Updated version of my Keith Olbermann + 9/11 truth video

My technique involves adding a healthy dose of 9/11 truth to a clip from the mainstream media that everyone is talking about. This begins with Keith Olbermann responding to Bush's Iraq speech and concludes with my own special comment along with accompanying music.

Note: This is an updated version of the video I posted last Friday. This one only has about 2 minutes of Olbermann - less Keith - and more 9/11 truth. Some day, hopefully, the two will be one and the same. Please recommend this to friends and family who like Keith but haven't figured out the truth about 9/11.

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Yes you admire his courage to speak out,BUT
WHY is he silent on the facts of 9/11,and all our questions?
Someone send him 9/11 mysteries,and Dr Griffens video's One last thing ....nice video

this is really great what

this is really great what youre doing----

to sabotage doubles of all big news clips on youtube with 911truth info-----could really help the world