David Cameron Answers Questions on 9/11 - Doesn't Think New Investigation is Needed

Ask David: 9/11, Smoking Ban, Cannabis, PR - webcameron.org.uk

Looks like Cameron totally skirted the subject, and most likely didn't even read the trailer notes for 9/11:Press for Truth. Go check it out, post some comments here and there.

Thanks 911veritas for the heads up!

Thanks man, it's not too

Thanks man, it's not too terrible considering, he seemed to prefer the argument for a new inquiry then those "wild theories". But he still endorsed the Omission Report, which makes me think he hasn’t even watched the 911: Press for Truth yet. Anyway everyone write an argument as credible as you can make it about the need for a new inquiry in the comments;


(PS try to leave out the demolitions etc and focus on why the Commission Report and the Official Story is fraud!)

If you already have a login for WebCameron...

Then voting for...

Your Involvement With The Secretive Bilderberg Group

Currently 2nd with 47 votes...Will probably irritate him (especially if he has something to hide).... heeeheeeheee     -     Teach him to dismiss us without even reading the actual question !!!!

Good luck all


“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

I pushed that Bilderberg vote

It was 50 when I left. But I also pushed 9/11:Press For Truth.

My Post

Posted by FunkyBlues on Wednesday, 17 January 2007 20:57:51
Well Shit, I thought this asshole might have some sense. Another controlled asset for the New World Order!

Funky Blues is our bands name.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

we should swamp him with

we should swamp him with responses, i wonder if he has actually read the 9/11 comission report ? very doubtful, yet he puts his stamp of approval on it, such a twat, i hate him even more now.

Edit that post you moron,

Edit that post you moron, are you trying to make us all look like "assholes"? Christ.

The Moron with NO DEGREE!!!

From the Moron with No Degree!
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

That comment got moderated

That comment got moderated anyway, and seriously all this bullshit about being overly cynical and smearing people like Cameron as NWO shills doesn’t help even if it's true. It makes us look paranoid, and maybe Cameron does think there's merit in calling for a real investigation but this is probably a new prospect for him and he knows he'd probably get smeared as a "conspiracy theorist". So we have got to make sure 9/11 Truth is an issue that breaks away from the "Conspiracy Theory" stereotype and is something that can actually be embraced. By claiming everyone's a NWO shill it just reinforces that stereotype and so is part of the problem. Why people vote comments down that point out things like this shows just how big a problem this is frankly. Please people get over this crap of making ourselves look paranoid all the time, please!

I don't agree with you

You said: "... all this bullshit about being overly cynical and smearing people like Cameron as NWO shills doesn’t help even if it's true."

Mr. David Cameron is a high-level politician, and he has visited the secretive Bilderberg meeting. That fact alone should make anyone suspicious of his true agenda and his democratic values. Pointing this out may sound cynical to you, but I say the world really needs more question asking / researching / constructively criticizing people. This the basis of any democratic governance. Smearing it is not, especially when someone in his position avoids answering the real questions, even when they are delivered to his doorstep (or blog). That is not an honest discussion, that is a proponent of a make belief democracy. We have seen his kind too much before, and we are tired of it.

Diogenes was one of the great cynics of his time and he still has valuable lessons for most of us. Cynicism does not equal foolishness, recklessness or laziness.

"and he has visited the

"and he has visited the secretive Bilderberg meeting." I know all about Bilderberg and it wouldn’t surprise me if Cameron has been invited considering Ken Clarke is a big member, but where's your proof of that? To my knowledge he hasn’t been yet, you just stated something as fact. I don't regard Cameron as an NWO shill, I regard him as someone who is probably being groomed as we speak but he seems to still have some realness left. I'm not naive in the slightest about this shit, I know what's up but I also know that people are too quick to judge. You have to give people a chance, being overly cynical blinds you even if that cynicism seems justified. I can be incredibly cynical about Blair because he is running with this agenda, but even though he's going along with it he seems to suffer with some kind of guilt, the guy looks like a broken man all the time practically.

Calling Blair and Brown Bilderberg groomed stooges is fair enough because that's a fact with a ton of supporting evidence. Blair's mentioned a “New World Order” a number of times, so he is a shill for it. But calling Carmon an NWO shill for not calling for an investigation instantly is stupidity. I’m not cheerleading for him but he’s anti-ID cards, he’s pro small government etc. You have to assume that there is a grain of honesty and reason in people that you can encourage. If proposing something like a real investigation into 9/11 didn’t carry all the baggage of the "Conspiracy Theory" label which includes "paranoia" "outlandish claims" "uncredible" etc then people in positions of influence wouldn’t feel so inclined to shy away from it.

