Minnesota Daily Launches Series of 9/11 Truth Columns

Adri Mehra will be doing a series of five 9/11 truth related columns for the Minnesota Daily, America's largest-circulation college newspaper. (Contact your local college paper and urge them to pick it up and publish it!) The first one was published today:

The Jenga hypothesis, or how I learned to start worrying - The Minnesota Daily

At 24 this guy is doing what the Woodwards and Hershes and Krugmans and all the other cowards masquerading as journalists apparently cannot bring themselves to do--confront the truth about the most important historical event of the century. If journalism has a future, this is it.

Here's an excerpt from Adri Mehra's recent email:

Hello Mr. Barrett,

My name is Adri Mehra. I'm a senior columnist for the Minnesota Daily at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, which has the LARGEST circulation of any college newspaper in the United States. I have been following the 9/11 truth movement for several months and it has truly changed my life - it is certainly the 'keyhole' to the enlightenment and self-governance that so many Americans need and subconsciously desire in these New Dark Ages of our nation's political ideology. I have watched dozens of hours of documentaries and read many essays and articles, as well as keeping an eye on the 'Debunking 9/11' counterstrike orchestrated by Popular Mechanics and the condescending mainstream media coverage of the movement.

As far as I have been able to discern, there has been NO college newspaper that has extensively covered the 9/11 truth movement, and I would like to change that by running a five-part series of editorial features on the movement. (...)

...In addition, as a 24-year-old Afghani-American, I have had what I consider to be THREE times the vested interest in exploring these issues. First, I am a young, idealistic student - and a journalist at that. Second, I am a born-and-raised American who wants to find out what is happening to his country. Thirdly, I am half Afghani, and one of my ancestral homelands is being occupied by energy-industry barons and opportunists of all stripes.

This editorial series will be a rare opportunity to directly reach and galvanize the student population of this country, as my work will be available via U-Wire and PR Newswire to be REPRINTED in ALL college newspapers free of charge, without intellectual property difficulties or 'turf wars' between schools.

Be sure to check out the first of these articles on The Minnesota Daily via the link above.

Thanks to Kevin Barrett for the submission and parrotfish44 for the heads up!


Does 9/11 truth have a snowball's chance in hell of going mainstream? Or is 9/11 truth going to snowball into something much bigger than we could know?

Today another straw added to the camel's back in Minnesota.

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Hamilton strikes again

Thanks, Congressman Coverup.

Minnesota wins

Minnesota comes in first again.


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I just hope he makes

I just hope he makes RandKiller2007 happy. No matter what conclusion he arrives at, I hope it satisfies RandKiller2007's theory of what happened.
Because we all know the Truth Movement is dedicated to only uses RandKiller2007's theory or it is a shill movement trying to avoid spreading truth.
Long live RandKiller2007!

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College Newspapers.

We need to get some email addresses and/or phone numbers for some college newspapers around the nation. That way we can forward this information or encourage them to cover this story as well.

It's about time colleges are getting more involved. Students

should also keep in mind that a draft could easily be enacted if (when) things become even worse under these NeoCon maniacs. (Why do you think Selective Service has been registering young men for years now? Just for the heck of it?)

Adri Mehra writes well...

I look forward to the rest of the series.

Let the truth spread far and wide.

Tell everyone that you can.


Thanks for the post, it brightened my day.

Insight from boston tea party

I was at the Boston Tea Party and I want to keep things civil, unfortunately this movement will require "Constant Vigilance" to weed out those who would betray the movement.

I seem to remember that one of Mr. Barretts ideas at the 9/11 truth meeting in Boston involved us going to an Airport and him getting arrested going through the metal detectors.

I objected to that idea, as it certainly draws a comparison between us and "terrorists" and that is something that we severly need to avoid in my opinion.

Everybody, write letters to the editor

This newspaper needs to hear from all of us. Keep writing.

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Building 7 Pulled

That fireman story you refer to is all you have , one person saying it, long after. Not good evidence.
A building falling onto its own footprint, with the bottom going first uniformly across the entire horizontal is not possible with fire or scattered structural defects. Thats why they came up with the story of the deisel pumping deisel across the whole floor and burning for hours. But that is a crock because there is no visual evidence of large fire. Its for the gullible.

You are a ass!

Go away already, and don't come backj, shit for brains.ipshit

Agreed. The truth doesn't

Agreed. The truth doesn't belong in the system, which is based on lies. All systems are.

Note how what the falsely

Note how what the falsely optimistic (believing that the system will somehow change) don't want to hear gets voted WAY down.

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So, what I don't

So, what I don't understand, "Ernie", is why you can't just copy/paste like so:

>>>Two buildings, not wood
Adri's recent column, "The Jenga hypothesis, or how I learned to start worrying" is completely moronic. First off, his "Fisher Price My First Theory of 9-11 Skepticism" is just a rip-off of some other idiot's theory. His comparison of an actual building to a Jenga tower just adds another layer of stupidity. Each floor of a Jenga tower is made of solid wood, obviously, and can't collapse straight down.

A building is, shockingly, mostly empty space, and therefore can, and usually does, collapse straight down. The analogy is completely unjustified.

