We recently had the opportunity to take a short trip up north to debut a few new pieces.



Just want to remind everyone that we update the site every day with new 911 and political art from not only ourselves but different works from around the world.


Excellent work

my friend says you used photoshop b/c there's no shadow

on your sign. that's lame not excellent.

Katy, they aren't YT's signs.

You want to "add new comment" rather than reply to the last post.

I don't know this guy, but I do clearly see a shadow cast on the sign in the top photo, and faintly cast (on the right side) of the lower one.

i can assure you...

this banner was not "photoshopped", and i have the video footage to prove it. more bridges, rooftops, and billboards on the way :)

Until people like Katy have done it themselves

it's less scary to think it's photoshopped.

Give it a whirl, Katy. People really do it.

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The railing shadow is faintly visible

on the right end of the sign.

you're killing me...

some stills from the video footage to put this nonsense to rest. if you're going to pick these apart too you're just going to have to wait for the film later.

but bottom line, i really think you should be spending more time analyzing 9/11 footage than whether or not we're faking our work. take care and never surrender.

Fucking A

Great work - if you can, please put up some action clips on youtube - this is very inspiring!

edit: I just saw what you said about "wait for the film" so I guess you're already working on that. :)

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Are you blind or what ?

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