Trying to Push Six 9/11 Truther Movies Up Today!

Okay Heres the Deal, I swear DIGG is rigged, Somebody submitted this

It has 42 Diggs in less then 20 Hours, It was an Site
and I was waiting for it to go on the homepage, But then I came back an
hour later, The article was removed from the upcoming stories on digg
I doupt it was buried, Usually b4 Its buried, Digg users Say They are buring
it in the comments section, All i saw was positive Comments.

Anyways That pissed me off. I dont know whats going on with them.

Okay Heres the Deal I just submitted six 9/11 Truth Videos on Digg. I think
the best one, Is the one with Bush stealing $5 Trillion Dallors.

Please Vote on the top 5 Stories on my profile:

And also this one which isnt registering:

This is the last Im dealig with digg, If these get 40+ Diggs and disappear, Im not
going to bother submitting stories there anymore.

Also I will be putting these 4 of the 6 videos on auto-play and putting them
on my website, I will be showing off this website all over the front page
stories of digg in there comments section.

Sorry for all the typing, Kinda complicated, But Im doing this spamming, Becauyse
Digg censored every freaking story. Were try again.


of course DIGG is rigged

You can bet they're not the only "web-rating" service (including Google) that is.

Lesson #1 - The reality you think you inhabit is mostly fake. Peel away a fake layer and there is more BS--to make you think that because you "uncovered it" it must be true. The truth is hidden--not out sight for the most part, but amid a sea of disinformation--that is the best way to hide something. You may have heard of the best kind of encryption being that which sends the message scattered into a huge stream of data, the key of which being knowing what is junk and what is "secret message". The time required to analyze and decrypt the ton of data transmitted is too much to bother with.