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The Next President
by Dick Eastman

Here is something to think long and hard about.
The next president is going to deprive a criminal network of hundreds of billionaire mass-murderer war-profiteers of hundreds of billions of dollars and these fat cats are not going to like it...these are fat cats who own Congress, fat cats who own the media, fat cats who head international organized crime, fat cats who control the CIA, Mossad, MI6 as their private organizations; fat cats who have, in addition, armies of their own, secret agents of their own, and their own special forces; fat cats who control the monetary system and who are the creditors holding the IOUs of the federal government and are owed the debt of every household, state, country and municipal government in this country; fat cats who are masters of unspeakable power; fat cats used to having their way and being immune to law or any moral authority -- remember these fat cats coldly conducted the Sept. 11, 2001 false-flag attack to get the wars they wanted and the police-state power they wanted. 
The next president knows that both he and the men he picks to join his administration will be marked men. Never forget that if multi-billionaire fat cats want someone dead they can, without much pain at all,  pay thousands of people a million or two million dollars each, one to kill that person - and the rest to make sure that everyone, including family and friends and police force and journalists, forgets all about it. Many of the world's billionaires kill people for their own sexual gratification, or to settle their own petty scores -- and they think nothing of it, because their wealth makes above law, answerable to no one, and safe from any possible revenge. 
Remember to -- and if you didn't know it I'm telling you now -- the global elites control weather using weaponized weather modification to create droughts or heat waves, floods or crop killing frosts for their own economic or geo-political gain. They control biological weapons -- the anthrax attack that shut down Congress after 9/11 was just a sample of what they can do. The are capable of crippling modern economies with information warfare. And they have the ability to put the United States into bankruptcy at any time simply by presenting notes payable on demand. 
And the next president will take office with not one tenth of one percent of the population knowing what he will be up against or what extraordinary measures he will have even the remotest chance of fulfilling the hopes and expectations of the people who elected him.
However, the next president, in order to free the American people from the corruption and slavery imposed by these self-appointed masters of the world, will have to speedily use the power to issue executive orders to counter evil even more vigorously and effectively than the puppet presidents have used them to create evil. He must disarm his mortal enemy immediately. (which will be hard, because the mortal enemy will know he is coming.)  He will nationalize, he will federalize, he will use the Patriot Act he will kick ass...and he will most certainly be called a dictator and a Hitler.
The next president will shut down the monopoly media for the sake of  national security, declaring it an agency of hostile foreign powers and pronouncing it in violation of anti-trust and a conspiracy to monopolize and therefore crush political expression in this country for anti-social purposes. He will break up the media and require local ownership of TV and radio stations in every town. and he will do so amid cries that he is violating free speech -- as if the billionaires haven't been heard enough, as if it isn't the people's turn to be heard for once. 
Going far beyond Kennedy or Lincoln this president will federalize the 'Federal' Reserve and erase all of the US debt owed to the federal reserve (a sizable portion of the total US debt). And he will issue new treasury money on which the country does not have to pay interest.
To meet the financial power of the global money power this president will use the power of government to nullify debt owed to criminal persons and financial institutions. He will instruct the justice department -- after replacing most of its personnel -- to bring charges against the perpetrators of the high-finance looting of the people of the united states. Bribery charges and conspiracy charges will be brought against those who were once the most powerful people in the country. The Council on Foreign Relations and the American members of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg group will be brought up on charges.
And this president will call on the people of the world to support his effort to destroy world enslavement by international crime.
And there will be a showdown. And this president will discover that the military as an instrument under the control of the president no longer exists -- that it has been so completely sabotaged by previous administrations (Clinton and Bush) that it is no longer reliable -- that planes will crash themselves, that computer systems will fail or target the president's own forces.
The next president will be called a dictator and an anti-Semite.
The next president will re-regulate derivatives and foreign trade -- and will manage to do so even though the Jewish staffers who write the laws that Congress approves and who work for the money power in New York will refuse to craft the legislation.
This president will meet and overcome a resistance and sabotage by the entire bureaucracy. He will fill positions on the recommendations of people he doesn't know and can't trust -- and to find the honest and untainted men he needs he will have to draw from places far from Washington DC, far from the East Coast and far from California and Florida -- and these men will necessarily be green and unsophisticated and will be ridiculed by the ever hostile former-ruling class.
And the billionaires will hire agitators and they will apply economic and political pressure to have this president impeached -- they will call him a dictator -- and the billionaires will sabotage the economy so that people can't get food or fuel or pay their bills -- and the US will not be able to meet its foreign debt obligations and the billionaires will organize the nations of the world to cut off the United States and starve them until the President is overthrown -- this President will know how Chavez feels, how Saddam felt.
One women on one of the progressive lists I post to (until recently) said: "I don't care who the next president is as long as she is a woman and is experienced."
Well, I have news for that woman and for all women and men. The next president is not going to be Hillary Clinton. It is not going to be Omamba Bamba or whatever his name is. It will not be some Libertarian who thinks that because he has read Milton Friedman on perfect competition that he understands the world of government-owning racist slave-seeking anarcho-capitalists. It will not be some programmed Green who thinks that the biggest problem we face is Greenland becoming green again with all that warmth and carbon dioxide. It will not be that timid shadow-populist Ron Paul with absolutely not a dollar behind him and a GOP party 100 percent against him. It won't be phony bait-and-switch anti-war candidate Dennis Kucinich. It will not be the cardboard grinning buffoon of any of the existing third-parties funded and promoted by the plutocracy to divide the people's vote. It will not be some so-called progressive whose every idea was put their by the Zionist Jew Trotsky who preached 'from each according to his ability' but was in reality a hoodwinking Jewish-supremacist Zionist seeking to enslave the world to his delusional kind.
The next president is going to be a man greater than George Washington or Jefferson or Lincoln -- greater because of what he will undertake, because of who and what he will fight and defeat, and because of all the good in the world he will make possible.
That is he will if you believe that such a man is possible, that only such a man will meet the need we face, that only such a man must be supported.
You see you have to create a place in your minds for this next president to fill. You have to make a place for such a man in your conception of the United States and of the future. You have to think in terms of what such a president would need to survive in office -- what kind of backing from the people -- what sacrifices and battles would have to be fought by the people for such a president to be able to carry out the reforms, the law enforcement and the leading of a nation out of a hell that the devils ruling that hell will make a thousand times more hellish in their efforts to keep it captive.
You want this president? Then let me ask you -- what must a girl do to marry a tall handsome doctor? rely on luck? Isn't there something a nation must do to get the right kind of president? Don't you have to eat, drink and sleep the right kind of man -- know what you are looking for, know what will fit the bill, allow for what it will take. 
What has to happen in this country before we can get a president like that? Because let me tell you -- if the masses aren't ready to huddle protectively around such a president, to hold him up, to fight for him -- then you aren't going to get him, or if you do, he won't last 10 days.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

