Professors Question 9/11

Many well known and respected professors have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report. Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. This section is a collection of their public statements. It should be made clear that none of these individuals are affiliated with this website.

Listed below are statements by 100 professors that contradict or are critical of the 9/11 Commission Report. Their collective voices give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed.

These individuals cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by their dedication to researching and teaching the truth about a wide variety of subjects, demonstrates that criticism of the Commission Report is not inherently irresponsible or illogical, and that, in fact, it can be just the opposite.

If you are a professor who has publicly expressed concerns about the 9/11 Commission Report, and would like your comment added to this website, please email your information to me.Alan Miller

Highly recommended reading...

Scroll down through patriotsquestion911. com and read a report released by Barbara Honegger on September 2006 called 'THE PENTAGON ATTACK PAPERS Seven Hours in September: The Clock that Broke the Lie'

'Barbara Honegger, M.S. is Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School (1995−present), the Navy’s advanced science, technology and national security affairs university. This research, as all of Honegger’s research and publications on September 11, are solely in her capacity as a concerned private citizen and do not imply official endorsement.'

In this piece, she pulls together several different lines of evidence and reasoning that I have not seen discussed on 9/11 blogger, providing possible-likely explanations on how 9/11 was made to happen. A stunning, creative analysis.

Kevin Barrett

just had Honegger on his show this past weekend.

You should've mentioned that Ms. Honegger is under the other

link in that website, btw.

Show "Janice Matthews." by Amanda Reconwith

This IS interesting stuff

But what does it mean?

The optimist in me hopes

The optimist in me hopes that Janice Matthews bought the domain name from a cybersquatter that registered it on september 11. I don't know if there is any way to figure out who the original registrant was. If there was some way to do that, my hunch could be confirmed or denied.

Liars figure, figures don't lie.

You can make up all kinds of silly excuses why a person registered a "911 Truth" domain 90 minutes after the government reported that flight 93 crashed. Or you could face the reality that some people who hold leadership rolls are there as gate keepers to truth. Case in point, aluminum planes do not enter steel and concrete buildings like a hot knife into soft butter. They explode and break apart upon impact.

What do you think?

Are you saying that Janice Matthews is a government plant?

This whole thing is very strange. 90 minutes after 93 crashed is VERY suspicious. You are sure that it was Matthews herself that registered the site?

Think back to 9/11/01. I sat there in front of my TV with my jaw dropped for about 10 hours straight. How could anyone be thinking about registering websites?

Janice Matthews is supposedly a single mom of 6 living in Kansas. The official story about her says that it was several months after 9/11 when she became suspicious.

What is the truth?

It does not surprise me

that people knew September 11th would be a date that would go down in infamy - and act to register it immediately. It does not surprise me AT ALL.

But - the most important issue is this:

Content. Does the website contain disinformation or misinformation?

I don't see that it does - and when you consider all the nonsense out there - i find it a little disheartening that people are calling Janice a possible agent when the website itself contains some of the most credible resources.


The majority of the people I have discussed this with question the veracity of a person who would register a "911 Truth" domain in only a matter of minutes. And remember that the people who gave you the Internet also gave you 9/11.


Because it sounds more like you are smearing Janice to me.

As tough as it is debating

As tough as it is debating someone with a name that Bart Simpson would give when he prank calls Moe's Tavern:

Technically, isn't a "911 Truth" domain. Someone made it a 9/11 Truth domain by setting up the site contents as they are and promoting it as such. Anyone could have taken the same domain and devoted its contents to anything 9/11-related.

Now, if was registered in the wee hours of 9/11, then I may be suspicious.

Show "You got the point" by Amanda Reconwith

Wrong registered before 9/11 means nothing. The title says nothing about 9/11. It could have been originally set up for vietnam veterans for all we know.

Weak point A-man-duh.

Show "Foreknowledge" by Amanda Reconwith


but before you go accusing people you should have a reason other than the registration dates of websites.

Show "The writing is on the wall" by Amanda Reconwith

confronted with WHAT facts?

