Austin Truth Protest - Saturdays @ 1PM - Texas State Capitol

Austin Truth Protest

We will be holding a peaceful yet meaningful protest on:

Saturday, January 20th @ The State Capitol in Austin

We will be there starting at 1PM (come freezing hell or high water) and we will stay until everyone gets tired and goes home - you may come and go as you choose.

We will be located at the front gates. We will be wearing black Investigate 9/11 T-shirts - if you do not have a black shirt it's not a big deal - come as you are regardless - for it is your voice and your knowledge, not your clothing, that is more important.

We will have flyers and DVDs to pass out. We will have signs also, but they are limited. After the turnout last week we encourage you to get creative and make your own - no profanity please, children attend our protests.

We will not be bullhorning on Saturday. We will be speaking to people on the street. We ask that you be calm, friendly and compliant with the APD Protest rules.

We have made a commitment to YOU and to out country. We WILL be there EVERY Saturday @ 1PM. We want to stand up for our disappearing rights. We want to let others here in Austin know that we are unafraid to speak out and spread the Truth. We shall stand together, as patriots, as brothers and sisters, fighting for fairness, justice and freedom...fighting for our lives, until we have amassed a crowd that cannot be silenced by this fear any longer. We had a great turnout last week and we hope that you will stand with us this weekend.

Thank you for your time,
Michelle, Joseph and DeLynn

you might want to be extra

you might want to be extra gentle---cause it'll probably scare the crap out of 'em,

building 7 proves 911was an inside job


I'm with Students for 911 Truth here at UTSA, and I'll try to get some members up there. I'll be there none the less.

You guys rock

Saw some pics from last weekend - great work, in the rain no less -

I think there are probably a lot of people around Austin who will want to join you once they know this is happening.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

This can only build....

....upon itself....

I stopped by to offer support and was very impressed by both the commitment of the activists participating and the encouragement of drivers-by (as witnessed by the near-constant honking of approval).

The word is getting out here in A-town that this will be happening every Saturday.

No reason this can't be replicated in every city in America. Local Truth groups...get busy...

Please document this

as completely as possible. Take photos -and if possible video.

Understand that the dissemination of photos and video demonstrating the widespread impact of this movement can inspire others worldwide to join us. You are not just speaking to the people of Austin. You are speaking to the world.

I hope that someone from the Austin group will

be going to Chandler, AZ for the conference.

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Why aren't we all seeing weekly updates on how....

...the last Sign-Displaying Protest/DVD or Flyer distribution/911 Fact Exchange went on this last weekend, from a dozen cities around the country...?

Maybe we'd all rather just post our 9/11 Truth expertise from the comfort of our own isolated homes.

Every Saturday, at the same time...all of us can do this.....

Protest Pictures

Thank you ALL for your encouraging comments. YOU are the reason we are willing to stand in the rain and fight for the truth. We believe that people should feel responsible for one another. We believe that communication and understanding can turn this country, and this world around. We are headed down an unknown path, yet we know where we are going.

We dream of a world where children are not afraid of terrorists or airplanes demolishing buildings. Where surveillance cameras do not control our every move and where we can look one another in the eyes without fear. A world where love of self and love of thy neighbor is one in the same. I cannot tell you how touching it was to see so many of you, waiting out in that cold rain, willing to stand up for those same beliefs and dreams.

This is not me spouting off some sort of new age hippie christian jargon either. I'm being real. I'm interested in truths and discussing those truths and knowing when to rethink those 'professed' truths. I learn something from everyone I meet. I'm interested in people taking responsibility for their lack of activism and really putting their feet where their mouths are - that means hit the streets. Spread the news they loose. Do it before it's too late. We have waited long enough. We are ready.

I truly believe that ONE person can make a difference. I am influenced by a quote from Gandi "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Thank you for recognizing that need for change. }j{

sorry to be a stick in the

sorry to be a stick in the mud----but the legislature is not in session on saturdays

if yall got in a tuesday or a monday you could hit all the state legislators---

just sayin...
if yall are wanting to gradually let everyone know....
you know...

every apr 20 here in okc (4:20) tons of people go to the state capitol to try to get marijuana legalized---this has happened every 4/20 as long as i can remember

sometimes it's a weekend and sometimes it;'s a weekday---i;ve been to a couple and the one on the weekday was alot different than the one on sunday

the legislators are all leaving work at 5:00 pm---and they walk up to all the people hanging out and they talk

it was pretty nice

So, who else.....

.....will be out there, in their home-town, in front of their City Hall or State Capitol, holding up signs, distributing DVDs/Flyers and other information?

Don't tell me Austin will be alone in doing this every Saturday...

NYC every Saturday