The original theory is badly flawed too. Do you know how much 12 stories of the WTC weighed? Me neither, but it's a lot. The idea that the lower floors would have been able to slow that entire mass is ludicrous. The lower floors may have slowed the descent of some of the debris, but couldn't nearly lengthen the entire collapse. As for his mysterious, jacket-forgetting Swedish friend, I don't think he was qualified to decide whether the collapse was possible or not.

There are other problems with the column too, but I think I hit the main ones. It's sad to see people buy into internet videos and conspiracy Web sites like this. Adri's article is an embarrassment to the Daily.

Ryan Kennedy
University student <<<

Observe the complete lack of \\\\\\\\\\--anywhere.

So what gives? Everyone else can do it...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

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Ryan, You said: "The

You said: "The original theory is badly flawed too. Do you know how much 12 stories of the WTC weighed? The idea that the lower floors would have been able to slow that entire mass is ludicrous. "
Don't you think the many floors beneath the 12 floors weighed much more than 12 floors? How would weight from 12 floors smash the remaining floors (I'm assuming about 70 floors) when the remaining floors were more than five times their weight?
You're saying it wouldn't even SLOW the process?

Ok, this is a little bit of

Ok, this is a little bit of a stretch, but think about it like this... You have 12 stories worth of bricks, shaped like those top 12 stories, that aren't attached to eachother in any way falling onto a building. After so many hit, and are slowed or stopped, the top floor will collapse under the force. Although some bricks are stopped and slowed, the entire mass of bricks wouldn't have appeared to slow down. Now, all the bricks that had hit the floor, plus whatever that floor weighed are falling again. Some kinetic energy is lost from collapsing each floor, but some is gained from the potential energy of that floor being set in motion.

This assumption isn't that big of a strech given the extreme mass that was falling, and the fact that buildings aren't designed to withstrand such forces. Also, it is reasonable to think that the first few floors below the impact floors collapsed more easily as a result of being heated up.

I obviously can't prove that I'm right, but what is the alternative? Each floor was weakened by localized and undectable explosives detonated perfectly in sequence? What would be the point of that?

4 Micheal Zeburhr -Jack

4 Micheal Zeburhr


I meant for Michael Zebuhr.


I have also written in to the Daily. I also go to the University of Minnesota, you see. It's important that 9/11 gets the kind of feedback it deserves.

Oh, I should probably mention that my article is not at all friendly to 9/11 conspiracies. Hope you don't mind.

You can give me my -400 points now.

Also, don't rip on Ryan

Also, don't rip on Ryan Kennedy. He's a good guy.

Well, 911Debunker, we

Well, 911Debunker, we wondered when you'd show up. And thank you for registering--welcome to the blog!

BTW your post reguarding our time, *sigh*, at your journal in JREF, has just a wee bit too much COURAGE.COM. I have called off the investigation because--as you now know--the problem has been solved. The funny thing is the only people at your lovely journal who understood what I was doing was a red-neck homophobic chick and someone sounding like a skater dude. Oh well, it's irrelevant now. I was going to visit one last time to tell you where it finally stood, but thank you for breezing by so I don't have to.

There is a good possibility that you WERE NOT the troll in question, but you do know them, AND you had foreknowledge of who I was and where I came from AFTER MY FIRST POST. Your own people pointed out how odd your assumtions were. All you had to do was say, "yeah, I've heard of you, but I'm not trolling" and you would have saved yourself a headache. And, no, I don't believe you had no idea how to use a browser to do basic research on me before I gave you the idea.

Now run along to JREF and tell everybody! Just remember, thanks to your efforts and that of my 'Papa Bear' Ronnie, I'm no longer a twoofer. So let's get along, shall we? So much debunking, so little time!

Who is the person using your

Who is the person using your computer? You know, the one calling me "debunka" all the time?

And...what? You're no longer a truther?

No, I'm no longer a truther,

No, I'm no longer a truther, thanks to my Papa Bear.

And as for your other question, I have no idea what you're on about. I don't have a computer, at least not with a modem--I use the library's or a friend's.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

For the record: 1) I never

For the record:

1) I never heard of you before you came to my journal
2) I hate people who leave signatures on livejournal, and that included you...there was no prerequisite of me having to know you for me to make fun of your signature!
4) I didn't use the browser to find out who you were because I figured you were just another lunatic with baseless accusations, not to mention that accusing me of being a troll has nothing to do with 9/11. What am I supposed to do, google everyone who says crazy crap on my journal?

Get over it. I'm not this troll, and the only thing you've proven here is that you really ARE a conspiracy theorist. Your whole spiel has clued me in to the ridiculousness of people like you in the truth movement. You take a bunch of coincidences with completely logical explanations and just RUN with them, even though they are completely and utterly false. Your absolutely baseless witch-hunt has only inspired me to fight back harder against brazen folks such as yourself who obviously have no interest in reasoning.

I almost forgot: did you

I almost forgot: did you ever find the post where I supposedly say I'm a man, like you told casseia? I understand it may take a while--as it doesn't exist--but if you find it please share the link!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


So is this University a breeding ground for off base logic?

Ignorance is NOT Bliss