Lone Lantern Radio Interviews Eric Williams About Upcoming Arizona Conference


Eric D. Williams Co-Director of the 911 Accountability Conference was a guest on Lone Lantern Radio, January 10th. Host Gary Franchi discussed guests, goals, direction and the purpose for the conference with Eric. Janette MacKinlay called in towards the end of the show to share her thoughts on the conference and the importance of accountability. During the first half of the show, Gary ran down the top headlines and broadcast the recent Lou Dobbs clip where he spoke about the New World Order and the North American Union.

You can find out more about this upcoming conference at 911accountability.org.

On a side note, I will be on Lone Lantern Radio tomorrow night (1/19) to chat about 911blogger.com. The show runs from 7PM to 8PM CST, and you can find out how to tune in at rbnlive.com.


dz's first radio appearance EVER.

Are you nervous?

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Good Luck...


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

no wonder they anthraxed Leahy........

Sen. Leahy Slams Gonzalez Over Torture
Senator Leahy blasted Alberto Gonzalez at todays briefing over the treatment of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who was detained and sent to Syria, where he was regularly tortured for almost a year before being released uncharged.(watch the video. he also made note that the Bush administration has trampled on the constitution more than any other administration in recent history. Gonzalez just sat and smirked.)

Leahy: "We knew damn well if he went to Canada he wouldn't be tortured. He'd be held and he'd be investigated. We also knew damn well if he went to Syria, he'd be tortured. And it's beneath the dignity of this country, a country that has always been a beacon of human rights, to send somebody to another country to be tortured."

It's really nice to have a true American patriot like Senator Leahy, rather than the spineless Arlen Specter, chairing the crucial Senate Judiciary Committee.

Glenn Greenwald has more on the hearing….

Feingold's first question - "do you know of any one in the country who opposed eavesdropping on terrorists?"

Gonzales: Sure - if you look at blogs today, there is a lot of concern about all types of eavesdropping, who don't want us eavesdropping at all.

Feingold: Do you know anyone in government who ever took that position?

Gonzales: No, but that is not what I said.

Feingold: It is a disgrace and disservice to your office and the President to have accused people on this Committee of opposing eavesdropping on terrorists.

Gonzales: I didn't have you in mind or anyone on the Committee when I referred to people who oppose eavesdropping on terrorists. Perish the thought.

Feingold: Oh, well it's nice that you didn't have us "in your mind" when making those accusations, but given that you and the President were running around the country accusing people of opposing eavesdropping on terrorists in the middle of an election, the fact that you didn't have Congressional Democrats in "mind" isn't significant. Your intent was to make people think that anyone who opposed the "TSP" did not want to eavesdrop on terrorists, even though that was false. No Democrats oppose eavesdropping on terrorists.

Gonzales: I wasn't referring to Democrats.

So, apparently, all those speeches Bush officials and their supporters have spent the last year giving accusing people of opposing eavesdropping on terrorists, and all the television commericals making the same accusations throughout the months leading up to the election, were not about Democrats at all, but were about random bloggers who are against all eavesdropping. Where?


The many trials of 9/11

The many trials of 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani
By Jerry Mazza
You’ve probably seen her name in 9/11 reports, heard it in discussions. There’s a reference to it in my article 9/11 and the Greenberg Familia in Online Journal. Among other things, that article brings you a list of items that the notorious Greenberg-Traurig law firm was involved in.

It is this insidious intent of the government that has driven Ellen Mariani to hold out and fight back against the wall of silent wrongdoers who call themselves our defenders. In her Open Letter to the President of the United States of November 27, 2003, she pointed the finger of 9/11 blame squarely at Bush & Company.

Hers is an uncommon valor, even for a 9/11 widow. In fact, the famous “Jersey Girls,” including Kristen Breitweiser, never crossed the line to a lawsuit against Bush, even though Breitweiser is a lawyer. They took the money and signed the agreement not to sue the real culprits’ for their culpability. They also turned their backs on Ellen Mariani.

"Hers is an uncommon valor,

"Hers is an uncommon valor, even for a 9/11 widow. In fact, the famous “Jersey Girls,” including Kristen Breitweiser, never crossed the line to a lawsuit against Bush, even though Breitweiser is a lawyer. They took the money and signed the agreement not to sue the real culprits’ for their culpability. They also turned their backs on Ellen Mariani."

