Operation 9/11 and General Musharraf's Half Truth

Operation 9/11 and General Musharraf's Half Truth

By Abid Ullah Jan

Al-Jazeerah, January 22, 2007


General Pervez Musharraf has partially admitted to some facts in his book. For example he admitted that Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was trapped in the case of kidnapping and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, was actually the British secret Agency MI6’s agent and had executed certain missions on their behest before coming to Pakistan and visiting Afghanistan to meet Osama and Mullah Omar.

What General Musharraf tries to evade here is the role Omar Saeed Sheikh has played for the ISI, and more importantly the role he knowingly or unknowingly played in part of the complex operation 9/11. Omar Saeed Sheikh was used to frame the Taliban and particularly Arabs in Afghanistan or the impending 9/11 tragedy.

General Musharraf’s book, In the Line of Fire, has also confirmed the serious doubts and some facts about Omar Sheikh’s alleged involvement in kidnapping and murder of American journalist which many believed was not the work of Omar Sheikh. However, this could be one of General Musharraf’s cunning way to put the American administration on the defensive.

Omar Sheikh knows too much now, if he didn’t know before. For example, he now knows why he was used by ISI Chief to Transfer $100,000 to Atta Mohammed. This is just one fact related to operation 9/11 which the ISI, Omar saeed Sheikh and may be General Musharraf didn’t know before 9/11. But now they are in a better position to put the missing links together. That’s why the United States will never want Omar Saeed Sheikh to be freed to jeopardize the official story about 9/11. General Musharraf can be silent because of his timid nature and love for power. ISI chief Mahmood Ahmed can be silently sent home, but you can never trust a person who worked for multiple intelligence agencies and who has been used for framing Arabs in Afghanistan for 9/11 before 9/11.

General Musharraf seems to have deliberately confirmed in his book that while Omar Sheikh was at the London School of Economics (LSE), he was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6, which persuaded him to take an active part in demonstrations against Serbian aggression in Bosnia and even sent him to Kosovo to join the jihad.

The Times, which carried extracts of Musharraf autobiography, reported that General Musharraf appeared to have changed his mind about Omar Sheikh’s guilt, saying he now believes that the man who beheaded the American hostage was Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. This is not something new that dawned on general Musharraf. This is something which General Musharraf knew well. This is just fraction of the facts, which General Musharraf is revealing in parts put Americans on defensive. General Musharraf can tell the whole truth to save both Pakistan and himself. But he seems to have different plans.

The Times has reported that Rai Bashir, Sheikh’s lawyer, said that he intended to use the memoir to force a new appeal hearing. It, however, seems impossible that Omar Sheikh will get a break. Instead of telling the whole truth about operation 9/11 in which ISI and its assets were used before 9/11 and the related information was later used to cow General Musharraf into submission after 9/11, General Musharraf is playing the American game with Americans. It’s kind of counter blackmailing in an attempt to tell his American masters: If you hurt me, I have the weapons to hurt you as well.

Musharraf hardly realizes that time is running out for him. He either has to tell the whole truth, or face the unfortunate reality of the day when he will be declared a spent force, which either has to rot outside Pakistan like the Shah or Iran, rot in a U.S. jail like Manuel Noriega, or get hanged at the hands of new puppets like Saddam Hussain.

There is enough evidence to suggest that the United States has blackmailed General Musharraf after 9/11 for the ISI and its assets’ knowingly or unknowingly playing a role in operation 9/11. Telling the world that Omar Sheikh was actually British agent would hardly be enough to exonerate ISI and save Pakistan from consequences of the blunder of General Musharraf as and when Washington decides that it is time for Pakistan to go.

Both for Pakistan and General Musharraf it is just the matter of time. General Musharraf is doomed regardless of what he says and does from now onwards. However, by telling the whole truth about all that he knows about the ways in which ISI and its assets were used to facilitate frame-ups for 9/11, will not only be a great favour to Pakistan but will also save the rest of the humanity from the scourge of totalitarians in Washington who are out to physically re-colonize the Muslim world in particular and the pretext of war on terrorism. The most potent justification for their crimes against humanity is 9/11. And only truth about 9/11 can stop the march of worst fascism the world has ever witnessed.

Abid Ullah Jan’s book “From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment continues,” for details on how ISI was trapped and General Musharraf effectively blackmailed.






theories about the 100k

Anyone have theories about the alleged 100k transfer to Atta? It would seem to be the paper trail linking the ISI to 9/11, but I'm not entirely sure if it's true or what it's meant to prove.

First, I'm assuming that no one about to die would need 100k; so does the transfer mean Atta is still alive?

Second, many have suggested that an Indian newspaper has obvious reasons for trying to attach Pakistan to 9/11, and so maybe the story isn't true. The FBI endorsed the story, but that probably doesn't count for jack.

I'm just wondering if people have theories about this 100k transfer, because it strikes me as really odd that it was so easily identified. How would anyone have learned about this, unless it was meant to be leaked?

Further, discussion of it seems to have replaced discussion of the many leads that suggested Saudi money was behind 9/11. Is the 100k story a distraction?


Wouldn't it be somethin if there was a way to track that $100,000..... I know you can't just go to a "Check and Go" and have them give you $100,000!!

Was that account accessed after 9/11? by whom and where?
Is that $100,000 still in an account somewhere?

You could ask question after question about this money and where it ended up.

I personally do not believe that Atta ever boarded any plane.

He may have thought he was simply doing a random security check.

Maybe he knew exactly what he was doing... who knows... but if the money transfer was real..... there is a trail to follow

Ignorance is NOT Bliss