Instead someone like Cameron doesn’t come out all guns blazing for 9/11 Truth and some people go and call him an "asshole" and a "New World Order shill". Which again reinforces people like Cameron's reluctance to touch the subject again. This is about building credibility, that's the single most important aspect that we all need to collectively work on. At the minuet a lot of people, including guys like Alex Jones who I think are otherwise brilliant, are too entrenched into this narrow cynicism of condemning people in a way that seems paranoid to most. It's much better to not play to these stereotypes and place guilt on people for not doing the right thing. That's something entirely valid and gets you much further then calling them "an NWO shill". If people can't understand that then fine keep being part of the problem, but I think this is an issue that needs addressing.

If someone comes on here and starting talking about “Space Beams” and that person gets called a disinfo shill that’s something entirely valid, because that person is doing damage to everyone’s credibility including their own. You can argue therefore that there might be an intent by that individual to deliberately do damage, or perhaps they’re just honestly being stupid. But if someone calls someone in public life an “NWO shill”, that person making the accusation actually does more damage to his/her side of the augment, by presenting themselves as paranoid. These are pretty simple commonsense social facts that even people like Alex Jones don't seem to grasp, why? It's so stupid.

DBLS take a break!

Obviously you are passionate over this. However, your comments are out of line. No where in my post do I mention anything related to the 911truth movement. If you going to worry about every comment someone makes related to shills. You will never rest.

Personally, at this point, anyone standing up for the official story who is in a position of authority is a shill or being willfully ignorant, or just plain stupid. My bet Cameron is a shill.

Get off you high horse. Rock your horsey where you can do some good. Look at how much energy you invested on an erroneous comment! Which has no reflection on anyone except someone logged in as Funky Blues.

The movement can use your good will energy better placed. IMO.

Personally, I think you need a date!!

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"


Your state,

"I know what's up but I also know that people are too quick to judge. You have to give people a chance, being overly cynical blinds you even if that cynicism seems justified."

which is contradicted a tad by


Its for no one to decide whose an "asshole" or whose a "moron" if based on political preference outwith the common goal.


It's obvious he neither watched 9/11: Press For Truth, or took it upon himself to look into it.

Granted, this was a good effort.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Hot air as expected

Kinda relieved as I could not stomach voting Tory. Off to skin up to spite the tw*t.


No matter what side you vote, no politician sycophant will touch 9/11 Truth. They know the controlled MSM will have their head on a pike by the end of the day.

We need to be able to vote on issues, not for parties or candidates. As Alex Jones puts it: It's not about left and right, it's about right and wrong.

"We need to be able to vote

"We need to be able to vote on issues, not for parties or candidates."

Absolutely. And there is only one issue.

I mean, Press for truth was

I mean, Press for truth was designed to shift the focus from "inside job" to "Pakistan did it ", no?

How about 911 mysteries? Have you noticed how the professional debunkers remain silent on that one?

No, it's well known the ISI

No, it's well known the ISI are always carrying out covert ops on behalf of the CIA, the guy who wired the 100 k to atta was the chief of the ISI, he was a good buddy of George Tenant, he was IN washington and IN the whitehouse ON 9/11 having breakfast whilst the attacks he funded unfolded, it's inconcievable that the CIA would'nt have known about the wire transfer, it's also inconceivable he'd risk wiring the money if he didn't have the blessing of the CIA, the repercussions would be huge.

ISI has long been a CIA front in the middle east, participating in all manner of covert ops on behalf of the CIA, such as funneling arms and adi to the Mujahdeen during the soviet invasion of Afagahnistan.

Its good that you know that, but

Its good that you know that and I know that and many other people know that, but after watching PFT you will leaving thinking Pakistan did it (and NOT elements of US Gov't) if you are not already well informed about these issues, such as CIA running ISI. PFT should have made this connection, but I don't think they did.

Myth of Islamofascism

By now it's almost as if this myth has a life of its own. You see so-called progressives dance all around the "curiosities" of 911, all the "warnings," defense "lapse" etc. but rarely do they take the leap: CIA / MI-6 have been running "terrorists" for decades, doing black-ops, psy-ops, death squads, assasinations...whatever to sew instability wherever they think they need it. The middle-left simply can't let go of "blow back." We've got to work their blogs hard to convince them that "blow back" reinforces the NWO position: "they hate us" for our "freedom," our cars, cable TV, whatever. Show them how lame this is.

David Cameron is a liar

Absolutely fascinating. Good work.

Well I'm sorry to say, I'm not that surprised by Cameron's view on 9/11. It's interesting though that there was this tiny tiny tiny little story in the Evening Standard sometime back. The Evening Standard is of course a London newspaper and owned by the same people as the Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers.

This tiny tiny little story, which you could have missed as it was so tiny said something very interesting about David Cameron and the New World Order. It was critical of a meeting with David Cameron and Condoleeza Rice, where Cameron just wasn't properly enthusiastic enough about the Iraq war and was being chastised for it. Well well.

My guess is David Cameron is lying about 9/11 here, he knows full well and doesn't want to get into a fight with the New World Order (however you define the leaders of that) and he's saying I'm not going to go there.

Why Waste Your Time?

