Norman Mineta paper ready for review

I have finished a final draft of my Norman Mineta paper. It's fully sourced and has many attached notes. I would like to publish this paper in the Journal of 9/11 Studies or anywhere else it is wanted. However, i think that it would be helpful if i let everyone here read through it so that if i missed anything, i can add it in before it's published in any journals. So I am asking for everyone's help to give me some feedback and if people have other ideas of things to add, that'd be great. For example, I have a note on the 9/11 Commission Report and it's conflicts of interest. There's lots more that could be added there, so if anyone feels like helping to expand the paper, that'd be awesome. Please post comments below or e-mail me at


A poem by Peter Dale Scott


For some reason, DZ did not consider this worthy of a blog entry. Apparently "no planes" and micro nukes are cool but inspirational poems by Peter Dale Scott are not. This is for all you truthers out there, fighting the good fight.

FREE CLIMB by Peter Dale Scott

To Maylie
Climbing to 37,000 feet
above yosemite
and the ABC Sportsflight

shows the first free climb
of the Lost Arrow Spire
directly beneath me

so steep above the window
of the Ahwahnee Restaurant
we had to twist our necks

of the watery canyon
not as high as mine
the eggs and sausage arriving

above the thunderclouds
as the lead climber falls
the length of his belay

enough to bite his tongue
blood over his hand
and I as suddenly

am close to a cold sweat
once on Mont Saint Hilaire
above the white wood crosses

fully extended on a similar
rockface I had to drop
hoping to catch the ledge

saved by a chance handhold
for a sedate career And yet
my trip to the Archives

to finish this manuscript book
about Mengele and the US
in Latin America

years after the cold ,
breakfast in the drizzle
with the Canadian film-maker

outside the gates at Auschwitz
is in its way a first
crack at an unsealed pitch

no summit visible
learning to climb free
You must be half way

To Tassajara
our daughter sleeping
on the madrone hillside

above Suzuki Roshi’s grave
as I add you to this margin
of my manuscript notebook

he reaches the flat top
and spreads his arms
laughing in my headset

from needless relief
in this country
we make our own risks

even beside this window
I am in my quiet way
engaged with power

my phone line tapped again
as during Vietnam
the stewardess laughing

as she pours me coffee
from the tapestry blue
mountains of Guatemala

and Sandoval’s death squads
trained by ex-Nazis
where in my last chapter

we murder the Indians
whose embroidered serapes
are older than Columbus

high high above
a storm in the Wasatch
I remember the driving

rain and hail across
the top of the Pyrenees
where the map had promised shelter

but the hostel as we struggled
wearily towards it
had been totally bombed out

from what I learned by chance
searching Catalan journals
more than fifteen years later

for Romanesque art and verse
was a raid on the refugees
fleeing into France

in the last air attack
of the Spanish Civil War
in innocence mindful

only of life's weather
not the buried corpses
my idle left hand

switches the announcer
into leaping strings

the friendly schmaltz
composed here in Iowa
of Dvorak's imagined

New World

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

your blog entry was

your blog entry was published hours ago here:

In that case, I take it

In that case, I take it back. Thanks DZ.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Very well done

This is a very impressive and useful paper in terms of content, and I'm also happy to see the citations done so well. It would be nice if Journal of 9/11 Studies could publish both a PDF and HTML with internal and external hyperlinks.

The 9/11 Commission Report website doesn't link to its own footnotes, which is weak and probably intentional as their footnotes often show how sketchy their sources are. Would it be possible for you to make a section of the Commission's footnotes and do internal hyperlinks to those footnotes, using their footnote numbers?

I haven't read your paper closely enough to know whether this makes sense, but one argument that Cheney and the aide were talking about Flight 93 might be this:

"50 miles out" meant 50 miles out from some line that had been ordered to be the closest Flight 93 would be allowed to get to Washington DC.

That would only make sense if the flight path claimed for Flight 93 matches the timing Cheney is claimed to have made these "order still stands" comments.

If they claim to be using a projected flight path and not real radar data, the timing could be reconciled. That seems like a really weak argument, though, because why wouldn't the aide be transmitting military raard ey could say Cheney and the

Whoops on the last sentence

they claim to be using the FAA at that time, anyway. It seems hard to believe the military and FAA had not locked on this plane by then for real data not projections, but that's their claim.


This is a great paper.

There is a typo in the first sentence of [Note 4].

'the' should be 'he'.

Your paper is interesting, but since solid evidence reveals

that AA-77 did NOT strike the Pentagon, you should include these fact as well:

A huge Boeing 757 can NOT fit though a 16' initial impact hole, no matter who says so!
DNA or any other method can NOT be used to identify 63 of 64 passengers on a plane that slammed the Pentagon at a reported 530 mph!
2 Large engines, 250 seats, luggage, etc., were NOT present at the Pentagon!

The explosion(s) at the Pentagon were caused by planted explosives and/or a missile

No Shoot Downs Allowed?

Your footnote 12 leads to a document that provides no procedure for shooting down hijacked planes, in fact it prohibits it! From Page A-1:

3. Procedures

a. General. Military personel will provide the following types of support: intercept, surveillance, lift, equipment and communications. Military personnel may not participate in a search, seizure, arrest or similar activity. This restriction would include the apprehension of aircraft hijackers or use of military aircraft (fixed-wing or helicopter) or other vehicles as platforms for gunfire or the use of other weapons against suspected hijackers.

But I did get a chuckle out of Navel Intelligence Officers. Are those the guys who stare at their belly buttons?

Hi, Pattie! Hope you're not

Hi, Pattie! Hope you're not going to get catty here--all us debunkers have to stick together!

Hugs and kisses!Cool