The fact that she registered a website on 9/11?


i just don't see why she should be "confronted" by innuendo and accusations simply for having the insight that 9/11 was (surprise surprise) a significant day.

her site promoted the work of David Ray Griffin, Paul Thompson, Michael Ruppert among others. DO you have a problem with that?

Only writing

I see on the wall is Amanda Reconwith is a F00 in denial.

bear in mind that it might only be present registrant name

This info would be interesting if confirmed.

But I suppose that someone else registered the site and since then
registrant name changed.

Again, Proves nothing

This is getting ridiculous. Simple research shows that the registrant name listed is only the MOST RECENT. You can keep posting that information over and over but it does nothing to prove anything about foreknowledge. This is very simple:

On 9/11/01, some cyber-geek registered while watching the crime of the century on TV.

He sat on it for a couple of years and then someone else (possibly Matthews) bought it from him and developed the site.

Showing the Registrant Name Janice Mathews means she currently has the domain, but it does NOT mean she was the original registrant.

Honegger does provide a great read! That may be the most

intense amount of advanced 9/11 truth ever packed into 12 pages! Amazing, must read!

Fetzer - once so strict and resonable, what has happened now?

I've recently found a short essay by J. Fetzer titled "Why Intelligent Design Just Wont Do"

How consistent, well written, well argumented it is. Notice the stress put
on what is and what is not science.

Now compare: how wild has Fetzer gone with supporting "Space Beam" theories.
What has happened? I'm very curious and many conspiracial, dangerous thoughts
come to my mind. I hope that most of them are untrue.

According to CNN 1 Israeli

According to CNN 1 Israeli died on 9/11

Can you guy's wake up and realize that Israel had a hand in this. Put these two things together. "CNN" the news people trust, has a website, and they say that 1 Israeli died. Most of the other deaths were American's.

Combine that with the fact that there is evidence of ODIGO instant messages warning Israeli's to leave the WTC because of attacks.

Evidence that Israelis had been forewarned several hours before the attacks surfaced at an Israeli instant messaging service, known as Odigo. This story, clear evidence of Israeli prior knowledge, was reported only briefly in the U.S. media - and quickly forgotten.

makes you wonder

who the lone israeli was, if the story is indeed true

missing trace

The story also said the FBI was forwarded the email-address and IP-address of the Odigo-user who had "foreknowledge". - Just imagine how quickly and unproblematically they would have traced him if it had been a case of sexual harassment or other smaller offenses. But when it comes to 9/11, it was an impossible task to find the origin of this warning-message...with no explanation given why, of course...

stupid logic

why is it that you only focus on Israel?

According to that SAME CNN website:

Only one person from Bermuda died on 911. why not accuse Bermuda of complicity?

Only 2 people from CHina - but China's population is HUGE compared to Israel. So why not accuse them?

Only 3 people from Japan - even though we all know Japan has HUGE financial interests in the US stock exchange. Why not accuse them?


And what about the people from France? NO VICTIMS!!!! I ALWAYS KNEW THOSE SWARMY FRENCH COULDN'T BE TRUSTED!!!!

Look - the USA receieved warnings from intelligence agencies all over the world. Israel was one of them. The fact that Odigo (which is situated in the heart of the israeli intellience community) had foreknowledge is no surprise.


Sorry - your arguement is weak.

Stupid Logic!?

No one from Bermuda, China or Japan had members of their intelligence/false flag warfare agency 'document the event' as it was taking place.

I'm no Anti-Semite (I hate ALL criminals.), like AIPAC & the ADL would have you believe about anyone seeking 911 truth, but if you completely dismiss all the evidence that points to Israeli involvement I say you are a Coward, or a Shill. No offense intended, just my opinion.

I see no Israeli involvement

I see foreknowledge.

I think they knew it was coming. But - i do not see any evidence of facilitation.

I see the Israeli Likud party as an extention of neo-conservatism. They share common interests. In all probability that were privy to much of the intelligence. and of COURSE Israel has INTERESTS in the region.