Its obvious with all the information out there that these people already know the truth. They know and they are telling lies to protect themselves or they are part of the system. There is absolutely no way anyone can look at the evidence of 911 and not come to the conclusion it was an INSIDE JOB! The evidence is absolutely OVERWHELMING !!!

Why waste our time with this Cameron idiot? Hes a HO for the elite corporate main stream media much like Bill Orielly. THEY KNOW they ALL KNOW and they LIE.

Why waste our time with LIARS unless we are getting public attention. I wouldn't waste my time on these souless scum bags.

I Told You So!

When I saw this David Cameron piece on 911 blogger, I wondered why everybody was so excited about it - maybe I had missed something he said in support of 911 truth.

But I also said: Cameron is a high-level politician. It is naive to think (1) that he doesn't know the truth of 911 and (2) that he would do or say anything to challenge the official fairy tale.

So there you have it - a politician skirting the question and supporting the sacred myth. Business as usual.

I don't think we need waste our time and energy on people like this unless they've given some specific signs of being "on board" - and none of the big names are going to do that. I don't even expect a relative renegade like Ron Paul to directly state the possibility of 911 being an "inside job" when he's in a high-profile situation. I certainly appreciated what he said the other day on the House floor about anticipating a "Gulf of Tonkin type event" to spark the attack on Iran, but even in that context he didn't bring up 911.

All people like this assume that their credibility will be shot if they tell the truth directly.


Ok well i agree with you two. Except I would say at least people have prompted him to talk about 9/11. Ok all he's going to do is trot out the worthless party line, but he has now had to acknowledge it is an issue. And that is a small something in itself.

Ron Paul

Was asked a pretty direct question about the need for a new investigation by a caller to the Alex Jones show yesterday..... Dr. Paul agreed that there is a definite need for a honest look at the events of 9/11

It's as far as I have ever heard him go on the subject..... but we all know he knows

but running for President has put him in a position where he must be careful about what he says..... we must try harder to spread this knowledge.... in two years with more people in the know.... he'll be able to speak more freely about this and know that he will still have the vote.

Ron Paul

In general I agree - it was very gratifying to see Bob Bowman take 44% of a Republican district when everybody knew he was a "conspiracy theorist" re: 9/11.

Speaking of "being careful what he says", we're not just talking about credibility here - these people are not fooling around and are quite capable of "permanently silencing" people that they consider threats.

This guy can't think outside the box

Interestingly, before I became a 9/11 truth activist, I was spreading the word about the stolen 2004 election. Before that, I was a run-of-the-mill antiwar activist.

My first subject of political passion was the legalization of marijuana, the other hot item on WebCameron this week. Cameron is 0 for 2 in my book. For both 9/11 and the War on Drugs (the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, are, of course, interconnected), he can't think outside the box. Marijuana: He gives the stock answer of "if we legalized it, it would be even more available, more addiction," and the sky would basically fall, society would crumble, yada yada ya.

He stated he belives in personal freedom but then goes on to support legislation which erodes that very freedom.

Combine that with his acceptance of the Omission Report, and it's clear to see that we have one of the New World Order's SHEEPLE!  [EDIT:  Then again, you're only a sheep if you're truly blinded.  If he truly ISN'T blind, then he's a deliberate gatekeeper.]

By the way Cameron, let me show you an "outside the box" way of looking at the cannabis issue: Anyone who supports prohibition supports crime and drug dealers and wants to keep them in business.

Show "David Cameron" by Anonymous (not verified)

Not Labour, not the Conservatives,

not even even the UK Independents party (http://ukip.org). They all serve themselves, and their paymasters first, and care little to nothing for issues which span across society.

The 'Independents' party seems to not even be able to think for themselves. They are controlled opposition towards the expanding EU super state, they ignore 9/11 (and its broader implications) and like riding the false emotions of UK nationalism.

They seem to all be fools who have sold their souls for some pounds, or are simply ignorant of the paymasters' agenda at the top.

Labour, yes...probably;

Labour, yes...probably; Blair--FUCK NO!

Meacher--now we're talking...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Is Obama on record anywhere

Is Obama on record anywhere regarding 9/11 or a new investigation?

I'd like to see how he answers that question. You can imagine how potentially detrimental it would be for a new candidate to get smeared as a conspiracy theorist/America hating/blah/blah/blah.

looking for Obama comments

I ran across this article from 2003 where there was a conflict about Bush witholding evidence from the 9/11 commission.



Kean suggested to the Times that he understood the concerns of the White House about the sensitivity of the documents at issue, saying that they were the sort of Oval Office intelligence reports that were so sensitive and highly classified that they had never been provided to Congress or to other outside investigators.

But he added, "Anything that has to do with 9/11, we have to see it — anything. There are a lot of theories about 9/11, and as long as there is any document out there that bears on any of those theories, we're going to leave questions unanswered. And we cannot leave questions unanswered."

While Kean said he was barred by an agreement with the White House from describing the Oval Office documents at issue in any detail — he said the White House was "quite nervous" about any public hint at their contents — other commission officials said they included the detailed daily intelligence reports that were provided to Mr. Bush in the weeks leading up to Sept. 11. The reports are known within the White House as the Presidential Daily Briefing.

