investigator though, bad attitude however, and didn't care about 911 Truth.

He was terminally depressed,

He was terminally depressed, chum. He didn't "not care"; he just believed it was too late. I don't agree, but knowing where he's been, I could see how a caring but burned out person could come to that conclusion.

We may just have to agree to disagree, but Ruppert has paid personally more that many just fighting the bastards, so I stand by him. Without "Crossing the Rubicon" I know I'd still be confused.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Please check out Christopher

Please check out Christopher Bollyn Jill.

Jill, If you want to see

If you want to see excellent detective work of the most recent sort, watch the new film Pandora's Black Box posted here today.

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Sorry, duckie, it won't

Sorry, duckie, it won't work. You guys sure are crawling like lice lately. Just shows to go ya' how freaked the handlers must be.

Oh, well, another day, another dollar. But tell me -- why DO you hate America?

Bloody Hell! I had no idea

Bloody Hell! I had no idea I was so important! My ego grows by leaps and bounds!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Nico "Mr. Third Level of Disinformation" Haupt

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Jill, your idea of hiring a privite dectective(s) to ferret out

who was ficticious & who were real people regarding those killed on 9/11 is fantastic!!! I would be willing to chip in for this too!

Names any 9/11 investigator should know:

Ali Mohamed

Melvin Lattimore (Mujahid Menepta)