Presidential Explorer Paul: Investigate 9/11 'cover-up'

Dr. Ron Paul, Texas Congressman exploring a run for President, appeared on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday [MP3 link] and had the following to say about 9/11:

"CALLER: I want a complete, impartial, and totally independent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001 . I'm tired of this bogus garbage about terrorism. Ask Michael Meacher about how he feels about this bogus war on terrorism. Can you comment on that please?

HON. DR. RON PAUL: Well, that would be nice to have. Unfortunately, we don't have that in place. It will be a little bit better now with the Democrats now in charge of oversight. But you know, for top level policy there's not a whole lot of difference between the two policies so a real investigation isn't going to happen. But I think we have to keep pushing for it. And like you and others, we see the investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up and no real explanation of what went on.

JACK BLOOD, GUEST HOST: I think it's fair to say that of all the candidates out there, the one most interested in reopening the investigation and clearing the questions is Dr. Paul; and you should be commended for that.

Dr. Paul's Presidential exploratory committee need not report contributions under $200 to the FEC. Why not show your support for a new 9/11 investigation by sending him a check for $199.11? is a shill is a shill outlet dude, they push "Space Beams" all that sh!t. It should be total911.disinfo, they don't deserve to be mentioned on this site in my opinion.

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you are SO right....

also, if you wanna see just how infiltraitored 911blogger is... just TRY to explain to people how space beams from the secret base on the moon were used to melt the polar ice caps and cause all the fake global warming stuff--just mention the secret moon corps and see how "colonel" Jenny starts a thread mocking you and your BS. It is SO obvious, this infiltraitoration. GRRRRR.... What's a real truther to do amidst so much oppression?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force




i listened to the clip and

i listened to the clip and Paul refuses to be specific. its too bad Jack Blood didnt press him on it a little bit.


How do you react when you hear of a potential new terrorist threat?
I tend to believe it 52%
I tend to think it's a hoax 48%
Total Votes: 767
Note on Poll Results

Distrubing 52% think

Distrubing 52% think automatically think new threat's are real...

The other poll--how likely is another attack--would have been good if they added the qualilfying question "and who do the think the terrorists are?"

Oh well, they warned it wasn't scientific...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

hahaha, yeah, i didnt even

hahaha, yeah, i didnt even bother answering the second question. and of course we all know that an aol article isnt going to REALLY delve into the fake terror threats like it should. imagine the poll numbers if it did.

Ron Paul is the ONLY one!

Vote and support Ron Paul and you'll get your 911 justice!

And PLEASE realize that he isn't going to go into a rant on "inside job" b/c the media will rip him to shreds before he even gets out of the gate.

Ron Paul has MY support and about 15 other truthers in my area. I plan on not only sending money but putting a bumper sticker on my car and even put his signs out in my neighbor hood.

NO Democrat that is running is going to fix this mess. Ron Paul WILL! And, if he gets his way, expect to take home more of your check b/c he'll strip America back to the basics of the Constitution which is what it is SUPPOSED to be!

VOTE and SUPPORT Ron Paul! I'm serious. He knows what's going on and he's the only one who'll change it.

The DEMOCRATS will NOT save you!

and the republicans wont

and the republicans wont either. Ron Paul is a stealth candidate. hes a libertarian at heart but knows all too well that running as one would give him no chance of actually winning. its VERY smart of him to run as a republican. he is the only legit choice we have for president right now. like with Cynthia McKinney and her party leaders though, expect the establishment republicans to do everything they can to sink him. i noticed that when Paul mentioned he was running for president, the entire media including Fox News failed to take notice. what a surprise.

For the very same reason

The Media also fails to take notice or even Mention Dennis Kucinich.

I heard I think it was ABC just a couple days ago list all the candidates running from both sides.
Even though Kucinich was one of the first to throw his hat in the ring they refused to even mention his name because he is very anti-Neofascist.
What I find amazing is how they get away so easily with this blatant complicity of the crimes committed the past 6 years.

The MEDIA is the MAIN problem we have today, IF we had a true Media, a Centrist Media that reported just the known facts & had real & honest investigative journalism at its core then NONE of this Bullshit this country has been subjected to the last 6 years would ever have been possible.

