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What is your opinion on the lies told by the US Goverment concerning the air quality at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11 (Currently on 16 votes)

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In my opinion the way that

In my opinion the way that the government permitted Mr. Silverstein & his associates to clear away the White Elephant WTC complex and the lies that followed about the quality of the air is the worst crime towards human rights since the the German treatment of the Jews.

I hope the new project is haunted by those that perished on 9/11 and those that have suffered because they went to help or were duped into going back to work by the false reports. They did not and do not deserve to suffer.

From the quality of the government reports released that relate to 9/11, I have to question the accuracy of the economic numbers and other information that are being released also.

The worst part of it is that is was all done for money. Money from the fraudulent insurance claims that were filed and that we all are paying for with the new product that was legislated into the insurance industry. The "Terrorism Risk Insurance" rider.

I try and get peace from knowing that when Mr. Silverstein and his associates die, my GOD won't overlook any of those that were involved and will dole out a JUST punishment for each and everyone that was involved.


There is a new terrorism add to insurance policies????

You have got to be kidding.... is everyone getting this?

every business that "Lost" on 9/11 will win ten times over in the end..... Insurance companies never lose

the airlines are getting theirs with their new 9/11 fee

we pay extra for gas just for the possible threat that terrorism may disrupt supplies.

there are probably a hundred other things that we must pay for which are designed to give us the allusion of safety


Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act was made law in 2002

Before 9/11/01 underwriters did not specifically exclude terrorism from their standard policies property insurance coverage. As I understand it, the the underwriters felt that the chances of terrorism causing damage was just to minimal.
Mr Silverstein was very specific when his associates discussed insurance before he leased the buildings in July. He wanted terrorism to be specifically mentioned in the policy.
Gee, I wonder why ?