The Underlying Politics of 9/11

An excerpt from a Ralph Schoenman speech on the false flag aspects of the events of September 11, 2001.

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Building bridges

Schoenman has the unfortunate tendency of quoting Marx on occasion (there are plenty of NON-authoritarian socialists to quote, even if Marx had state capitalism pegged) but Schoenman is still one of the best analysts of 911 truth and false flag operations out there.

Taking Aim is a powerhouse.

The beauty of a Schoenman or a Chossudovsky or a Parenti is that they combine so-called "conspiracy theory" with class analysis, thereby providing a bridge between the "left" and the "right". In doing so they nullify those on the left (like Chomsky) who insist on a faux “institutional analysis”, as well as those on the right who insist on a pure “illuminati” or “jews run the world” world view, ignoring basic facts of life.

I think it's a bloody shame that the above-mentioned are often forced to play second-fiddle to other truthers, when in fact a combined class and "conspiratorial" analysis could provide essential context to billions of people and really bring 911 truth into the mainstream.

The Last chapter in Parenti’s “Land of Idols” is by far the best analysis I’ve seen of “conspiracy theory”. He does not, like so many on the left, dismiss the concept of conspiracy – rather he embraces it. Simultaneously, he grounds the concept in class reality: there are those who have little, and there are those who have lots and lots and lots. Those who have lots frequently conspire against those who don't. Pretty simple, if you ask me.

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Excellent post...

...too many of us (those who recognize both the massive criminal Inside Job of 9/11 and the fraud of the official story) try to fit 9/11 into our pre-existing framework of how the world mentioned some prime examples...unfortunately, the followers of those examples frequently find superficial reasons to divide themselves from other (potential?) Truthers and keep us from achieving the critical mass we must acquire...(a recent example for me was listening to a John Bircher castigate Sunsara Taylor, who's recent protest helped expose Rahm Emmanuel & the Democratic Leadership for the false opposition they are, as that "little pinko"...). I wish we had the luxury of putting that fine a point on it, but we don't...not if we're going to "break the tactic of false-flag terrorism in front of their faces...(sorry, I never get tired of using that phrase... :).

We all have our favorite explanation as to the root cause of the 9/11 Murder/Psy-Op (for me, I'm still focused on it being perpetrated primarily for further perpetuation of the petro-military-industrial complex...all that non-productive government spending needs an enemy to justify it..,), but I'm always interested in looking at others' viewpoints, no matter how outlandish they seem to me deep this goes remains to be seen....

Yes, rather than getting too attached to the root causes of 9/11 lying in "communism", or "the illuminati", or "freemasonry", we have to concentrate on coming up with the best ways to expose the crime/fraud of 9/11 to others in hopes of converting normal, average Americans that still only have a feeling in their gut about 9/11 and the rest (rigged elections, controlled media, fiat currency) of what is wrong with our society. I guess I'm saying we should concentrate first on getting widespread acceptance and recognition of the "symptoms" before we delve too deeply into the "cause" (especially when that particular cause can be so far removed from ordinary people's existance). There will be plenty of time for that later. 9/11 Truth is hard enough to accept as it is, let alone attaching it to Satan Worship and the Occult, if you take my meaning.

Nice words, but I think you

Nice words, but I think you are wrong.

Marx, Schmarx ...

the RIGHT believes in UN troops invading USA.
They believe in Negroes being inferior.

And Chomsky DOES accept conspiracies, he just doesn't resort to the convoluted circular logic that conspiracies entail. Amazingly he can explain US foreign policy with simple common-sense 100% of the time.

The RIGHT is manipulated. I suspect that the UN TROOPS MEME was planted, and nutured a long time ago. (along with a few others.)

Google CHOMSKY CONSPIRACIES and find tons of anti-chomsky articles at precisely the moment that the mainstream gets to hear more about chomsky, for the simple fact that he is so obviously spot-on when he explains US foreign policy in its complicated emanations, with his lucid and clear words.

Is that a conspiracy? ***

If you presume a cabal behind everything, like the illuminati controlling everything .. you may as well jump off a cliff. Or join the cabal. What hope is there?

Most newbies reading Chomsky will never read the newspaper the same way again. They will read between the lines. They will look for the stuff the elites DO NOT MENTION.

Is that a conspiracy? ***

In 95% of cases Parenti, Schoenman, Chossudovsky and even Marx are in complete agreement with Chomsky and he with them. The rest 5% is debatable in ethereal circles, but not in the REAL WORLD.

Is that a conspiracy? ***

I also don't understand what your fixation is. Why divide? Why not attack injustice instead?

Is that a conspiracy? ***

I know why you do it.
You are a paid agent by the DIA.

Is that a conspiracy? ***

{just kiddin}

QED. You see, even accusing someone of being a shill divides.

Yes it was an obvious inside job ... that date .... in New York, I forgot, what date did it happen again?

