Democracy for New Hampshire Covers 9/11 Questions

Thanks to Crystal Urbanski for sending in photos from the Dover, New Hampshire Strategy Session. Thanks to Peggy Brewster for taking the photos. Photos Copyright Peggy Brewster.

Barbara Hilton reports on Dodd's visit to the Granite State

"...The next question was about 911. The questioner (Rob LaPorte) said that since the events of 911 were the cause for war with Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans still had a lot of questions about the events of that day. Dodd was asked if he would support an independent investigation of what happened? His response: "I would be glad to take a look at this again." To the question of why did Building 7 at the World Trade Center collapse, Dodd said, "I don't know the answer." ...

...The next question involved a statement about several different events that happened on 911 including early reports of bombs and controlled demolitions from the firefighters first on the scene and the suspect coincidence of World Trade Center insurance contracts expiring on that day. The questioner (Mike Casner) stated that perhaps he missed the earlier answer, but would Dodd support a new investigation with subpoenas? Dodd responded "I'd take a look at it." ..."

Bravo to the first 9/11 Truth Squad of the early Primary season, Rob LaPorte and Mike Casner! I'd say they have set a good example to be followed up on and developed even further.

Great Work.

Great work guys!! This is exactly what it is going to take. We got to Dodd. We need to get to everybody! And when we get it on YouTube it will be all the better. Peace and thanks guys for asking those questions that I would like answered as well. Amen.

Thank you!

Thank you for asking these questions and drawing attention to this matter that must be addressed in every corner of America and beyond.

Great Example

this is just the kind of thing we need!

Is the 2008 Election Season when 9/11 Truth...

...goes Prime Time? MSM-wise? Rob & Mike have gotten us off to a great strart. Examples to us all.

Bravo Rob!

Excellent work.

Sorry I missed it.

You may want to check out my latest article about the Bush Escalation speech:

I think you'll like it.

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David Caputo

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Thank you Rob and Mike!

Now what?


What are the next moves?  What are the possible responses/counter attacks?


It seems we all hang around wondering how we can bring truth to the masses. How to get heard on MSM?  How to expose the bad guys?


I have been following this site for a few months now and can’t help but feel that progress is being made.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if this movement gains critical mass very soon – especially in light of the upcoming presidential elections.


However, what is the next move?  What are the next moves?  What are the possible responses/counter attacks?


This is not a game of chance.  The “enemy” is treating this like a chess game and so should the 9/11 movement.  Chess masters win because they can think several moves in advance.  They can consider many possible combinations without ever touching a piece on the board.  We must do the same.


In chess, there is an opening, a midgame and an endgame.  We are in now the opening.  And, what we do in the midgame and endgame might very well affect the future of the entire world.


What are the possible outcomes of our actions?


What happens if the MSM all of the sudden starts covering the movement?  How will the neocons react?  How will the world react?  Our allies?  Europe, Asia? Our “enemies”?


We need to seriously consider our actions and the opponents’ possible reactions.  Not one move at a time, but thinking ahead as many moves as possible.


I fear that once the truth starts “leaking” out on the MSM (if it ever in fact does) the “cornered” animals will lash out.  How this could happen is anyone’s guess but we must consider the worst case scenario – more state sponsored terrorism to scare us back into submission.


We as a nation have lost our moral compass and authority.  What we do now and in the near future will either help restore it or jettison it further away.


We must think and plan ahead.  We must have a strategy for success.  We must expect the opposition to be tough and we must expect to lose some battles.  We must learn to use both truth and passion.  We must learn to fight this battle on our terms.


The opposition does everything they can to control their “world”.  However, what happened to Dodd yesterday gives us a clue as to strategies that might succeed in making “waves”.  But now what?  How do we follow up on yesterday’s battle?  What will be the reaction, if any, from Dodd and/or the US Gov?


This thinking looks important

Thanks, Ken.

I want to point out that how we take the next step is almost as important as what we do -- and by 'we' I think I mean all those who want an honest government.

I also do not know how we can become a real 'we', acting in a concerted way. Very possibly, 9-11Blogger can be the venue for that.