Despite the threat of a subpoena and his warning of the possibility of a court battle over the documents, Kean said he maintained a good relationship with Gonzales and others at the White House, and that he was still hopeful the White House would produce all of the classified material demanded by the panel without a subpoena.

"Within the legal constraints that they seem to have, they've been fully cooperative," he said. "But we're not going to be satisfied until we get every document that we need."

/////They really did a good job of handling all those theories

Cameron is a typical, self-serving liar



We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

OT - Steven Jones on Fetzer's GCN show today

Steven Jones has been interviewed by Jim Fetzer on GCN live today at 4pm eastern.

I can upload the mp3 if anyone is interested.
(I have not listened to it yet...)


All aspects of the truth are consistent

Please do...

I'd be interested to hear what was said.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002


If you have the Barrett/Donna Marsh O'Connor show, that would be greatly appreciated.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Show "Steven Jones, Directed Energy Weapons, and Tension" by CB_Brooklyn

mp3s of Fetzer/Barrett


I'll get them uploaded later tonight or early tomorrow.
What date was the Marsh O'Connor show?


Please. I'm bored.

Donna was on December 20.

Thanks. :)

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Yes please

would love to hear these!

mp3 of Jones interviewed by Fetzer

Here's Fetzer's interview of Steven Jones on GCN on Jan 17 06.

Click here to download 'Jones-interviewed-by-Fetzer-1-17-06'

Fetzer has a hard time letting Jones get a word in edgewise at times, and Fetzer tries to control the discussion.
Jones, on the other hand, doesn't really answer Fetzer's questions.

Not very satisfying, then tend to talk past each other, at least for the first half that I've listened to so far.

Worth a listen - at least to begin to understand their differences.

You can skip the first 8 minutes or so. Much of the first part is about defining scientific theory. They really get into it about 1/3 the way through the two hours - which includes commercials.

If requested, I'll get a non-commercial version uploaded...


All aspects of the truth are consistent

Thank you...

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002



has anyone listened to this yet?

I can't stand Fetzer anymore!!


Fetzer is a real prick, I

Fetzer is a real prick, I can't believe how much pure shit he said to Steven Jones here, Dr Jones actually gets angry and shouts at him.

This is a new low for Fetzer, if that's even possible, unbelievable.

Yep... and a SLY one at that...

Notice how he is now insinuating that the molten metal videos pouring out of the south tower are faked...

A bit like his JFK Zapruder claims...

Hopefully some good will come from all this... I think it already has

Best wishes DBLS

Thanks SR


Fezter the Hutt

Yes, please do upload it. I

Yes, please do upload it. I listened to it, and it was an absolute disgrace. You've all got to hear it for yourself. Unbelievable that Fetzer, what's become of him..


What??!! Keep cannibis illegal?? No wonder why he hasn't accepted the true narritive of 9/11. I was high when I first saw Eric Hufschmid's "Painful Deceptions"... The combination of the two inputs opened up my mind :)

This guy's definitely a politician in the worst sense of the word (is there a good sense?)

My earlier comment anticipating his response

"I don't expect anything from him either, but it will once again expose his pro-elite-class party position to the public. UK citizens should IMO not vote for any of the two main UK parties (one for the rich, and one for the rest), they are arms of the same body, and that body is aligned with the elite mafia network.

I don't expect he will flat out deny the disturbing 9/11 facts and serious allegations, but he will try to steer the response into a plausible denial space, eg. with only mild mentioning of potentials and omitting important, explosive (figuratively speaking :-) facts, hoping this dirty topic blows past him and his golf party rather quickly.

He will make no acknowledgment of the long-standing UK imperial actions in the Iraq (and surrounding) region, since the fall of the Ottoman empire. Its not an easy task to do with some believability, but he has people who can try and weasel word that for him.

When all is said and done, he is just another exposable Bilderberg/NWO controlled governmental puppet, just like Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) who is pushing hard to revert the rejected European Constitution status. She participated in the Bilderberg meeting from 5th to 8th of May 2005. There are some other suspicious aspects to her persona, but that would be a bit off topic here."


His response was IMO a flat out denial, with a very unsubstantiated counter-argument. He quickly and conveniently side-tracked himself onto other topics. An easy, but unconvincing move, considering the mountain of evidence that the commission was compromised from the very beginning to the end, and so was the media reporting on that whole process.

In short: he's just another slimy, electable rat, which secretly 'works' for the elite mob.

no surprise., but lets not leave it at that...

please vote for this it is in 5th currently...

if each week there is something which he really doesn't want to talk about, then he will know he has opened a can of worms..