It is imperative that we gain back control of our airwaves and until we do nothing is ever going to change.

Kucinich Supports

Kucinich Supports War,
Zionism And Globalization
From Dick Eastman
Hillary Clinton's positions on war, zionism, and globalization are identical to those of G W Bush -- yet candidate Kucinich has announced he will back her candidacy if she wins the primaries.

Thus, we see that Kucinich places "party loyalty" and "Hillary Loyalty" over ... over what?

If the "party" winning and "Hillary" winning means so much to Kucinich that he is willing to suddenly shut up about his moral positions for the rest of the campaign after Hillary is nominated -- then what do we really have here?

How can you, noodlehead reader, be soooooo stupid as to believe the Kucinich candidacy is anything but a political trick to keep anti-war, anti-globalization, anti-Israeli-domination-of-foreign-policy campaign contributions and activist efforts from going to raising a third-party candidate who really and truly is anti-war, anti-globalism and anti-Israel-Lobby-domination?

I don't expect that anyone is going to answer me -- no one can -- but you all sure as hell can ignore me -- as always -- proving that you are as crooked and far gone and dangerous (in your own passive way) as Kucinich himself.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washinton

Will some pro-Kucinich person please explain this to me?

you are dead on about the media being the main problem though. couldnt agree more.

Have to agree

with Eastman on this one.

Kucinich betrayed everyone at the last Democratic Convention. He basically shilled for Kerry's pro war agenda.

Fool me once ...

Looks like I'm voting for Ron Paul, somehow, this time around.

I disagree

Kucinich is about the only one in the Democratic party that has consistently called to repeal the Patriot Act, the MCA, actually about every single criminal act this Neofascist Cabal has passed the last 6 years.

He and Feingold and a couple scattered few in the Black caucus like McKinney.

Sorry but Ron Paul is a Rethuglican, maybe a Libertarian Rethug but still a Rethug.
That puts him on my shit list no matter what he says.

He needs to stay right where he is.

As long as we have the utterly pathetic voting system we cant seem to get rid of like the Electoral College which makes a 3rd or 4th party absolutely impossible then REAL & honest candidates from the Green party & others have no chance.
Then we must make do with what we are given.

Right now a phucking Republican is out of the question far as I'm concerned.
Lets face it they ALL lie every damn one of them makes no difference what party because the way system & the media are it forces even a good candidate to become crap.

If we are going to get crap I would rather have Democratic crap until we as a people demand the system be changed that is all we are ever going to get.

Here is a speech Kucinich gave recently.

The only sound byte of it you see in the MSM is that 7 seconds he sang 16 tons.

Also Kucinich was the only 04' candidate that voted AGAINST the war.
Only when Kerry unfortunately won the Nomination did Kucinich back him because he basically had no choice
so you are wrong on that.

"Kucinich is the only member of Congress running for President who voted against the resolution authorizing Bush to attack Iraq. Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt and Lieberman all voted for it, while Kucinich led almost two-thirds of the Democrats in the House of Representatives to repudiate their own party leader on it. In the national disgrace of our war on Iraq, the public figure who did the most to uphold American honor is Dennis Kucinich.

Late last month the top general of the Army said we may have to keep troops in Iraq another three years. One hears no talk of withdrawal from Edwards, and in Des Moines on February 14, Kerry said that during his first 100 days as President he would send over 40,000 more US troops. Kucinich demands that we turn the situation in Iraq over to the UN and get our 130,000 soldiers back home in ninety days. Otherwise, he forecasts that the $155 billion war we didn't have to fight will cost us a trillion dollars, and the 550 dead Americans will become thousands--not to speak, as usual, of the tens of thousands of Iraqi casualties."

I honestly cant find much of anything I disagree with Kucinich on.

Listen to this interview and tell me if you disagree with much if anything he says.

Or do you only listen to and believe what you see on the MSM? as a 9/11 truther I'm sure you must know what a mistake that would be.

The MSM is doing everything they can to demonize & marginalize Kucinich that fact alone should tell you that he is THE only real Democratic candidate worth considering.

