Video: Ms V for Vendetta

I think this is a bit goofy, but it's quite good as well. Great effort by the lady who did it, check it out;

A mixed, but mostly good bag with some caveats...

She's cute and sincere; I agree broadly, but the devil ,as they say, is in the details.

Take fox hunting--sorry, this is not bagging a deer or fish which you can actually eat; this is a blood sport,"yay, we get to kill something". That said, the cops were WAY out of line braining people for--what? Not being docile?

Similar problems she brings up, that admittedly are being used as excuses for unneccesary legislation, all have their solutions in teaching or giving people the opportunity to learn skills and build their own independent resouces. But no, instead of helping people to help themselves-- not that "bootstrap" crap--lets "help" them become completely dependent on us while, at the same time, teaching them living in fear is normal.

Thing is "yobs" are just a symptom of the broader problem she's mostly addressing well--they learned power is an excuse to act without accountability from the very same power-mongers who want to "help".

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I'd have to agree with the

I'd have to agree with the sincere lady from Britiain in her assesment that the Fox Hunt debate and subsequent protest was initialized by Authorities to send an intimidating message to all potential protestors at future rallies against, say, the immoral invasion of Iraq, or anything else. Sort of like what occured in NYC when countless protestors were jailed for no reason in unsafe conditions on a rotten old asbestos filled store house on the Hudson River.