Index Updates for 9/11 Action Net, 1/15/07

Index Updates for 9/11 Action Net, 1/15/07
Activist Directory and Campaign Index Updates
for 9/11 Action Net, January 15, 2007

Below are recent additions to the 9/11 Action Net Activist Directory ( and Campaign Index (

All listings are entered by the activists themselves, so if you have an idea for activism relating to "9/11 Truth", or simply want to put your contact information in the directory, visit to make an entry.

If you wish to contribute but the browser you are using does not support e-mail forms, please type up your responses and send them to 911action (@) 911action (.) net. If you wish to use PGP encryption, please use 911action (@) hushmail (.) com (PGP public key at

Activist Directory Recent Entries:
Directory of Individuals
Name: Dennis Morrisseau
Location: West Pawlet, Vermont, U. S. A.
Contact:, (802) 645-9727, PO Box 177, W. Pawlet, VT 05775

Campaign Index Recent Entries:
Name: Whistleblower Leafletting
Description: ( and ( Seek federal civil servants to risk their lives by releasing documents which can expose the evil being perpetrated by the cabal. Stand at selected sidewalk exits of federal buildings distributing flyers and or DVDs by hand. There is a downloadable flyer at One side is entitled "Call for Federal Civil Servants to Save the Constitution." It uses 9/11 discussion and website links to convince civil servants the drastic level of constitutional crisis we face. The other side lists the 12 documents that Ellsberg/Edmonds/McGovern called for the release of on 9/9/04. We at have leafleted DOJ, State, and the FBI. Other federal buildings need this done on a regular basis. The goal is to find 2, 3 many whistleblowers to release sensitive documents which stall or collapse the onset outright fascism. The whistleblowers are called upon to release documents more in the tradition of Deep Throat than Dan Ellsberg. Considering how upset the cabal will be, it may be wise for them to even tell their family. We suggest for whistleblowers who want credit to leave sealed posthumous proof with their respective lawyers. While the FBI was very resistant to our efforts, the DOJ and State did not seem threatened at all. No one leaflets people more powerful than they are. The federal masters find it hard to accept that their sensitively situated employees would pay any attention to some fool on the street. (Dress up!) In other words, we CAN get away with calling for activity that could seriously threaten the cabal. It's a numbers game. How many leaflets need to be distributed before some patriot releases a document which turns the regime on its head? We suggest 100 people handing out 1000 fliers (not all in one day) should do it. What are the dangers? If the cabal sets off another false flag operation, blames it on foreign terrorists, it will round up anyone it fears. Are you among those so active on the 911 issue that they would grab you already? If you are, you've got nothing to lose.
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date/Time: 3-5PM on Friday, January 26, 2007. This is the day before the big rally against the Iraq war. If, you cant get to DC this is also a bold but legal action that can be done on a public sidewalk by anyone who can get off one afternoon. You can do it every day, once a week, once a month, or only once.
Contact/Links: David Slesinger,, 240-221-3293

Internet, Phone, and Mail Campaigns
Name: Operation Vid2Congress, Round 1
Description: A mass mailing of two informative 911 videos to Congressional representatives. The two recommended videos are: 1) 9/11 Mysteries Part I: Demolitions (3 parts) 2) 9/11 Press for the Truth. Where to Download the Videos, if you want to burn them to a DVD (right click SAVE AS):;; Where to Purchase the Videos, if you don't know how to burn a DVD: (911 Mysteries);;;; Ebay: 911truthmovement (LC2 is $2.30 including shipping). How to Find your Congressional representative: Go to: On this website you can search by Zip Code and find your respective two Senators and the House Representative for your district. Due to Congressional courtesy, contact only one House Representative, that being the representative for your respective voting district. Mailing Instructions: Call the local office of each Senator and Representative, and ask if they will forward a DVD to Washington. Then ask for their local address. It might be best to send it via Fed Ex so that the package can be tracked. I would follow up to make sure they received it. Sample Letter to Congressional representatives (Senators and Representatives): Dear Senator/Representative: There are many Americans who feel there are too many unanswered questions regarding the events of 911. We request that the investigation be reopened. Enclosed are two videos entitled "9/11 Mysteries Part I: Demolitions" and "9/11 Press for the Truth" that have caused many to seek answers to the many outstanding questions about that fateful day. We would respectfully request that every Congressional representative take an hour out of their time, and view each of these videos. We believe that one can only reopen the 911 investigation after seeing them. There are many videos in the public arena presently, but we feel these are fair, informative and reveal many unanswered questions about 911. We feel that the 911 Commission did not go far enough, nor ask the tough questions necessary to get to the truth. We are requesting the investigation be reopened and that the mission this time be to find the truth, the whole truth, with no stone left unturned. Sincerely, (your name)
Location: Areas with representation in the U. S. Congress and Senate
Date/Time: Target date is February 15, 2007

Other Campaigns
Name: Free "Loose Change"
Description: We have distributed about 5000 DVDs via 70 locations in Berlin Germany since the beginning of December - started out with 3 shops all the shops, galleries and some small movie theaters agreed to support the US Filmmakers in their demand to investigate 9/11 further we let them know that we advertise - posters - small ads - public access TV ( one ad ran already - very small viewership) with the list of the places that participate. Since Loose Change got a lot of media attention here we decided to use its name as an advertising tool - when one points out that Loose Change was featured in several newspapers and on TV that it is basically a legal quite well known product it seems to be much more easy for some places to join in. for the same reason we keep the tone of the website and DVD cover softspoken. The DVD contains Terrorstorm as well and a trailer about the initiative. Some shops also already agreed to carry other 9/11 + documentaries. Some just distribute but do not want their names on the website. Some start to get feedback from people who come to pick up the DVDs and gradually get more interested. A few neighbors of participating shops joined too. The website also carries the demand for Bush/Cheney impeachment and immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq. A left German daily "Junge Welt" did an interview about the initiative a week ago and as a result the annual Rosa Luxemburg conference here in Berlin this coming Saturday will hand out the DVDs together with the tickets to more than 1000 visitors. Small donations are starting to come in through the shops. Think this might be worthwhile for 9/11 groups to try in other cities as well in similar or different ways - that way one could build an completely independent support network that is on street level with some more time and manpower it would be possible to pull in many more shops at least over here. In cities like London, Amsterdam, Paris, NYC, SF, LA, there must be shops, bars etc who would be willing to participate in a local network. I believe it weakens fear and skepticism to see normal businesses support that kind of information.
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date/Time: Ongoing

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