Fetzer and Jones,

I went to a meetup group Monday, 10 people there, some young people. I was very pleased to see the scholars website choices up, one and/or the other. That was a good compromise! Well I listened to fetzer and Jones on GCN today. I have a lot more admiration for Jones now and my regard for Fetzer has gone WAY DOWN. You heard it, Fetzer was way out of control!, engaging in behavior that he has criticized so many for. I am very disappointed. The good news is the website had a choice, and that these men actually engaged each other. Now I think SFTJ is on the right track and I want to support them. Not sure how, …

Show "Jones is a government plant put in place to distract people" by CB_Brooklyn

Direct energy beams cut WTC steel into neat thirty foot lengths?

So, how did these directed energy weapons cut all of the WTC steel into neat thirty foot lengths? Please explian, CB_Brooklyn.

Show "Directed Energy ***AND*** Thermite is a Possibility" by CB_Brooklyn

There were not alot of steel beams

at Ground Zero because the explosives in the building hurled them 400-500 feet away. Judy Wood is a disinformation agent.

Show "no, you are. Show pictures" by CB_Brooklyn

The Cult of Judy

CB_Brooklyn, thank you for waking me up to the truth. I now want to join the Cult of Judy. I don't know what i have been thinking all of this time! Lord Judy's research is the one and only hope for the 9/11 truth movement. She is the key to breaking this thing wide open! Space beams and mini nukes will help bring the masses to see the truth.

Again, thank you for helping me see the light.

The Sacred Order:

Judy Wood
Morgan Reynolds
James F. Fetzer
Nico Haupt
James Ha (what ever happened to him?)

Show "It is not a cult." by CB_Brooklyn

The Truth Behind 9/11

9/11 was orchestrated by Zionists (Eric Hufschmidt) the buidings were not hit by planes, but in reality CGI / holographic ones (Nico Haupt) and the buildings were brought down by Direct Energy Beams (Judy Wood).

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, the truth behind 9/11!

you just said yourself that

you just said yourself that demolition charges might of been used as well.
So...what's the problem? Just because we don't discuss your "theory" of space beams, we are disinfo?
We're all working for the same goal, why must you knock everyone who doesn't buy into your theory?
We're not going to know for sure what happened until we get an investigation. Talking about space beams OR controlled demolition isn't going to persuade people to demand an new investigation.
Stick to the facts...leave the theories out of it for now.

Fetzer was a blowhard who never shut up

I'm glad I heard the audiotape. Fetzer was a bully and blowhard who never stopped talking and never let Steve Jones get a word in edgewise. I also have a lot less respect for Fetzer after hearing this performance.
It's a shame.

who gives a fuck what this

who gives a fuck what this dumbass says

Anyway, great job to

Anyway, great job to everyone who voted, this was a big achievement regardless! And you never know it might even start a debate about a real investigation, because a lot of influential people like journalists and politicians will see that video and it might just spark their curiosity. This was a good thing whatever way you look at it so I think we scored hard here.

Of course Nico..a.k.a. Ewing has a 9/11 blog watch on his site

which includes this one. You can go to every node from there to here. So they are watching us. But his site is so bizarre, they really do believe in them thar space beams. Damn CB, Nico did such a good job about project Echelon and the NSA, that to think you guys would go for the space beams..sheesh.
You would do better to check out project Bojinka and how government eyes had seen the subsequent mirror image of 9/11 back in 1995.

Show "Mike Anti-Neo-Con, you have been brainwashed by Steven Jones." by CB_Brooklyn

CB, I believe what I find to be suspicious behavior

That is the base for My not believing the government report, especialy when the MSM is primarily the White House Dictation Office. Space Beams are one of the things I don't believe in, no matter who mentions it. No planes is another. To Me, these things are details that would reveal themselves later, whether they be true or false. I look more to which people would be involved, how they are involved as far as what they knew PRIOR to 9/11. The NSA knew everything that day, they knew what was going down in a play by play as events unfolded. But they are prone to a "No comment" as it's a matter of "National Security".
But they are not the only one, all intelligence agencies knew something was going down, all had taken measures to enhance themselves, beef up, do more security as this is standard protocol. But further up into the political arena was an attitude completely different.
Washington D.C. had the information on project Bojinka in 1995, which, through some torture application, revealed the plot to use airliners as missles to hit major structures in the U.S. Those Neocons such as John Negroponte, Chertoff, Richard Perle..had known about this and had told the person gathering this information that it was all a hoax.
This information ended up in the office of Dietrich Snell, who, by the way, ended up as Senior counsel on the 9/11 commission and one of the team leaders. But none of this was even mentioned in the final report. Why? There is something to hide here and it is being hidden. An investigation is needed to bring it out in the open.
I also see that My comments were removed completely from Camerons site.

Good effort, interesting approach

Did you expect David Cameron to just jump on board? Of course he wouldn't. Where are the American webcams?

Can we get a Ron Paul for President Banner on the Home Page?

Please guys. He's the ONLY honest man with an impeccable track record. We need to unite and support him. If you haven't heard of Ron Paul please go to google and research him. He's Liberty's best friend.

Be sure to look at all his actions.

He seems like a good guy, but I'm not sure how honest and committed he really is to serving the people. He sure seems better than many of the others.