But, when i see people attempting to hang 9/11 on Israel by claiming that only one Israeli died on 9/11 - i feel this is silly nonsense.

similar to the lie that 4,000 jews did not show up to work that day - is see an intentional effort to conflate Israel with 9/11 in a way that is NOT proportional to the available evidence.

and while i am NOT calling you anti-semitic, there is NO doubt that anti-semitism exists and colors many people's DESIRE to hang 9/11 on Israel.

I agree to that.

To blame the Israelis is really stupid. That there has been foreknowledge and Israeli interests involved is probably true.

Anything else would be very strange. When being aware of the special "relationship", AIPAC, cooperation between CIA and Mossad.
Well, basicly Israel, AIPAC and the neocons decide the US middle-east policy. Everyone with half a brain knows this.

But, to have an direct Israeli involvment in the 911 events would be stupid and unnecessary.

Very silly logic, agreed.

Very silly logic, agreed.

And I DO believe Mossad was involved--but there is better evidence pointing to that than "just 1 Isreali died".

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

no affiliation to any organization

It's important not to combine any undesired "membership" with any future or present 9/11-truther. 9/11 truth stands above differences such as Left/Right, (true)Republicans/Democrats, global warming/yes/no, peak oil/yes/no, religion etc.

We're all individuals with too many different viewpoints to unite on anything else, but 9/11 truth, or rather the 9/11 UN-truth is a common ground of such magnificent potential, almost everybody who is free to think will agree to gather with us there, sooner or later.

Show "Do the Math" by James (not verified)
Show "Why the negativity?" by James (not verified)

Why would you care as much

Why would you care as much to seek out individuals who you believe need to have it all set straight for them by someone like you? is it that you are compassionate or poorly attempting ridicule? if you are compassionate, you wouldn't stand in the way of an Independent Investigation. Afterall, if the government has done nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear; and it would settle hundreds of millions of Americans' beliefs about 911 (84% don't believe the Official Conspiracy Theory, CBC 10/06). In fact, it is the most responsible thing to do and there's not a reason in the world not to - there's nothing to lose. If you are not compassionate and are attempting ridicule, I must inform you that you are treading troubled waters with America. Aside from the last 6 years, we are known to get things done like no other. It's best you tell your employer you will be quitting the low-life work of selling mass murder. Six years is not long enough to put the nation to sleep. We will have 911 Justice.

You Sheeple are great at 'doing the math'....

until is comes to 911. Then, according to you freaks, you would have to be a mathematician to be qualified to question all the 'math problems' surrounding those events.

Simple math 'problem': How long would an object take to hit the ground if dropped from 1400 ft?

Do you people even realize how pathetically stupid you sound to those who are informed?

According to the 9/11 Truth Movement....

It is truly hysterical. Let us all review exactly what the 9/11 Truth Movement claims:

WTC 1 and 2 were actually twice the height when they collapsed on 9/11 as they were when they were built.

WTC 7 took one-half the time to fall then was actually recorded by the videos of the collapse!

More proof that members of the 9/11 Truth Movement continue to hallucinate.

It is amazing that the 9/11 Truth Movement thinks that it can actually con anyone, would you not agree?

2006 - the year the 9/11 Truth Movement began its Death Plunge.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise at the link above! There are

many, many professors listed there, and they are presenting very serious questions & concerns! (I'm surprised I hadn't seen that site before.)

Everyone needs to watch...


I got it in the mail today, and am in the middle of watching it. This is another movie that everybody needs to see.

My movie activism pack would now include the following:

America: From Freedom To Fascism
9/11: Press For Truth
9/11 Mysteries
9/11: Dust & Deceit

I would also show them in that order.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

I also like...

9/11 Revisited, The Great Conspiracy, Improbable Collapse, The Truth & Lies About 9/11, Hijacking Catastrophe, The Real Truth About The Iraq War, Money Masters, and several others.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002


I wouldn't start with AFTF -- in fact, I wouldn't recommend it at all to some people. It's so heavy on the anti-IRS material (which is not a problem for me, but seems like it would be a kinda bassackwards way to come at 9/11 truth for a lot of, you know, liberals.)

