Gag Rule

I would like to give everyone a heads up on a wonderful book I found at my local Chapters. Suprisingly it was
in the clearance section for $2. Writen by Lewis H. Lapham, editor of Harper's Magazine, He lays to bare the
American media and politcal climate. Reaching as far back as the beginings of America in 1776.

This is from the inside cover of his book. I believe that fair use covers me on copying it here.

Never before, Lewis Lapham argues, have voices of protest been so locked out of the mainstream conversation,
so marginalized and muted be a government that recklessly disregardes civil liberties, and by an ever more
concentrated and profit-diven media in which the safe and the salable sweep all uncomfortable truths from view.

In the midst of the "war on terror" which makes the hunt for Communists in the 1950's look, in it's clarity of aim
and purpose, like the Normandy landings on D-Day - we face a crisis of democracy as serious as any in our
history. The Bush administration makes no sercret of its contempt for a cowed and largely silenced electorate,
and without bothering to conceal its purpose the government coordinates 'not the defense of the American
citizenry against a foreign enemy but the protection of the American plutocracy from the American democracy"

Gagy Rule is a rousing and necessary call to action in defense of one of our most important liberties, the right
to raise our voicesin dissent and have those voice heard.

Interesting... where can I

Interesting... where can I read this book?

When a man you like switches from what he said a year ago, or four years ago, he is a broad-minded person who has courage enough to change his mind with changing conditions. When a man you don't like does it, he is a liar who has broken his promise. FRANKLIN P. ADAMS (1861-1960).

Images are not arguments, they rarely even lead to proof, but the mind craves them. HENRY BROOKS ADAMS (1838-1918), The Education of Henry Adams, 1907.

The whispering campaign, disgusting as it is, would appear to be a permanent campaign method with us. So long, at least, as our politics are primarily concerned with men rather than with measures, it will be the men who will be attacked; characters, not ideas. JAMES TRUSLOW ADAMS (1878-1949), "Our Whispering Campaigns," Harper’s, September 1932.


roddguy I would suggest

I would suggest checking out your local book store to see if the have or could order it for you.

how very ironic!

On the Suppression of Dissent and the Stifling of Democracy

brought to you by an alleged "truth movement" that even in the very middle of the night manages to vote down comments that make them and their gatekeeper selves uncomfortable - almost the ultimate in irony.

keep at it "truth movement"!