Personally I have more confidence in Cynthia McKenny than him, especially since the infuriating racist treatment she has received from many media outlets. And of course the Democrats never really did stand up for her when the tough got going.

Who has defended her in congress? Who are her friends?

Does Ron Paul promise to put the central bank back in hands of the people? What questions has he asked about 9/11? And so on.

true. and Ron Paul was

true. and Ron Paul was actually asked about 9/11 on Alex Jones and gave tepid support for a new investigation, but refused to be specific and tried to stear the conversation away from the subject when a caller brought it up. McKinney is a true hero, not just because of her work on 9/11 but because she kept going despite the odds. she was up against our sophisticated, consolidated media machine and the entire establishment. but lets be honest, shes an easy target. Ron Paul is a republican and his words would carry much more weight with the media and congress and by extension the american people. McKinney was hated by the media because she basically did their jobs for them and asked questions they wouldnt ask, they wanted her to go almost as much as the republicrats did, hence the medias constant intense smears against her. it wouldnt be nearly as easy to do to Ron Paul what they did to Cynthia McKinney. and your right, McKinney had virtually no friends in congress because she was toxic. toxic because she had to be portrayed that way. she was just too honest for her own good. i sometimes wonder if it was naivete or bravery that made her do what she did in her time in congress,but after seeing a couple of her speeches i tend to think its the latter. either way, shes one of a kind and we need more like her. im just glad she didnt end up like Wellstone. had she been a Senator or had more power and sway in congress she just might have. Paul says a lot of the right things but he can and should do more. i understand hes running for president and McKinney wasnt, but that excuse only works for so long.

I agree completely.

I have such high regard for Ron Paul that if he does run I will campaign for him. He is the only honest man left in Washington. These past three years since I became a 9/11 truth activist I have been watching him. He was in Ruppert's "Truth and Lies" and in Russo's "America From Freedom to Fascism". He KNOWS 9/11 was an inside job and he KNOWS about the Federal Reserve. He also knows the Constitution better than anyone in Washington. He didn't get the name "Dr. No" for nothing. If any legislation goes before a vote and is against the Constitution he votes no every time. In case anyone is interested the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. Only the government can coin money, not a bunch of NWO bankers. Also income tax on your earnings is unconstitutional. Wouldn't it be nice to take home the money you earn. The only thing I worry about is that someone will whack him if he does run. He is the Globalist's worst nightmare.

Show "Wh0's damaging the movement ??" by davemann (not verified)

I agree. This hologram

I agree. This hologram stuff is irrelevent right now. Why can't we all just agree that the "official" story is false? When a real investigation takes place the details can be worked out then. Don't waste your time on such things and for God's sake, don't talk to people you're trying to spread the truth to about such things. You're only shooting yourselves in the foot.

The best thing you can do when someone post that stuff is to ignore them.

People are shouting that

People are shouting that they are disinfo agents because they (Woods, Fetzer, and Reynolds) focus massive amounts of energy trying to discredit others and promote their hyopothesis as the one and only way. They are the ones who created the division.

People are shouting that

People are shouting that they are disinfo agents because they (Woods, Fetzer, and Reynolds) focus massive amounts of energy trying to discredit others and promote their hyopothesis as the one and only way. They are the ones who created the division.

Fetzer -Jones

Haven't heard the Fetzer-Jones program yet - but, I'll bet anything they take the high road and discuss matters in a MATURE manner. I think they both understand what is at stake.

It was anything but MATURE.

It was anything but MATURE. Wait 'til you hear it. What an embarassment!

My take on Judy Wood's paper

Just read it, and I'm honestly unimpressed. It seems to spend alot of effort and language to support a paper-thin hypothesis. In other words, it feels contrived. There's alot of unneccessary language and... well pathological science.

That said, it is her right to say what she wants, and I'd rather the information be out there than not. And if she really believes what is in this paper, it is not only her right but her duty to say it. In the end, everyone must make a personal decision about what we believe in our hearts, but I am curious as to why people choose to support the theories in this paper by attacking others in the 9/11 truth movement? The ideas should defend themselves on their own merit, within academic and judicial systems. It is not up to Stephen Jones or Judy Wood, it is up to the people, and the governments who serve them.

And regarding David Cameron:

When I hear people say that there isn't enough evidence for a new investigation, they usually just don't know much on the issue. (Or, more specifically, have chosen not to know.)

I remember the first time I asked a politician about 9/11. I was told 1: I am aware of the information you are presenting. 2:: Dismissive silence.

It was absolutely bone chilling and creepy, I -despise- it because it reeks of political betrayal of the people.

So seeing this dolt actually SAY something in response to the question one way or another is a relief. We can take comfort in the fact that it will not be an acceptable answer in the eyes of the people for much longer.