Also I might add

That Eastman is full of shit.

"The source of the rumor appears to be a CounterPunch article by Kevin Zeese (executive director of Democracy Rising and a co-founder of VotersForPeace), Can You be a Real Anti-War Politician in a Pro-War Party? (Dennis Kucinich's Strange Mission).

Here's what Zeese actually wrote:

Some are particularly upset about his [Dennis'] endorsement of John Kerry [following Kerry's nomination by the Democratic convention in 2004] despite views that are very different from Kucinich's on key issues like the war, Patriot Act and corporate globalization. Many past supporters are uncomfortable giving a megaphone to someone who, if he is unsuccessful [in winning the Democratic nomination], will cheer on candidates like Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama who are not even advocating a complete withdrawal from Iraq and remain quietly supportive of military action against Iran.

So there isn't even an allegation that Dennis has made any assurances to Hillary or to anyone else!

What there is, is simply speculation that Dennis will be unsuccessful in 2008 and will endorse a pro-war candidate - as he endorsed Kerry in 2004.

I would note two things:

First, my recollection is that Dennis did not endorse Kerry until after (or at the end of) the convention in 2004, and his endorsement was no more than acknowledgment of the reality that there were only two possibilities - Bush and Kerry. So, Dennis' endorsement of Kerry was, at worst, acquiescence in the reality of "ABB" ("Anybody But Bush"). Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I feel certain that a Kerry presidency would have put the U.S. and the world in a much better position today than we are in with Bush in the White House today.

Outside the United States, the world harbored no illusions as to Kerry, yet nonetheless cried out in 2004 for the American people to defeat Bush! it was a high priority of the global anti-war movement to see Bush defeated. Furthermore, while Kerry could not have started his term of office as an anti-war president, he very likely could have been convinced by now to end his first term in exactly that way!

This is where he got that story from and its bogus.

We need to support Ron Paul

In every way we can in his role as a Congressman that at least acknowledges that a new CITIZENS 9/11 Investigation is mandatory.

But for "president"? surely you jest.

Would you vote for Dr. Paul

Would you vote for Dr. Paul if he also received the Libertarian Party nomination?

No I would not

Personally I would rather vote for a Green Party candidate but since that is made impossible because of ignorance of the American public and the MSM lying and dictating whom the majority of Americans are going to vote for then its pointless.

I would vote for Gore if he would run, especially if he choose Kucinich or Feingold as Vice Pres.

But of the current bunch that we know are running in 08' Kucinich is the only logical choice.

How many candidates in 04' demanded that Bush be held accountable for lying us into an illegal war of aggression?


How many voted against the war in the first place?


How many voted against the Patriot Act?


Who is the only candidate that repeatedly says to stop ALL funding for the war because it is the ONLY way to stop Bush?


As for Ron Paul

as a candidate.
While I commend his position on a real 9/11 investigation he still votes mostly Rethug on almost every issue.

H.R.6 to stop giving Oil companies BILLIONS of tax payer dollars and put that money towards renewable energy, bio fuels etc. He voted NO

H.R. 3 Stem cell research he voted NO

H.R. 2 raise the minimum wage he voted NO

H.R 723 Calling for the Chimp to take action on Darfur and Sudan to help. he voted NO

H.R. 2679 The "Public expression of Religion Act" which basically is just a Neofascist law further tearing down the Wall between Church and State.
He voted YES on.

H.R 2389 the complete BS "Pledge Protection Act" to keep the Pledge of Allegiance illegal he voted YES.

While he has made a few decent votes such as he did vote against the utterly ridiculous Military Commission Act, all in all he votes mainly Rethuglican.

So as Rethuglicans go he is certainly the best of the bunch by far, he is still rethug on way too many issues.
A decent rethug is basically like spraying cheap perfume on shit, might smell a bit better but its still shit.

Those are all

Those are all pro-Constitution and/or pro-states' rights votes, many of which you are distorting.

Why do you hate the Constitution and America?

And why do you want Bush/Cheney to invade Africa? 700,000 dead Arabs aren't enough, you think the US military should bomb little African babies in Sudan too?

Sick! You sound like a member of the Skull & Bones CULTURE OF DEATH.

you obviously

dont have a clue what you are talking about.

