A Mike Whitney must read- about the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra


Mike Whitney is right on top with this one. I for myself got the same insight a few days ago, as I learned of the presidents use of this bombing as an excuse for staying there / surge the troops.

This is a must read to understand the philosophy behind the perpetrators.


The bombing of the Golden Mosque

By Mike Whitney
01/20/07 "ICHBlog" -- - We’ve heard a lot about the bombing of Samarra’s Golden Mosque lately. Bush has brought it up twice in the last week alone. It’s a critical part of the administration’s rationale for the occupation of Iraq, so we can expect to be reminded of it nearly as often as 9-11.

The destruction of the Golden-dome Mosque took place in February 2005 and has been identified as the “catalyzing event” that plunged the country into sectarian violence. That, at least, is just the official version. No one knows really what happened because the administration refused to conduct an independent investigation and the media excluded any account that didn’t square with the Pentagon’s spin on events.

What we’re left with is mere speculation.


More to follow: http://www.ichblog.eu/content/view/32/1/

"Yeah, I think the US (and

"Yeah, I think the US (and possibly Britain) blew up the Samarra Golden Dome mosque. ... This is the worst debacle in covert operations I have witnessed in thirty years." --Mike Ruppert, 2/27/06

Great article, thanks for

Great article, thanks for that! I suspected from the second I heard it that the mosque bombing was suspect as hell.

Check the damage done to the

Check the damage done to the dome;

Look at Daniel Pipes

comment after the Samarra bombing:

He has clearly a prophretical look into the future:


The eruption of civil war in Iraq would have many implications for the West. It would likely:

Invite Syrian and Iranian participation, hastening the possibility of an American confrontation with those two states, with which tensions are already high.



Invite or better said: lay the ground to accuse these states of doing that.