Mariani is TRULY brave. SHE is who we should be putting our energy and support behind. The Jersey Girls have shown they have no real interest in getting to the truth at this point. they just want to play politics. it should be no surprise that Breitweiser was on national tv on Hardball with Chris Matthews and not only didnt speak a word about 9/11 truth but in fact talked about how we NEED to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations, and that Mariani hasnt once been asked to be on any national tv shows like that. it should be of no surprise that Breitweiser spoke at an event with Rudy Giuliani while Mariani calls him a criminal. you wont catch her endorsing the 9/11 Commission and calling for more fascism like the jersey girls.

I'm sorry, but I'm starting to loose all faith in the Jersey

Girls. I need to see them do some effective regarding 9/11 truth very soon.

there are those that will

there are those that will say they dont have to do anything because they were one of the main reasons the Commission was formed in the first place. valid point, but it ignores recent history and events. why didnt PFT have Mariani share her views about 9/11? why all the cryptic language from the jersey girls all the time? why the support for the Commissions recommendations? they know that the Commission was a fraud but wont call them on it except on docs that only a fraction of society will see. Breitweiser has been on national tv numerous times and sings the same politically correct tune every time. its not moving the ball forward anymore, this "safe" bullshit just isnt going to work. this is critical now, especially with the war in Iran that is on the horizon. now is not the time to be giving speeches about how "unsafe" this country is and adding to the fear mongering. thats the last thing we need. they have a voice and refuse to use it. in fact, Breitweiser(and anyone else who calls for more legislation to curb our freedoms) seems to want more of a crackdown on our rights if anything.

Dubai highrise fire


A skyscraper on fire, but amazingly it has not collapsed yet.

Fair and Balanced

Wow. It sure seemed like Steven E. Jones didn't have a lot of time to fairly convey his points. That felt just a little like a Fox news interview. I believe that we ONLY need to prove the controlled demolition of building 7.

I believe we only need to be able to prove COMPLICITY. Controlled demolition is sufficient to prove guilt. I feel that extra speculation only devalidates our cause, since we all agree that building 7 was demolished... it's time to stop theories until there is a trial. Then with subpeonas, questioning, and the due process of law can we begin to explore the "whole truth." It's time for action now.

It sounded like Jim Fetzer was advocating COMPLETE pulverization. That was not the case, as Steven Jones says. And just as he talks about in his lecture, if a scientist were writing a paper in which he asserts there are no two snowflakes that are alike, and two identical snowflakes land next to him and he destroys one, this is unethical. (Sorry if the paraphrasing was wrong here)

"More 9/11 bone fragments found"

39 bones found in search for 9/11 remains

That being said, I appreciate both of your efforts, but we must excercise EXTREME caution. This issue is very sensitive, and there is no need to over-argue our point. All we need is enough to prove in a court of law.

Good luck, and good night.

Catch the ball before you run with it.

Paul A LaViolette ? Mysticism?
To go to the Sphinx Stargate zodiac cryptogram, press here. - This is the guy that Jim Fetzer speaks of.

Let's catch the ball before we run with it folks. Common mistake made by wide receivers. You can't gain yards unless you catch the ball first. If we can prove thermate... do we not have a murder weapon?

Shouldn't the next question logically be "who had access to the murder weapon?" or "who aqcuired the appropriate amount of the substance to be able to achieve such a task?" We should get this trial going and then find out... who was running around with 4,000 lbs of thermate.

That is the question.

What with this conference?

What's with this accountability conference featuring hoax-promoter Von Kleist? And Barbara Honegger? These people are no different than Fetzer - they will sound good for a minute or two and when it counts they'll drop their tainted luggage and garbage will spill out.

Why one earth are they being featured at a conference?? What book or video or website has Honegger ever produced? She thinks that the intelligence community was PENETRATED by Al Queda, just like Peter Lance. This does nothing for us except muck things up. And Von Kliest was promoting pods and missiles and no planes at the WTC - he's not an investigator, he's an operator.

Oilempire asks -
"Is "Plane Site" the most incompetent documentary ever produced, deliberate disinformation to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, or are the producers gullible, used by covert operators to cover the real evidence behind a smoke screen of hoaxes?"

"I guess it is painfully clear that I am a film director, not a private investigator."
-- William Lewis, director, "In Plane Sight," July 17, 2004, admitting one of the many mistakes after threatening to sue oilempire.us for pointing out some flaws

I see nothing regarding

I see nothing regarding Honegger or Von Kliest on their information page, where do you see this?


The website for the conference is incomplete

Apparently, there's 60-something confirmed speakers - only a few are listed on the site.

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