Didn't call for Bush to "invade africa" just to send aide you jackass, right now we are doing nothing.
Why do you condone Genocide?

yeah that's right

keep voting me down because this is a Ron Paul blog.

However none of you can refute what I'm saying because everything I'm saying is backed up by fact.

Here is some more Kucinich sound bytes that I'm sure no one here has seen because the MSM refused to play them.
The man makes sense and he votes his conscience.

How many candidates endorse Anti War protesters?

On Fear

How many candidates address and agree that electronic voting machines are stealing elections?

On 9/11, Katrina, Global warming etc.
Here he basically blames Bush for 9/11 on the House floor.

How many presidential candidates literally beg on the House Floor for the American people to WTFU and march in protest?

How many candidates want the public to "take back the media"?

So Nun, if it was Ron Paul

So Nun, if it was Ron Paul (R) vs. Hillary Clinton (D) for prez, who ya gonna vote for? Don't even tell me the 3% Green candidate...

Hard to say

Both would be a bad choice.

Be like choosing what you want for dinner on a menu that only has Raw slugs Vs Live Grubs, both are going to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Since it would really make ZERO difference if a candidate acknowledges that a new 9/11 investigation needs to be done or not because without absolutely overwhelming public outrage and support with 10s of millions marching in the streets it will never happen anyway.

Then I would probably go for Clinton just so I could watch republicans jump out of windows.

Clinton would probably be a slightly better on most issues, but she is nothing but Rethuglican Lite.

What I see is a horrid choice in 08' no matter what.

The MSM and the fascist that truly run this country wont allow Kucinich to be nominated, so it will be Clinton or maybe Obama since Gore refuses to let himself be ground up again.
Nobody on the Rethug side is worth a damn.

So the real losers here are going to be the American people because in general we are ignorant and just plain don't give a shit anymore.

Kudos to JB

That was a very good show, Jack should be commended for it.

I Seen

This fine patriot on Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism, and i have to say i really like the guy.However i also like Mr Bowman,and look what happened.Cynthis McKinney as well.
The Global elite,and all of their vast wealth would never allow a man with this much honor & integrity to become president. We have'nt had a man like this since JFK.
I will give this man my vote.

Ron Paul

I will not only vote for him I will campaign for him. This is a golden oppertunity to save what is left of our republic. The only problem is that if he shows signs of getting the nomination he will probably have an unfortunate accident. They (the Global elite) killed JFK, RFK and MLK so he had better hire an Army to protect himself. I am beginning to think that the only way out is an all-out revolution. I hate to say that because I hate violence but I can see no other way. Nothing else works with these scum-bags. God help us all...........

I think you're right about

I think you're right about things needing to get worse before they get better. The best outcome would include identifying the elites who are doing all the work behind the curtain and putting them on trial for high crimes(then hang the guilty bastards!). They've been sending messages to us through terrorism and it's time they get a message back.

Kennedy ok'd the Bay of

Kennedy ok'd the Bay of Pigs. I would hardly consider that being a man of integrity. America, gangsters, and the rich oppressive Cubans lost a lot to the revolution and Kennedy took a stab, albeit weakly, at restoring the status quo. Shame shame. I'm not religious but the bible nails it where it states not to 'worship false idols'.


Document your claim that Kennedy approved the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The way I heard it, he DIS-approved it. The CIA went in anyway. Kennedy refused to provide air support, and the mercenary force was decimated.

That's one of the main reasons they killed him.

Prove otherwise.

Crimes of the State


Actually if you read the Church Committee on Assassinations it looks likely that the Bay of Pigs was an unauthorized rogue CIA op which failed miserably when it went live and JFK refused air support. He took the fall for it rather than publicly admit the US military/intelligence chains of command were seriously compromised. The Church committee report is fascinating if somewhat compromised itself but it basically documents the failure of the executive to retain control over autonomous, criminal mil/intel operations dating back to at least Eisenhower's administration.

