Generic Letter to Congressman/Woman or Senator

Note: This was sent in by Dr. Jay:

My Lovely Family of Truthbearers and fellow Info-Warriors,

Here for YOUR convenience is a letter that I am sending to ALL the Congress Critters and Senate Toads in Colorado. I will then start sending them to every other one in all the other states. We must all unite and do the same. Please!!!

Use this letter to send if you agree with it. If you choose to, add to it or change it to your comfort. Regardless, send it, mail it, fax it, and call it in to your critters/toads right now! This is still The Way to try to stop ALL THE INSANITY and the potential of more war in Iran or Syria.


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Please take just a few minutes to send this after YOU sign it. Taper it for a Congressman/woman or your Senator, but just send it. Do it while we are still free enough to speak our mind.

Please do this for YOUR future, the future of your families and children, and of course, YOUR COUNTRY!!

Thank you and bless you.

Dr Jay

Dear Congressman and or Senator,

Today I write to you in total disgust of your inability to properly represent the people that elected you. This country is in terrible trouble and the drums of distress, earth changes, False Flag Threats, and fear mongering about more wars beat in the back ground. The propagandistic media system fans the fires of fear and deception all so well orchestrated and paid for by our taxes and run by a zionist agenda. Your inability to do your job is now under scrutiny and America’s demise is in the distance. Pay attention please.

It is with a troubled heart that I write this letter. I want to point out my complaints and ask that you immediately do something RIGHT NOW to change these terrible situations:

1. The possible coming war in Iran or any other country is absolutely wrong. We already are embroiled in several war fronts that are all for the profits of the Oil corporations, the Bush Crime Family, and other banking institutions. These wars founded on lies and deceits are certainly not in the best interest of the People of these United States. The People here do not want a war with Iran and we see the set-ups for an attack and or another False Flag Event like 9/11 was to possibly trigger this outcome. Everyone knows about the 9/11 Cover Up. Anyone in denial of this horrible planned Event still is either part of the plan, or just plain stupid. Are you plain stupid or part of the evil plan?

2. We must end the war in Iraq right now! Support our Troops!! Bring them all home RIGHT NOW!!! Actions to bring all troops home must start immediately!!!! We the real American People support our Troops and we want them HOME NOW!!!!! This is REAL SUPPORT!!!!!!

3. Get rid of the privately owned corrupted evil Federal Reserve System and the illegal Income Tax and replace it with our own monetary and tax system based on Gold and Silver and fair trade wages for labor. Print our own fiat money to pay off the corrupt fiat money debt then go on the Gold and Silver backed U.S. Green-Back.



If you do not begin to actively and full heartedly pursue these requests of the People in your Voting District, I will begin the paperwork for RECALL ELECTIONS in 90 days. We the people elected you all and we can un-elect you all just as fast. The People of this country AND YOUR VOTING DISTRICT are sick and tired of the corruption and lackey like behavior from you who are supposed to represent we the People. We want you to do what you were elected to do and that is to represent the people. The people want the wars stopped and the Bush cabal impeached and brought to justice for high treason's before they start any more wars that will be the demise of us all.

We Demand that you end all the wars immediately!

If you truly support the troops, bring them all home now!!

If you love this country, then defend her and live up to the oath of allegiance to America and the Constitution upon which all Laws here are based. All our children’s futures are at stake here.

"Shat of get off the pot" is what Grandpa used to say. Well Sir or Madam, the message here is clear. END THE WARS AND IMPEACH THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION NOW! The truths have been long written on the walls of history. The ball is in your court and we the People are watching to see what your next actions are going to be. Will we have to recall you?

Sincerely, an American with all the rights of our Constitution,

PLEASE sign this and send it.

Thank you again for your help to try and save America.

Dr Jay

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Needs more tact

I don't know who Dr. Jay is, but this letter wouldn't get a second glance from any public official in the country. You have to be more tactful than this. Going on about "zionist agenda" and "shat or get off the pot" isn't the kind of rhetoric that a mainstream politician responds to, no matter how genuine your outrage. We have to do much better than this.

How did this get through the 911blogger dragnet, and a blog I submitted about revelations regarding the so-called terror plot in Toronto did not? FTR, it was revealed in today's Globe and Mail that in addition to the moles being used by the RCMP, there is another individual who was probably acting as an agent provocateur.

Since this letter is deemed more appropriate news for the 911blogger blogs, you'll have to visit the Toronto false flag story on your own.

sorry simuvac, it was me

sorry simuvac, it was me that didn't post it.. it wasn't exactly 9/11 related, that was the only reason.. people aren't going to agree with any moderation we do, but we can't just leave it wide open either.. so either we have to make the call for now, or we get rid of the blogs until we can put the moderation into the hands of the community - which i have absolutely no time to work on.

bah, sorry, hope that at least makes some sense, even if you disagree.. best wishes.

No problem

It's totally your call, your right to do so. Above, I was mostly miffed at what I perceived to be the quality of the letter.

I was hoping the Toronto story was as related to 9/11 as a host of 7/7, false flag-type stories that have been posted in the past. I grant you it's not about the American government, but that's just a matter of time, right? :-)

I have to say, I'm surprised by this.

I see a direct connection between 9/11, 7/7, this, the crazy martial arts guys in Florida, and so on. Information about a case like this can be read as a study in probable aspects of 9/11.

That said, it is totally your prerogative to moderate in any way you deem appropriate, dz.

One suggestion, simuvac, is posting stuff like this over at the YBBS and then linking to it in comments.

You'll attract more bees with honey

The vitriol is an instant turn-off. Idle threats are useless. Your letter reads like the ravings of a mad-man. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets tossed into the shredder tout-de-suite.