george washington was

george washington was propagandist and a freemason.

why does the writer of this article think george washington is a saint? because they like most other patriot movement nationalists see corruption in every single facet of foreign and domestic governments EXCEPT in the founding fathers themselves. I find this highly hypocritical and transparent

Out of everything ultimately

Out of everything ultimately relevant in this article about the present situation of the USA you decide to pick apart a 231 year old detail which was used mostly for Patriotic measures. Why? Taking things down is easy. Building things up is more difficult. Do you always take the easiest tasks?

I get the point that we have

I get the point that we have to be ready and willing to support the man or woman who is up to taking the bastards on, but this
"huddle protectively" stuff only works with an electorate that isn't overworked, underpaid, and uninformed.

Eastman also seems to over focus on what "the people" have to do, without understanding why they aren't doing it. Like yelling at someone with no legs for not running a marathon.

Also, if we want a better world, we need to move away from getting a new and improved "glorious leader" to being more self governing with a governement that is an extension, not a hinderance to, self rule.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

You've made a great point

You've made a great point that I agree with and promote often. We should not expect a god-like figure to come and save all of us. It's time to stand up for ourselves; that is where the real power is anyway, in all of us standing up and marching on DC and pressing the Courts and Police Agencies for accountability, and not spending our money on things which fuel the enemies of our nation. As usual Col. Jenny Sparks, you are correct.

"As usual Col. Jenny Sparks,

"As usual Col. Jenny Sparks, you are correct."

Thanks, but I have my moments...I just try to keep them in CrossBall!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

What we have now...

...I have a protest sign about...


"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

The next president will be one of the in-crowd.

The corporations are making billions and sharing the money with members of both parties. I don't expect there to be much of a change.
The last election proved that it doesn't make any difference which party is in power.
We are going to be sending more soldiers to get killed and train them to be killers themselves.
We are going to pay more taxes to fund the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan as well as the other usual covert operations that stirs up trouble in other countries.
Perhaps King George II will order Iran nuked before he leaves office.
Things he tells us are constantly being proved to be untrue. He said last week that he was the best supporter of the police but refused to pardon the immigration border guards that were arrested for shooting a Mexican illegal immigrant drug dealer. The Mexican drug dealer was given immunity to testify against the border guards . The crime was the border guards did not report the shooting. The Border guards were tried and found guilty and will be sent to jail while the illegal Mexican goes scott free to smuggle more drugs.
Maybe China will buy all of the Corporate stock with the money that we keep printing and sending to them. I think the amount of the national debt is in the Tens of TRILLIONS of US Dollars.

My humble prediction

I have a prediction for 2008:

I predict that before the 2008 elections, bush will stage another fake terror attack like 9/11,
but bigger, declare martial law (using the Patriot, Military Commissions and
John Warner Acts), mobilize the Natl Guard (which he gave himself the power to do),
cancel the election and keep himself in power indefinitely. He's signed every law, executive order and signing statement to allow him to do it. I hope I'm wrong, but everything points to this, IMHO.

I'm guessing the only reason he didn't pull this off before the 2006 elections is
because I don't think all the "laws" were in place yet, especially the one where he took
control of the States National Guard troops away from the Governor's and gave it to
himself. He can't declare Martial Law without the Military.

Second, if he's going to do this, he's going to do it to keep himself in power.
2006 was too far away from the 2008 election to assure that for him.

bush will use the "Continuity of Government" provisions to pull this off.

The Civilian Inmate Labor Program is in place on Army bases around the US
where he could put the "dissenters".
Here's the official Army manual:

Lately all the talk about him attacking Iran has gotten me thinking that if he is insane
enough to do this, and he is, he will declare martial law to crush all the massive
protests that will undoubtedly happen. One way or another, he is going to keep
himself in power to insure the New World Order.

Again, hope I'm wrong, but he's not setting all this up for the next President to use.