I would like to propse to everyone reading this post that we commit ourselves to non-violent action. This would include non-violent speech. I may try writing a blog entry to support why I am saying this. Those in power will have no way to deal with true and persistent non-violence.

Yes, of course. Non-violence is key. We need to...

...outsmart them.  It shouldn't take much (read with biting sarcasm.)

At this point I have to agree

Your point is well taken. I was one of the 2 who questioned Dodd. It happened spontaneously and with plenty of luck. Webster Tarpley was in Dover NH to speak to 9/11 truthers. He pleaded with us to send 2 people to "bird-dog" Dodd. The timing was right, we found the place, were treated as guests and allowed in. We sat and listened, then politely kept our hands raised until, fortunately, we were called on about 20 minutes apart (seated well seperated from eachother). There was no need for, and nothing to gain from hostility. It was a most democratic format and all we wanted was to put the questions out there and let his responses (or lack there-of) to go on record. He said he knew nothing about it. His answer speaks volumes wether or not he was telling the truth. He did NOT say he would support an independant investigation. That to me makes him part of the cover-up, though I did not voice this opinion at the time.

The fact that I have little experience at this, and that it was not planned in advance, should be very encouraging for anyone asking themselves: "can I do this too"? Of-course you can....and you MUST! We cannot let them ignore the issue of all issues.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Thank you. What you did took real guts...

and I applaud you and your co-truther.  I am hoping for a similar opportunity if and when my fearless senator turned presidential candidate shows up on a campaign stop and takes real questions, not screened "Internet chats". 

 These people make me sick.   I am now starting to think the Bush administration is purposely prolonging the Iraq war to help keep the focus away from 911 truth.  They are going to do everything in their power to steal the next election, too, as they know they will eventually need a pardon to avoid jailtime.

 It is terrible to think this way but our POTUS leaves us no choice - he has turned us all into cynical citizens.


Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Here is a link to Webster

Here is a link to Webster Tarpleys' weekly 2 hr braodcasts, the 20th was live from Dover, NH and covered the days events.

Here is a link to Barabara Hiltons Democratic website where she gave a complete description of the days events. We never spoke with her, she did this on her own. Very encouraging. Keep up the good fight. We are going to prevail.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Would he prefer not to think about it?

Look at this quote from the Barabara Hilton website: "To the question of why did Building 7 at the World Trade Center collapse, Dodd said, 'I don't know the answer.'"

But it looks as though he does understand the question. He did not say, "What an outrageous question."

This strikes me as an odd situation. You wonder: Is he interested in the answer to this question?

very good point indeed

You are so right and I hadn't thought of it at the time. He did not attack the question itself, which makes it appear even more legit to the audience. Far cry from FOX News responses eh?

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Dodd audio?

Did you get the exchanges with Dodd on audio or video?

still searching

We had no equipment but I found today 8 video minutes after searching google video "Christopher Dodd Dover NH". It wasnt of the 9/11 questions, but with some effort I am sure we can find it. Try searching the link above (Barbara Hiltons' website) and maybe you will have better luck than I did.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

I agree with the

I agree with the non-violence approach. Normally I am on the fence with the death penalty issue but with regards to holding people accountable for high crimes and treason....fry 'em up! They are the most dangerous form of sociopath. Serial killers and mass murderers are in the same category with regards to sociopathic behavior. There is no place for them in our society PERIOD!

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)


Whitey, this is an old thread now, so I am not sure you will see my comment. Maybe eventually? And it is no big deal anyway if not.

Have you considered how unprecedented it would be for a sitting or former president, or vice-prez, or Admin. staff members for that matter, to be charged with capital crimes?

Would 'we' (as in USA) ever do that? We have never done it.

Can you imagine having a former pres. on death row? It is well beyond me to imagine any step in this process, once the proof of crimes were on display for all to see.

If we don't

Put these people where they belong at some point..... it will just be more of the same for America and the world

We will not re-regain respect in this world if we do not hold these criminals accountable

The penalty for treason is pretty clear cut.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss