Patty Casazza interviewed on NOW (PBS)

Thanks to 7man for sending this in:

Patty Casazza mentions WTC 7 and the continued need for an impartial investigation, as well as the Henry Kissinger meeting, the loss of rights, and other interesting items.


This is what we need ...Victims family members united,after all it was the Jersey girls who got something going in the first place(Although it was bogus)

Show "Alice Hoglan" by Amanda Reconwith

implement the 9/11 commissions recommendations?!@@$!

I am confused. Most of what Patty Casazza talks about is a need for the 9/11 commissions reccomendations to be funded and implemented. So let me get this straight: A hand picked white wash commission that was put in place to cover up all the facts pointing to an inside job, arrives at conclusions already decided in advance, and when Patty gets this golden opportunity to speak on PBS, she mentions very little about the suspicious events of that day. 70% of her talk was devoted to making us safer. This goes with the underlying assumption that we were attacked in the manner the official account would have us believe. Her brief mention of WTC 7 was pathetic. I can't believe i'm writing this but I find this quite suspicious.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

this is typical of the

this is typical of the jersey girls, sadly. how do you think they get spots on PBS and MSNBC in the first place? im not saying they are comprimised, i wouldnt think that for even a second, but its no surprise that Donna Marsh O'Connor,Ellen Mariani or other more forceful family members dont get the calls to be on MSM shows.

what a shame...but no surprise

Well, I heard from a most reliable source that those who funded the making of "9/11 Press For Truth" had their own nefarious objectives. It sure did look like Hollywood style to me. I'll take 911mysteries part 1 over that any day of the week. But that's just my opinion. One way or another the 9/11 stack of cards is going to tumble. We just gotta keep pushing pushing pushing..........and WHOOOOOOSH

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

is that so? and what

is that so? and what nefarious objectives would that be? who exactly funded it? is this like that bullshit insinuation that frineds of Hillary Clinton and Soros funded Loose Change? you gotta be careful with accusations like that man........