It also seems likely that no US president since then, with the possible exception of the 3 term defacto presidency of GHW Bush, has ever wielded complete executive power over his mil/intel organizations because the US power structure has long devolved into a feudal mafia-like fluid network of power centres each vying for political and economic control of the world's lone super power. JFK's murder merely entrenched the military industrial coup that Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address, and 40 years later Cheney's 911 massacre is the logical consequence of waning US military and economic global dominance as we all enter the end game of the era of cheap oil.

The moral of this story is that no candidate for US president, no matter how honorable, can bring about a fundamental change in the fragile US domestic balance of power without some truly catalyzing event, like the public exposure of 911, unifying the US citizenry in support of a complete reform of the military industrial complex and the political/corporatist structure it supports and maintains. I think it's this revolutionary possibility that freaks left gatekeepers like Chomsky as they really do understand and genuinely fear the dreadful implications of a collapse in the delicately balanced status quo.

If you think peak oil is here and now then a revolution in our modern way of life is coming whether we like it or not, perhaps within the next decade, and it will drive our elites towards the totalitarian police state that is already being set up and predatory resource wars abroad that we are already embarked upon. If the current fascist momentum in the US collapses, which looks quite possible, then perhaps you'll all get your chance to realign the US towards a more internationalist leadership role in dealing with our accelerating planetary resource and pollution problems of which global warming is just one grotesque symptom. If you all fail then the logical end game for globalized fascism is total war against everyone and everything including the bioshpere, and a final solution to the problem of humanity in species extinction sometime towards the end of this century.

Go Team America!

dont you get it? Kennedy was

dont you get it? Kennedy was burned by the CIA as soon as he took office which is why he wanted to "do something" about them. he took the fall for the bay of pigs. what would it have looked like if he didnt? truth is, its likely the same faction that did the bay of pigs is the same rogue faction(Hunt/Bush clan) of the CIA that killed him. Kennedy was no angel but he was surely moving in the right direction and was killed for it. thats not worship, thats the truth.

Seriously Sbg dude these

Seriously Sbg dude these clowns shouldn’t be promoted here. Check this, according to total911.disinfo Paul McCartney is actually dead and the real one that we all know is an impostor;

Smoking gun: Facial biometrics and the two Paul McCartneys
"Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike:
Part 3 of Facial Comparison: The Smoking Gun"

^ It doesn’t get anymore ridiculous than that, forget "Pods" "No planes" and "Space Beams".

so what

this is about ron paul, the only man in washington willing to speak out against the federal reserve hoax and the need for an independent 911 investigation. please support this man for president! not barack, hillary, mccain, guiliani, romney, and the others who are controlled aipac assets.

Exactly, it's about Ron Paul

- featuring a clip from the Alex Jones show - meaning there's absolutely no need for a disinfo site to be an intermediary.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



Yea so what Ron Paul’s

Yea so what Ron Paul’s credibility is getting trashed by some kooked out website, who cares?

First of all,

First of all, has posted a lot of videos for free. And yes, they do the space beam crap which anybody with half a brain ought to be able to recognize for the ploy to cut down Jones that it is. And surely, there are plenty of other websites talking about Ron Paul. But I think "trashed" is too strong a word (not for the space beams posturing itself, but for the article). Personally, I'd say Jack Blood having conducted the interview is more of a stain than the 911info piece.

Don't lump "pods" in with no planes and space beams.

Don't lump "pods" in with no planes and space beams. Not in the same genre, in reality.

=> South Tower Plane. The Evidence Revealed.

The Unicorns, the unicorns!

And The Paul McCartney impostor brought tons of thermite into the WTC buildings on the backs of 40 unicorns.

Or was it Fetzer who said that?

John Buchanan

Anyone know whatever happened to this guy?

the seven dwarfs

The years creep slowly by, Lorena,
the snow is on the grass again.

-Henry de Lafayette Webster, "Lorena"

Show "The fraud, David Ray Griffin, easily debunked again." by Anonymous (not verified)

Based on the 9/11 Commission

Based on the 9/11 Commission Report, did WTC Building 7 collapse? Yes. Just because they didn't mention it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

-Lincoln Abraham



Nothing to see here, move along......

Since all of this has already been "debunked" why are you wasting your time here? For crying out loud, it's a Friday night, don't you have anything better to do?