I haven't been doing it like Jon, exactly....

....but I see his logic, I think...once people see the fraud of the Income Tax, IRS, and most importantly, the Federal Reserve...they are predisposed to question other things, like 9/11....and I can appreciate how he eases people into it with PFT....

I would possibly substitute Loose Change and/or a David Ray Griffin film occasionally, as dictated by the recipient, however. I do like Terrorstorm as the finale.

As Webster Tarpley is wont to say, we need to take the tactic of Synthetic Terror and "break it in front of their faces".....

I can absolutely see that working

for a certain group of people -- maybe people who already have a libertarian streak. Most liberals I know take a certain perverse pride in paying taxes and they might be turned off.

When my local group did our little film festival after showing 9/11 PFT, we started out with an excerpt from Terrorstorm, going with the idea that getting people to examine state sponsored false flag terrorism in history is a good basis for starting to consider that 9/11 was an example.

I've only given someone Loose Change as a first film once (to my younger brother, who is very liberal and seemingly within the Loose Change demographic) and it was a disaster. On the other hand, I watched it *with* my mother as her first film and it was pretty effective, because she was able to discuss it immediately afterward with someone who has a pretty good knowledge base. I have high hopes for Final Cut, but we'll see.

Someone needs to do a...

....psychological profile analysis of why, next to the neo-fascist wannabe authority-huggers, liberals are the most resistant to 9/11 Truth (IMO)....I'd love to see that....

My theory is that since they could never imagine themselves doing it for greed & power, they can't picture anyone else doing it either...

BTW, I love Loose Change.

No one wants to believe that their government is led by

mass murderers. Add to that the activities of the left gatekeepers and denial is alive and well in the "liberal" camp.

I find that for all but the youngest demographic 9/11 PFT works best and opens them up to the possibility that the government myth has serious problems. Then listen to their questions and respond carefully and with compassion as the shock can be tremendous for many. At this point they should be ready to watch DRG's 9/11: The Myth and the Reality which will demolish the rest of the absurd government myths. You can then move on to showing them WTC 7 being destroyed and the awakening process should be complete.

It is very important to always remain calm, positive and hopeful as this is very scary stuff for most people. Be patient. Let them know that there are millions of Americans in the Truth movement and more every day.

We are the real peace movement and we are winning.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Before a 9/11 greenhorn

is exposed to America Freedom to Fascism it would be much better if they watched the documentary made back in 1995 called "The Money Masters"

There are actually several very good "starter" videos that should be shown to those in total denial before they are exposed to videos such as "9/11 Mysteries" and such.

I would recommend.

1. The Money Masters
2. The Power of Nightmares
3. Orwell Rolls in his Grave
4. 9/11 Press for Truth
5. Terrorstorm
6. 9/11 Mysteries

By the time they get through #6 if they haven't woken up then there is ZERO hope for this individual just write them off as a delusional psychotic incapable of facing factual reality.

I think showing someone that the MEDIA / GOVERNMENT are flat out LYING to them and purposely distorting or omitting facts in order to cover up what is really happening is mandatory to get them primed to accept factual reality.
The MEDIA is really the main problem here and that fact must be driven home before anything else will ever stick.
IF we had a real, honest, respectable, Centrist Media then #1, King George would never have stolen office in 2000, the Reich Wing Supreme court would never have gotten away with what was clearly illegal on many levels.
9/11 would never have happened.
The Congress and Government in general would not be allowed to literally get away with murder like they do now if we had a Media that did their job.


It is not a matter of what one wants to believe.

We have known for 5 years what the 9/11 Truth Movement wants to believe. My God, you repeat it 5 times daily like a Muslim praying to Mecca.

However, what you want to believe is irrelevant in the face of what is actually reality.

Sorry, loon, you must try to be rational for a change.

2006 - the year the 9/11 Truth Movement began its Death Plunge.

Will 2007 be the 9/11 Truth Movement\'s Waterloo? Stay Tuned.

nothing to say

except phuck you.

Nothing you say makes any sense at all.


