Noam Chomsky shills again.....

Noam Chomsky, "the great intellectual", has in a PBS interview once again embraced his supposed worst enemy's favourite war-justifying psychological weapon, that being the "Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory".

It stands in stark contrast to 9/11 widow Patty Casazza's earlier PBS interview, in which she mentions WTC 7, the continued need for an impartial investigation, as well as the Henry Kissinger meeting, the loss of civil rights and other things of real importance. Things of real importance which are dismissed as "non-issues" and "distractions" by "the great intellectual" Mr Chomsky.

To listen to Chomsky’s interview click here.

To listen to Patty Casazza's click here.

"Noam Chomsky on America's Foreign Policy"

"Patty Casazza on Implementing 9/11 Commission Recommendations"


Patty Casazza

Its funny how an ordinary citizen makes more sense than the expert. This seems to happen a lot of the time. Let's keep working. Peace.

No reference to 9/11

There is no reference to 9/11 in this interview of NC. There is still one interesting point. NC admits he has been downplaying the risk of a war with Iran but acknowledges he has reconsidered his position and that such an attack is now a probability with horrendous consequences.

"There is no reference to

"There is no reference to 9/11 in this interview of NC"

Yea there is, he talks about 9/11, Osama bin Laden and why the attacks should be recognized as "blowback".

6mins 35sec - "Bush is Osama

6mins 35sec - "Bush is Osama bin Laden’s best ally, because the reactions are violence. So lets take 9/11, terrible crime, it turns out, and we now know, knew then, that it was literally condemned by the jihadi movement around the world....."

this man is a true coward.

this man is a true coward. or worse.

He is the linguists' version of verbal up-chuck.

His behavior exemplifies the extraordinary power of The Big Lie. I have been taken aback at the number of people I've spoken to, career "critical thinkers", who react like little children or freshmen debaters... when we really get down to brass tacks.

They invariably revert to circle-jerking with "the conspiracy would have been too large for them to get away with it", "they would never", "Bush is a dick, but he's not that smart"... "the freedom of press protects us from such diabolical developments"...

They will quickly produce a string of such unoriginal platitudes, looong before having a look at WTC7, Northwoods, Pandora's Black Box, America Freedom to Fascism... or placing in the light of all the things Bush has surely done, up against that which "he would never".

I find myself lowering my head (long after holding my ground while raising example upon example), in a mix of emotion and dismay. I wonder how many bricks I've just forced them to add to their fortress of denial... a fortress SOMEONE SOMEDAY if not me... will crush into little bits, along with their ego, vested pride, and self-confidence that they've got ahold of really-reality, so long as they remain safely secluded away like Chumpski in his pseudointellectual ivory tower. ugh


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

spot on!!


i think we can safely say: he's a twat. lol

We have been labotomized

on so many levels

people with real smarts are squashed by the "Fraternity of Stupid"

The only way that many people get by in this world is through the groups that they must join to survive. Individuality aka thought has been sucked out beginning in Kindergarten.

People are taught to go along to get along..... this continues untill college where everyone joins a fraternity or sorority.... where getting along comes with a price.... and all the weaklings who would otherwise not survive all band together and maintain their strength in numbers

Then these people move on to the professional world and bring that fraternity mentality with them......where somehow the cling-ons get propelled to upper level management... and the cycle is set.... because these idiots will never promote anyone who may threaten their position.

People who think don't fit into the system in any way

Thus the weak prosper.... sucking it all out

that is the trickle down affect

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

People are taught to go along to get along.

Yes, this is a people joiner for the boners who are members of the 322. Georgie's nickname was "lips". He could give such a great blow jobs!

They love to such each other's dicks. Play along to get along.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Rah Rah Rah!

I just heard that 7 of our Presidents were CHEERLEADERS???

I don't even think Hilary was a cheerleader


Ignorance is NOT Bliss

once again embraced his

once again embraced his supposed worst enemy's favourite war-justifying psychological weapon, that being the "Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory".

He didn't! He spoke about terrorism in general and hey, maybe thats news to you, but it does exist. Not all terrorist incidents that benefit the US corporatist elites are false flag murder-atrocities. There are idiots with weapons who are self-motivated.. or should I say, remote controlled by the PSYCHO MINDSET that the USA creates/perpetuates.

... of real importance. Things of real importance which are dismissed as "non-issues" and "distractions" by "the great intellectual" Mr Chomsky.

What YOU think is REAL important ?

OK, I see we have to start with Adam and Eve.
Since you seem to be born yesterday and do really regard 9/11 as the birthday of what we struggle against:

I often Wonder

IF it really would exist without goverment instigation...

you have a divided people..... all the government has to do is initiate violence and they will be launching grenades at each other forever.

They simply need the grenades

Untill they see who really threw the first stone....
.one incident could lead to hundreds more.

One car bomb leads to 100 more.... blow up our golden mosque and we'll do the same

Divide and conquer

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

What kind of pure horseshit

What kind of pure horseshit talk is that? The sell-out goes on and on about "OSAMA" the big bad CIA boogieman. Don't tell me some braindead crap about his rhetoric when you didn’t even listen to the thing properly, like some other poster further up.

Perhaps the reason why that mumbling, egoistical "Leftist" cult leading fraud still feels comfortable with embracing the official 9/11 narrative is because of complete retards like yourself "u2r2h". Ever think that you might be doing the gatekeepers a great service by justifying their prejudice with insane nonsensical bullshit about "no planes hitting the Towers", "Space Beams" and "mini nukes"? Get off this site shill.

And for anyone who doesn’t know "u2r2h" posted a load of disinfo "no planes" horseshit in the comments on one of Chomsky’s blogs here, after he attacked 9/11 truth in his usual spineless fashion;

^ Way to justify his false position you f*cking paid shill!

I still love you. Angry young hunk!

You cannot divide what the love for truth as brought together. We are all one movement.

question dbls.

is it any surprise that the person promoting no planes and space beams is the same person that rufuses to say where shes from and also has a habit of promoting and defending Noam Chomksy? and im sorry u2r2h, but amandareconwith is a bit less obvious than you when it comes to the shill game. better step it up. if you wanna promote space beams and hide everything about yourself like your location etc., you might wanna drop the Chomsky groupie stuff. its a dead giveaway.