Hundreds of thousands of reports?

It's comedy night from the anonymouse. Hundreds of thousands of reports the last 5-6 years? And there were many, many reports PRIOR to 9/11.
Anonymouse, reports AFTER 9/11 are the fuel to keep the public scared while the death machine rolls on. Many reports PRIOR to 9/11 were ignored completely by Administrative officials. If you can't see that, then you are one blind anony"mouse". If you do see that and BS here towards giving them credibility, that makes you an agent, or the next prime candidate for Jackass 3.
I sincerly hope Ron Paul does run and get on the ballot at least. The republican party will probably discourage him from running.That doesn't mean he won't run, but not as a republican more than likely. I would contribute to his campaign, along with giving My vote.

my vote

I would definitely support Ron Paul. I was talking with some fellow Truthers last night as was quite amazed and dismayed to hear some of them outraged at the idea of voting for a Republican. Are we really still so caught up in our petty partisan squabbles? I thought it was fundamental to the 9/11 Truth Movement to transcend crap like that, and I hope I'm not alone.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

Totally agree

The left/right paradigm is a sham. The 'R' or 'D' by their names is symbolism only, to keep us arguing. It doesn't stand for anything. They are all part of this NWO, there are no differeneces btw R's and D's at the Federal level.

Ron Paul is a unique exception and I believe he is OUR candidate.

We need to drop the partisan squabbling as it does nothing but set back our movement.

Show "Who runs America?" by Creempuff (not verified)

Left/ Righ Paradigm

Anyone involved with 9/11 truth should know by now that at the highest levels of our government, the left/right paradigm is a hoax.

To break it down, anyone who supports the preservation of our Constitution and Bil of Rights is by definition, a conservative.

"To break it down, anyone

"To break it down, anyone who supports the preservation of our Constitution and Bil of Rights is by definition, a conservative. "

BWAHAHAHAHAHA, not nowadays, thats for sure. it seems to me that most "conservatives" are all too happy to piss on the constitution nowadays. this liberal loves the constitution more than any "conservative" ive personally come across.

We don't have but a very

We don't have but a very small few of REAL "conservatives" in DC. Very few! Just b/c they SAY they're conservative doesn't make it so. Ron Paul is a REAL conservative and Constitutionalists and he's not gonna beat anybody over the head with the Bible either. He's a good man.

FOX's Judge Andrew Napolitano has ripped shreds in the Bush Administration in his books and when he was on Alex Jones a few months ago he said.....

""Let me say a word about Ron Paul. He's the finest member of Congress in Modern Times. And one of the few who unfortunately has about two dozen who agree with him. One of the few who understands the true role of the federal government and the founding fathers' scheme in the Constitution"

You can hear the interview right here: (Starts at 17 minutes and 30 seconds)


Whether or not someone like Ron Paul that at least acknowledges the "Official Conspiracy Theory" is a bald faced lie is really meaningless.

There is only ONE way that true and honest change for the better will ever happen.

1. The Media must be taken back and forced to report the known facts, forced to be what they are supposed to be, a Centrist Media that just tells the FACTS.

2. The American people MUST stand up and absolutely demand numerous changes in government without exception and if need be put our collective boots on their collective necks.
It is "We the People" that must make this happen not a few scattered "representatives".
These representatives will be marginalized and demonized by the complicit MSM doing the bidding of the Neofascist that have control right now.

The media isn't just "neofascists".

They're aren't going to be any different when the Democrats take over. We have a mainstream media that's been infiltrated by the CIA for a LONG time now.

Look at Operation Mockingbird..............

"It is "We the People" that

"It is "We the People" that must make this happen not a few scattered "representatives"."


And those of us who have the relevant skills need to teach those who don't but want to learn.

There is no lack of will among the commons for taking our power back, but, for a variety of reasons, there is a lack of know how. That, and people are conditioned to be "rescued" by a "great leader".