This is generally true for

This is generally true for most people, even non-evil conservatives. If you don't have obsesions with power, or have never had to go out of your way to acquire/ assert it to survive, these people literaly don't understand the question.

To a lesser extent, its also a sign they aren't FUNCTIONALY assserting themselves in their personal lives as much as they could--they probably believe bad things mostly happen "just because", and have very little in the way of real-time problem solving skills, even if they're progressive.


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Speaking of Russo's "Freedom To Fascism" there is an IRS

case going on in NH right now like the one in the film. It's getting very ugly, with the Federal Judge apparently obstructing the defense, intimidating the jurors, and running a kangaroo court! (What else is new?)

That link is definitely worth checking out.

There's serious Waco/ Ruby Ridge potential there.

Any idea what happened today?

That Neofascist

crap happening in NH right now is horrible.
If I lived anywhere near NH I would be there right now.

Crap like this can not be allowed to continue.

I hope 1000s show up in his defense

Yes--absolutely! Every American should watch this film...

If they did, like the great statesman said of old, "There would be a revolution by morning."

You left one out



John - I'm sure it was an oversight leaving your film out of the all-star lineup. You combined the basic evidence in a most creative fashion that connects with people. Just a real nice job! Also, I'd like to compliment you on your presentation at the Boston, Tea Party, conference. You packed an absolute WOLLOP of info into a ten minute speach - well done.
Only one thing more from this corner - I wish you would cool off a little with the sectarian attacks. Calling Kill Town or others whose work you don't agree with - wack jobs, etc., isn't helping the cause - I think we need to relax the rhetoric and concentrate on spreading the word - WE'RE WINNING- there is no reason for panic.

This is what the Real World knows.

You have lost, Jon.

The Real World is watching you crash in flames again, here:

Sorry, bubba, you had your chance to back up your assertions. You blew it.

2006 - the year the 9/11 Truth Movement began its Death Plunge.

Let's e-mail the link to that site to professors & politicians

all over the place, so that many new ones may join too!

Teachers and Professors.

I agree and think all of our collective high school and college websites should be forwarded this link. Many more teachers and professors have email addresses available on their school's or department's websites. Fun to teach our teachers something for once. Peace.

"The Truth is an Offense, but not a Sin" ~ Bob Marley

Show "MUST SEE short film on" by Ezra Pound (not verified)

Nice Try

I'm sure there were criminal elements of the Isreali governement and intelligence agencies (Mossad) who were involved with 9/11. Evidence points to it. At the same time, so were criminal elements of the U.S., U.K. Pakistani, and Saudi Arabian governments and intelligence agencies (CIA, MI6, ISI etc.). In the end, all of these criminal elements were merely taking orders from members of the global elite, who control the world monetary systems and thus the "governments" of these mentioned countries.

Placing the bame only on the Israeli connection is either due to myopia, pure naivete, or more likely, just exposes you as a shill.

Nice try.

"these criminal elements

"these criminal elements were merely taking orders from members of the global elite, who control the world monetary systems"

So tell me Almond, who controls the world monetary system? Read some history or watch the money masters before posting zionist propaganda.

The money masters part 1

The money masters part 2

"Zionist propaganda"?

"Zionist propaganda"? lol.......You are trying real hard are'nt you. Yes, criminal elements of the Israeli government and intelligence agencies had their hand in 9/11. So did elements from the US, UK, Pakistan, and Saudi governements and intelligence agencies. Yes, the global elite, who control policy of thos countires "governments" were the true puppeteers behind 9/11. Yes, some of them are Jewish, but only some of them. To answer your question, no, I do not believe 9/11 was a Zionist plot. Zionists were involved, but so were many others.

Again, myopic, naive or a shill....what are you?

With an estimated fortune of

With an estimated fortune of 400 TRILLION dollars you can manipulate any economy anywhere at any time. WHO has this kind of fortune Almond?
Compare this amount with the wealth of any gentile financial empire and then try again to answers my question instead of talking to yourself: Who controls the international monetary system???

and read this

"Zionists were involved, but so were many others."

I agree but now the judge would like to know who was running the show.