New Investigation

If there is going to be a new investigation who should run it? Obviously not the Republicans, can't trust the Dems either. Hell, you can't trust the government at all. Might not want to go with relevant experts either, they will just disagree with you. So who should investigate? I really hope that you guys pick someone soon. The sooner the better. After all once the new investigation is done they will reach the same conclusion. Then the blame will be on you guys. Bout time to, seems like everyone is in on it, might as well include you.

Why hide and delete comment? I thought we were better than the big bad gubmint. Kinda Orwellian, this 9/11 "Truth" movement.




Cops are holding a fund-raiser in memory of a brave 9/11 responder whose wife is suing the city for denying the family a disability pension because he could not sign the paperwork on his deathbed.

Fetzers obssessed with being

Fetzers obssessed with being different, he's seen how popular the explosive demolitions theory is and just had to take it one step further and talk nonsense about space beams, he enjoys being controversial even if it's to the detriment of the truth movement, it's irrisponsable of him to be pushing these theories so vehmently, he's damaging our credability and will put of swaths of people from joining the truth movement if he is the first voice they hear talking about 9/11.

whats wrong with him ?.

He's certainly not obsessed about finding the truth...

In my opinion he wants nothing but distraction and to damage the credibility of the REAL scientists.

He's rude, obnoxious and clearly cannot face facts, call the men in the white coats, we have a nice comfy padded room for him.

Professor Jones should NEVER entertain him again, I certainly won't be.

I don't trust him and his "friends" one bit...

Debunking 9/11 Debunking

Debunking 9/11 Debunking


I finally got my hands on an MP3 of Monday\'s interview with David Ray Griffin on Kevin Barrett\'s GCN radio show. Sycophantic callers aside, the interview was mostly about his upcoming book, now titled \"Debunking 9/11 Debunkers\". Griffin explained that his editor hated the title, but that he thought it would get him on the same Amazon page as Popular Mechanics\' Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.

For purposes of this book Griffin views 9/11 debunking as limited to 4 sources, Michael Bronner\'s article in Vanity Fair on the NORAD Tapes, Kean and Hamilton\'s book Without Precedent, the NIST FAQ on the World Trade Center collapse, and the previously mention Popular Mechanics\' book. While those are all good sources of information, the PM book is the only one I would describe as a debunking, but I guess since the 9/11 conspiracy movement has not really been critically examined in the media or academics, those are what he is left with attacking.

He seemed to hold the most contempt for Popular Mechanics, arguing that they were not really scientists. This seemed especially ironic coming from someone who may hold a PhD, but is not really a scientist either. Yes, the editors of the magazine are not really scientists, but they talk to real ones. A quick check of the bibliography of their book will show several times more experts than the Scholars for 9/11 Truths, or their multiple offsprings. Not to mention all the Ivy League engineers involved with the NIST engineering reports.

Griffin then goes on to attack their journalistic standards. I also found this ironic coming from someone who just repeats unsourced urban legends in his books, and then after the fact justifies it with third party anonymous sources. But hey, finding the truth is hard work.

When addressing the Vanity Fair article, which is hardly uncritical of the government, his response was simply that the tapes were altered and faked. It is pretty convenient making an argument when you can just always say that anything which contradicts you is fake. You could \"prove\" just about anything with truther logic.

Claim: Bin Laden Told Hamza

Claim: Bin Laden Told Hamza Al-Qaeda Not Behind 9/11
Statement dovetails with Osama's previous attempts to distance himself from attack responsibility

A claim attributed to a friend of one of the six men accused of plotting to detonate bombs on London's underground tube system on July 21 2005, suggests that Osama bin Laden personally told hook handed cleric Abu Hamza that Al-Qaeda was not behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The London Independent today reports that Steven Bentley, a school friend of accused would-be suicide bomber Yassin Omar, was told by Omar that he did not think Bin Laden was behind 9/11. Omar based his conclusion on what he was told by extremist London cleric Abu Hamza, currently serving a seven-year prison sentence for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred, who had personally met Bin Laden.

Bin Laden's apparent attempt to distance himself from involvement in 9/11 dovetails with statements made shortly after the event in which he told a Pakistani newspaper that he was not involved in the attacks.


What an idiot...

What the hell does he know.....not much it appears.

Senator Dianne Feinstein explains one result of her voting for

the USA PATRIOT Act without reading it. [WTF, voting for the Patriot Act WITHOUT READING IT FIRST???]


rubbing the sleep from her eyes?

Added Jones video to Cameron website

I just added a 4 minute clip of Steven Jones to David Cameron's website! See: http://www.webcameron.org.uk/library/video-list. He still has not deleted my clip of WTC7 collapse yet from his site - at least we can give him credit for this much honesty. Hopefully he will at least look at this clip!

I Agree With Him

Though not in the way he might think.

It IS pretty clear what happened on 9/11. It's equally clear just who was behind it. So I'm not surprised Cameron wanted off of that subject as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the Unites States Government.

Look, Mr. Cameron doesn't give two craps about the truth about 9/11. His cavalier and dismissive responses pretty much proove that.

His hubris is beyond amazing.