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

left vs right

To most foreigners both American republicans and democrats are considered to nest in the right end of the political spectrum anyway.

this guy just needs to flat

this guy just needs to flat out get real

building 7 proves 911was an inside job----he aint saying it

he's full of crapola----just another political liar

if youre gonna go for it----go for it

point out the fact that the electronic voting is rigged

he's just talking around issues----

who needs this trouble??
the only way he's gonna win is if he TRULY goes for it

if Ron Paul comes out right

if Ron Paul comes out right now and says 9/11 was an inside job right now he will most likely lose all credibility. lets just make sure we get him into office (by everyone volunteeing) and then he can have a new independent investigation.

we already know that he s for the issues we need. we must be realistic

he is already an elected

he is already an elected republican politician---
he is already deemed to lose---

you dont lose credibility calling out the 911 inside job

it opens the dialogue----

asskissing gets you knowhere

he needs to be elected

he needs to be elected president......its our only you agree

worry about 9/11 after the election

he must br a politician first

this guy could kickstart

this guy could kickstart something real---but he's just gonna get thrown out of the spotlight before if he kisses ass
like what you want

art, the political

art, the political mastermind. RAND's statement that ass-kissing gets one nowhere. Why say that compromise is realism? That's a perverted view and exactly what has led to the perpetuation of all corruption. More than half the eligible electorate does not vote. You know why? It's becuase they aren't stupid.

"The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” - Roseann Barr

so you are saying that they

so you are saying that they dont vote bc they know that its all rigged anyway? they are smart enough to know that there is nothing they can really do about the important issues so why bother?

Mainstream media still not catching on fast enough! Still

publishing propaganda supporting the Gov version:

Like this crap

and this crap

Very frustrating!!!

MSM = Government Don't be

MSM = Government

Don't be surprised; that's for "the profane," as the high masons call us. That's their hate showing through in the lies, the mental illness, they give us. So stop reading it and help others see in their own way.

Ron Paul is RIGHT ON!

Let's stop with the ad hominem attacks on Ron Paul. He is far from a limited hangout. For god sakes he is ON AMERICA FREEDOM TO FASCISM. He goes IN FRONT OF CONGRESS WARNED OF A NEW GOLF OF TONKIN. Obviously he is aware of 9/11. This is a man who can get our issues into MAINSTREAM DISCOURSE. He is anti-UN, anti-federal reserve, and more pro-gun than the NRA. Ron Paul gets support from Democrats as well. Paul has stood by his ideals when everyone around him gives into schilling for a party. Let's support a real freedom lover, so that REAL issues can be forced into the MAINSTREAM.

He was also in...

Ruppert's "The Truth & Lies..." video I believe.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Bush admits he is a Zionist Puppet


by Michael A. Hoffman II | January 11, 2007

Did you notice that President Fruitcake was so ashamed of the way his
Shiite coalition partners killed Saddam Hussein that he didn't mention a
word about it in his national address last evening?

Did you also notice how he made a special point of publicly
acknowledging that he was obeying the "good advice" of a certain
Israeli-first lobbyist by the name of Senator Lieberman?

And that he indicted Iran for making war on US troops, while offering
zero evidence for this latest outlandish alibi for more war, on yet
another nation?

This wastrel is flushing billions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet in
Iraq. Ask the average American when was the last time he or she could
afford all of the dental care they needed. In Idaho the state government
is so desperate and greedy they even tax the milk, meat and cereal we
feed to our children.

Governor Otter (honestly, that's his name) says it would cost the Boise
billionaires too dearly to eliminate Idaho's shameful tax on food. But
there's always plenty of taxpayer loot for building more jails and
prisons here, and for killing and occupation in foreign wars.


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His best cameo, I must say,

His best cameo, I must say, is in Alex Jones' Matrix of Evil along with Cynthia McKinney.
That's what original got me started with Ron Paul. I think since then, he has backed off his stance more.

nicely put...what are teh

nicely put...what are teh chances the elections are rigged anyway....lets say for Hillary or McCain.....what would be the next step for this country

Crossing the Rubicon pdf e-book
This is a pdf of "CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of American Empire At The End of The Age of Oil"
also included on this page is a rebuttal of sorts to the "peak oil" theory called, "Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam" by Joe Vialls

the biggest election ever

ithe 2008 election is the biggest election ever...

will the American people go deeper into the New World Order that G.H.W. Bush had wrt dreams about?

or will we rise up to the challenge and do what is necessart. simply voting for this man is not enough. we need to volunteer and spread the word.

we cant let another puppet be elected. it will be the end of America.


