An Important Message from Aaron Russo

Dear AFTF Lovers of Liberty and Patriots,

Good news travels fast!

You may have heard that the Honorable Congressman Ron Paul is exploring running for the Republican nomination in 2008. Congressman Paul will be the only uncompromising defender of the Constitution in the race. I can't tell you how grateful I felt, how full of heartfelt joy, and how much enthusiasm I felt when I heard the news of his Candidacy. I am 1000% behind him!

Ron Paul has stepped up to the plate because he knows what we all know: the noose is tightening, and there isn't much time if we hope to restore to Constitutional Government. I called Ron yesterday to tell him I am on board to do ANYTHING it takes to support his campaign.

NOW is the time for the ENTIRE Freedom Movement, all Third Parties, ALL GOOD AMERICANS EVERYWHERE, from all political stripes and persuasions, to unite to overtake the weakened Republican Party. Stand firmly behind Ron Paul, and work to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Do not let partisan politics get in the way. No matter what your Party affiliation, we must support Ron Paul as the Candidate. Everything in the movie, America: Freedom to Fascism IS Ron Paul. In my conversation with Congressman Paul, I told him I'll make copies of America: Freedom to Fascism available for his campaign. We will spread them far and wide.

What better way to introduce him to the public than for him to talk to them in their own living rooms?! What better way to help awaken them to governmental intrusions into their private lives than to see it in their own homes?

Congressman Ron Paul is the man with the strength to stay the course until Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, are put in their rightful place! There isn't a better man for the job. He has an impeccable voting record. He is "right on," on Freedom and Sovereignty issues.

In a time of universal deceit, Congressman Paul dares to commit the revolutionary act of telling the truth. How refreshing!

But now the work begins.

Ron Paul needs not just our "affirmative nod," he needs our time, energy, financial contributions, and willingness to see him win. He needs us to use our precious accrued "vacation time" to go to New Hampshire to knock on doors, pass out AFTF DVDs, to be as dedicated to helping him win as he is to running the Race. His campaign must be organized District by District.

The entire AFTF Network must focus on helping Ron Paul. You have already awakened a lot of Americans to the dangers we face.

NOW, help me, won't you, as I do everything within my means to promote the only HONEST, Constitutional American in the 2008 Presidential race.

With the right Candidate and a passionate grassroots effort, it is possible to take over a weakened Republican Party. I've told you many times of how we overtook the Republican Party in my Gubernatorial race in Nevada. I KNOW it can be done!

Well, HERE is that Candidate!

NOW IS THE TIME to join with me and support Ron Paul.

I've seen you at work. You can do this. WE can do this!

I Am Most Sincerely Yours in Freedom,

Aaron Russo

PS. Please be sure visit and sign up as a volunteer to support this effort. Also, please share this video link concerning my comments about the 9/11 fraud - ie.

PPS. In the past 2 1/2 months we have had over 1 million views of American: Freedom To Fascism on Google Video. The movie has received the highest possible rating of 5 Stars from the viewing audience. This is an incredible testement to the American public's appetite to learn about freedom. Please keep spreading the word of freedom by sending this email around the world. Here's the link to the movie on Google Video:

Great news, Aaron!

I hope Ron Paul is for real and that he has a viable shot. We need SOMEBODY to help us!!

Two days after the Nov 2006 election I changed my long-time party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

Why? Because I was sickened by the fact that Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean both came out and said that
impeachment was "off the table". It took them just 2 days to forget that WE tell them what to do and not the other way around. How dare they try to take that right and obligation away from us!!! Damn Pussocrats!

I emailed both of them and told them that if they do not start impeachment hearings and a open a new, real investigation into 9/11, that I will never vote Democratic ever again. And I vow to you that I will not.

I live in Arizona and have the most worthless Congress people: Sen McKyl (McCain and Kyl.) Kyl is not even capable of an original thought and just does what bush and McCain want. Then I have Rep. Trent Franks who is as bad, if not worse. I might as well bang my head against the wall than write these idiots, but I do anyway.

I have a prediction for 2008:

I predict that before the 2008 elections, bush will stage another fake terror attack like 9/11,
but bigger, declare martial law (using the Patriot, Military Commissions and
John Warner Acts), mobilize the Natl Guard (which he gave himself the power to do),
cancel the election and keep himself in power indefinitely. He's signed every law, executive order and signing statement to allow him to do it. I hope I'm wrong, but everything points to this, IMHO.

A lot of true conservatives saw that Bush and his handlers....

....were really war-profiteering mass-murderers who didn't represent TC values.

Now a lot of liberals (witness the Rahm Emmanuel/Sunsara Taylor-World Can't Wait protest) are seeing the same from their viewpoint.

And now, the two sides are finding more in common (at least a common enemy).

There is much more to be done, but this is very encouraging.

I guarantee that there will be massive attempts to break up any coalitions by patriotic Americans uniting from the left and the right. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, get ready to have your "buttons pushed" to divide us.

Don't fall for it.

He's a long shot, of a long shot.

But I hang my hat on what he represents.

predictions 2008

Nick AZ.
I'm saving a copy of your predictions and hoping I never have to share them with anyone.
But something tells me you're right and I think sharing this prediction with the MSM after the fact may wake a few people up. I remember Alex Jones made a similar prediction before the mid-terms which fortunately didn't materialize. That doesn't mean it won't happen in the future so I recomment everyone save predictions like yours for future reference, The Bush admin may be considered in a weakened state by most but it won't stop them from achieving their goals, come hell or high water.
Gid bless America, Vive la Truth

9/11: Part 2 Prediction


I'm guessing the only reason he didn't pull this off before the 2006 elections is
because I don't think all the "laws" were in place yet, especially the one where he took
control of the States National Guard troops away from the Governor's and gave it to
himself. He can't declare Martial Law without the Military.

Second, if he's going to do this, he's going to do it to keep himself in power.
2006 was too far away from the 2008 election to assure that for him.

bush will use the "Continuity of Government" provisions to pull this off.
Ron Paul is against it!

The Civilian Inmate Labor Program is in place on Army bases around the US
where he could put the "dissenters".
Here's the official Army manual:

Again, hope I'm wrong, but he's not setting all this up for the next President to use.

Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" is a masterpiece that

should be seen by everyone, including all 9/11 truthers! It is free on Google video.

Excellent news! However I

Excellent news!

However I think, as the system stands, Paul's value is more to aggressively change the terms of the debate--that is, drag it kicking and screaming back to what real working people of all stripes are concerned about, not corporate elite interests. Then other candidates, like it or not, will have to take a stand.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.