New 7/7 question on WebCameron


Please vote:

Dear Mr Cameron,

In February this year the Irish Senate is due to release its report into MI5/6 involvement in terrorism in Northern Ireland. This report will accuse the British security services of funding and training the Loyalist bombers who killed 33 people in Dublin and Monaghan on 17 May 1974.

Added to this, the noted researcher, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed of the University of Sussex has discovered that MI5/6 was heavily involved in the training of Islamic terrorists during the Kosovo war, as well as the earlier Afghan war. During this time, British muslims were radicalised using public funds, trained in bomb construction and terrorist tactics, ans sent to fight abroad.

Many of these terrorists returned to Britain in recent years to fight the jihad at home, using their MI5/6 training against British citizens on 7/7. Among these include Abu Hamza who recruited jihadis from British streets throughout the 1990's on behalf of the security services.

I perfectly agree with you that we should put outlandish conspiracy theories to one side, but that shouldn't mean we can't discuss reasonable and well researched evidence of unfortunate behaviour of the nation's security services.

What is your knowledge and opinion of these events? As Prime Minister, do you foresee a break with the policies of the past in regards to the funding of terrorism?

article on Webcameron in the UK Guardian

Copyright 2007 Guardian Newspapers Limited
All Rights Reserved
The Guardian (London) - Final Edition

January 18, 2007 Thursday


LENGTH: 661 words

HEADLINE: Comment & Debate: Diary

BYLINE: Jon Henley


We are, we confess, quite hopelessly smitten by Camden's Belsize ward Lib Dems and their thrilling young blogger Alexis Rowell. "We really need to install far more on-street recycling bins," enthuses the dashing councillor in a typically inspirational recent post. "Swiss bins tend to come in groups of 10: 2 x paper + cardboard; 1 x PET plastic; 1 x aluminium + tin; 1 x green glass; 1 x clear glass; 1 x brown glass; 1 x bio-waste; 2 x ordinary rubbish; and a small battery recycling bin thrown in for good measure. Crucially, they do not use commingled collection boxes. And their on-street recycling bins are attractive!" Stop, Alexis, lest we swoon: who would have thought politics could inspire such passion?

Now here's a thing. Should you happen to purchase a prepaid euros 10 Global Talk 10 phone card (and, for all we know, other kinds of phone card too), you will get a whole seven minutes of talktime to "Cuba" or, fascinatingly, eight minutes to "Cuba, Guantanamo Bay". Market forces are indeed a fine thing.

A corker of a parliamentary written question this week from Oliver Heald MP (Herts North East, Cons). "To ask the DPM," it breezily inquires, "if he will publish the invitation list for his department's Christmas party; and what the budget was." Two Shags wasn't playing. "I hosted a short early evening reception for some of the ministers and civil servants who have provided me with support over the past year," stonewalled the Prezza. Though modesty prevents us, of course, from speculating what precisely that "support" might have entailed. Arf.

We are indebted to Der Spiegel magazine for the distressing news that Bremerhaven's Zoo am Meer plans to test the sexual orientation of six male Humboldt penguins that paired off and began displaying homosexual traits, such as trying to mate with each other rather than their four female companions. The zoo is bringing in four extra female penguins from Sweden "to see whether the males really are gay, or have just bonded because of a shortage of females", manager Heike Kuck told the magazine. Thankfully, however, gay rights groups "from around the world" are trying to halt the experiment on the grounds that "penguins too have a right to form couples without interference". We did not make that up.

Spotted, on Monday afternoon at Westminster tube, Brian Haw flicking eagerly through WH Smith's entire collection of daily newspapers in search of coverage of the new artist's recreation at Tate Britain of his once- celebrated but now sadly dismantled Parliament Square anti-war installation.

Overheard by US News and World Report, US secretary of state Condi Rice complaining at the unfair coverage she has to endure at the hands of certain media organisations. "My Fox guys," she moaned. "I love every single one of them."

Young Dave Fotherington- Cameron's terminally exciting webcameron, we're pleased to say, is fast becoming essential viewing for all those seeking to understand what's really driving the Tory renaissance. A novel new feature, Ask David, allows visitors to post a question they'd like the dear boy to answer and vote for a fortnightly top five, to be graced with a response from His Daveship. So what, we wonder, has been most exercising the minds of the New Model Conservatives this month? Iraq? The NHS? Tax reform? Racism on Celebrity Big Brother? Actually, it's what Dave feels about "the blatant and troubling discrepancies with the official narrative describing the 9/11 attacks" and the "unequivocal fact that we have been lied to". Inexplicably, he hasn't answered it yet.

To Santiago de Chile, finally, and a dinner last week at which, according to news reports, local artist Marco Evaristti served a select gathering of his admirers a glass of wine, a portion of pasta and a meatball made using fat removed from his body by liposuction last year. "You are not a cannibal," he declared, "if you eat art" - and we, for one, wouldn't argue with that.


LOAD-DATE: January 18, 2007

Wow, thanks for posting

Wow, thanks for posting that!