As a non-yank. I don't know

As a non-yank. I don't know much about Mr Paul. What I've seen looks very promising. An ex libertarian? One of the few congressmen openly critical of the foreign policies of the Bush adm.

And one of my favorite things about Ron Paul that he tends to avoid nonproductive divisive red-herring issues like abortion and gay marriage - he says (and i agree) that these are things for individual states to decide on, not the federal government.

And as a Congressman who's never been afraid to vote "no" when EVERYONE else voted "yes", he'll make a President who's not afraid to use his veto power when called for.

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

Yeah, damn those divisive red herrings like slavery

and interracial marriage. Let the states decide, for crying out loud.

Actually, I'm willing to put lots of things aside right now, for the sake of saving the Constitution and averting fascism. And these "red herring" issues have indeed been manipulated in order to affect voter turnout. But let's not pretend that the two you cite -- the right to marry and the right of bodily sovereignty -- are not actually basic civil liberties issues.

Oh, I agree that they are issues of basic civil liberties...

...but if he's saying they're states rights issues, then that means he won't be doing anything at the federal level to restrict these liberties.

Or, at least, we hope he'll be a man of his word (such a rare thing in american politics!)

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!


None of this is going to matter unless we establish a reliable way to verify the vote through comprehensive exit polls at a majority of polling places.

They must know that we are keeping an eye on them so they don't manipulate the vote

we need 500,000 honest and impartial volunteers to man the exit polls

we need the voters to understand why we are attempting to keep an accurate count

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I agree that vote manipulation is a problem

And until we can get that reformed, the temporary fix is: Get more people to vote!

There seems to be a limit on the number of percentage points "they" can get away with skewing the elections... but with only half the population or less voting most of the time, and some of "us" being disillusioned by these stories of voter fraud (some or most true, some possibly spread to discourage dissidents from voting), and highlighting issues that divide the country 50/50, it becomes potentially easy for an election to be compromised.

When at all possible - Vote for Truth :)

Fascism Lite - Now with 75% less mass murder and 25% more public appeal!

Disagree all you want, you're wong.

Ron Paul also voted against the Iraq War:

I was at a press conference, questioning Kucinich about 911 in 2004. He would not touch the issue then. He will not touch the issue now, as Kyle Hence just discovered, and I posted on this site yesterday.

Kucinich is part of the Democratic machine. Their strategy includes neutralizing third party challenges by pretending to be an opposition. If you can't see that by now, after Kucinich's miserable performance at the Dem convention of 2004 (shilling for pro-war Kerry), then there's no use talkning to you.

You say he had no choice! Yeah sure. Poor politicians, they have no choice about betraying their constituencies. There is no agency to their actions. They are merely puppets.

And THAT is what you want to support. What a stench.

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

All information is vetted for accuracy. If you have a factual challenge to any of the information, email: johndoraemi --at--

you obviously

have a grudge against Kucinich.

Kucinich had no choice because once Kerry unfortunately won the primary then he HAD to at least pretend to back him, you need to think about what the alternative was going to be, 4 MORE YEARS OF CALIGULA you dumb ass.
What would you do? Try to take down the only possibility there was to get King George the W out of power? Get real.

I have already destroyed everything you claim, no need to waste anymore time debating an idiot with a grudge, Kucinich is not the enemy.
Neither is Ron Paul, but he clearly is not whom should be President.
As Republicans go he is leaps and bounds ahead of ANY other republican.

Hell when it comes right down to it there really isn't anyone in the current batch of 08' candidates other than Kucinich and Ron Paul that are even thinkable.

its a pity that neither one have a snowballs chance in a jet fuel fire to win a primary, the Corporate Elite will not allow it.
You can hate Kucinich all you wish, almost a free country still.

But what about impeachment???

He voted to impeach Clinton but said on a C-Span clip I saw on You-tube that he was not for
impeaching Bush or Cheney! He mentioned possibly an investigation into wrong doing but that was about it.