Hillary Clinton to answer questions in web chats. (7pm EST 22nd, 23rd + 24th)

Hillary Clinton (in her first step towards running for the US presidency in 2008) said she planned to answer questions in web chats on three consecutive nights, starting on Monday.


Update 22nd Jan.

Requires registration with zip code.



She was at the Bilderberg Meeting

That makes 6 Dems to be running

Personally, I won't vote for any of them if they will not speak out about the utter lack of morality attributed to the illegal Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and the continuation of this misery.
Any candidate must demand the war end in the middle east and pull out our troops, or forget about running for the Presidency. They get the troops out ASAP, remove all domestic laws that subvert the Constitution, repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, remove all signing statements written since 9/11just to begin with.
If they skirt around these issues, or don't want to take them on, then they aren't worth consideration to run for office.