How many key figures in the

How many key figures in the bush administration have double passports? Such as USA/UK or USA/Pakistani or USA/Saudi?
How many Saudis or Pakistanis are in the truth movement???
Now check the Bush administration for USA/Israeli passports!
Now read some books.
Now apologies for being so ignorent.
Now visit and help spread the word.

thank you



Michael Chertoff (head of Homeland security)
One of the double passport / double loyalty criminals.

Show "Nice Try" by Creempuff (not verified)

PNAC NeoCon Richard Perle to speak in NYC at the 92nd

Street Y, 1 week from today on Wednesday, January 24, 2007. (Great opportunity to spread some 9/11 truth!)


The truth is out here:

However it was, they also

However it was, they also control sectors of the military/industrial and aerospace sectors.

=> South Tower Plane. The Evidence Revealed.

Whoever, I meant..

Whoever, I meant..

who did it

silverstien and his neo con friends did it it!! doesnt take a phd to figure that one out., a simple police investigation would solve this case it is not that difficult. even chucky cheese can figure it out

The question of "Who Did It"

I'll tell you who did it. THE BASTARDS did it. Can we stop squabbling over the names of different groups who ARE probably ALL equally guilty and ALL interlocked under a common agenda? In layman's terms, "the bad guys".

"Let's call them for what they are: bastards. Let's agree on that and move on." -Meria Heller at the Chicago conference last summer

We all have to start somewhere. The easiest (and most obvious) would begin with Cheney and Rumsfeld, followed by the FBI and other intelligence agencies. And so on and so forth. It would snowball. And if Zionazis have a part to play, then we'll find that out in due time. For now, let's concentrate on getting a new investigation into what happened on 9/11. Enough bullshitting about Zionists and Israel, etc. Let's begin with the guilty factions of the U.S. government, which were most obviously involved, and build from there.
And enough with lazer beams and space creatures in cahoots with the shadow government. The shadow government does just fine on its own except keep itself secret.

Wrong! Stop your sexist discrimination!

Only MALE 9/11 Truthers are bastards.

FEMALE 9/11 Truthers are bitches.

Sorry, "bitch"-- I'm a

Sorry, "bitch"-- I'm a bastard.

Why? Because being a bastard works!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

There are 2 unfortunate

There are 2 unfortunate current problems with Patriotsquestion911 -

1) The list includes hologram promoter David Shayler, and no-plane-at-the-WTC promoter, Morgan Reynolds. Emails to the webmaster have not met with any changes. Maybe someone can start a dialog with him to get these 2 people removed. Shayler openly promotes the idea that he thinks some kind of holographic cloaks were used to hide something that hit the WTC, prompting mainstream UK media to question whether he is the real Shayler (a former intelligence agents - gee, who'd have guessed?). And Reynolds has publicly attacked Steven Jones in papers with Judy Wood while promoting his theory that commercial jets didn't hit the WTC, calling Jones "retarded." If someone wants links I'll provide them.

2) The vast majority of the military officials on there are SURE that AA 77 did not hit the Pentagon and make no reference to any debate on this issue - meaning they don't know what they are talking about. They don't say they need to see more evidence, they say that there isn't evidence that the plane hit there -- that is a irresponsible claim to make for people with careers in leadership roles given that the evidence is debatable at best, and generally questionable. Any former general who is making claims based on a DVD someone showed him is probably questionable about everything else he is saying.

Dr. Steven Jones says that he wants to see more evidence on the Pentagon attack and doesn't make public claims about what happened there, which is the responsible position for any professional or person in a leadership position, given the dearth of evidence. Yet, most of these people who are supposed leaders or former intelligence officers, apparently are SURE the plane didn't hit there. Some even openly say they think it was a missile, a claim which is now rejected by almost everyone. This is a big red flag, unfortunately, suggesting that people got duped, were willing to believe anything, or have some agenda to promote the idea that a missile hit there without evidence.

Yet patriotsquestion911 actually HIGHLIGHTS these claims, with its obvious agenda to convince the public that a plane didn't hit the Pentagon.