.. just kiddin.

While 911 is an obvious PRIME EXAMPLE of how the elites play the game to RULE, it is only one. Nice, visible, in your face... and yet people don't see it. Makes you think if this was planned this way?

In polite conversation 911 may be unmentionable, but you can easily find an example of plutocracy and FAUX DEMOCRACY. The trick is to UNITE and MOVEON to the next step.

Agreed on a undemocratic practise?
A possible next sentence could be:

Hey, lets go to the city hall tomorrow with a video camera and interview 'people in authority' to just check out THEIR OPINIONS and then play it to people who elected them and see if they still support them.

(Remember: Don't complain about the media, BECOME THE MEDIA!)

Holding people who rule over you accountable is probably universally accepted .. well, maybe with the exception of

  • CHRISTIAN-born-again (43% of which were born-again before the age of 13)
  • Straussians
  • right-wing authoritarians

oops, that's 25% of US Americans. Thats more than voted for Hitler.

Hehe.. Thou people art the greatest! Now I realize why I keep coming back to 911blogger... its fun! You all seem like little ants that one can singe with ones jolly magnifying glass, build little shikanes and see you run in circles. You are all focussed on 911 911 911 911... like ants are focussed on gathering food. That makes you predictable, and easy to divide. Especially for women, hehe.

So, UNITE ! Make it so.

SIE AUCH , Herr Haupt!

**** If you presume a cabal behind everything, like the illuminati controlling everything .. you may as well jump off a cliff. Or join the cabal. What hope is there?


Thats a good show but still he fails to link the true criminal Silverstien . he was there ace in the hole.
Someone needs to make a movie on the life of Larry Silverstien.
You know what they say about common sense, It isn't at all common.

your thought assumes CD is proven fact...

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You are joking yes? Surely you don't doubt controlled demolition

at the WTC?

It's not that I "doubt" CD, I just don't have a ferver for it...

and it isn't my "faith" like it has become to some. It is not a guarantee that it was CD. Is it possible? Sure. Has it been proven? No.

It has plagued me recently that the conversation is so narrowed to "Pentagon Whatzit" and "Controlled Demolition" when the issues I'd rather see promoted are the inconsitencies, lies, omissions, and unanswered questions of the Family Steering Commitee.

It seems to me that avoiding the FSC issues and focusing on circular-speculation doesn't do anything for us but keep us arguing amongst ourselves.

I do think there were real planes though, so I guess I'm a "butterhead". Where's Nico been anyway?

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Molten metal under the towers & #7, free-fall speeds of collapse

Guliani stating foreknowledge of collapse & then shipping evidence overseas, numerous claims of explosions, Silverstein's infamous remark about #7 & the fact he made billions in insurance because the buildings were totally destroyed, William Rodriguez eyewitness testimony, Steven Jones work...

Proves controlled demolition to me.

devil's advocate:

1) Pockets of heat and friction create intense insulation in the aftermath of the "collapses"

2) Has all the evidence been shipped overseas? I thought a good portion resides in a hangar.

3) Lots of things sound like explosions. An electrical fire in one end of the submarine can cause explosions of electrical units across the entire submarine. Is a buildings electrical system different?

4) "it" = the group of firemen (says Silverstein)

5) I'll give you Rodriguez, but keep #3 in mind.

6) Jones has yet to prove his case with little more than a few digital images.

Guiliani could've been talking out of his ass, or there could've been people there who looked and saw the possibility that the building can collapse (maybe not straight down like it did, but a portion of it). See building 7 quotes from firefighters about the integrity of the building before the collapse, for example.

Builders cut corners a lot on buildings, and I can only imagine what it was like in the 60's/70's ; surely the "science of things" was not the same as today.

I don't want to start a fight. I agree that the "collapses" seem suspicious and early on (late 2003) I was very passionate about Controlled Demolition.

However, when the issue of reaching the masses, and not preaching to the choir, comes up, it seems like it would help our "cause" if we focus on issues that seem a lot less speculative, and are more geared toward the meme "there are a lot of things that don't add up or have been ignored, suspiciously", like Pakistani ISI, wire transfer, flight school / addresses, warnings, and the 28 pages of the Commission Report that have not been made available to the public, not to mention the lies about the air quality and the coverup involved in that. These are issues that people probably don't know about and are far more effective in sparking that flame of interest.

Spouting about missles, bombs, thermite, mininukes, holograms, CGI, Illuminati, and other things may have some validity, but in terms of activism and discussion, do not hold weight with your average person.

Because one day, if and when a video of the Pentagon is released that shows 77, and when NIST, NTSB, FEMA, NAACP or any other acronym provides a thorough, solid report regarding Building 7, then what?

Just playing Devil's Advocate here...

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Reaching the masses...

Different approaches are crucial for different audiences. The circumstantial/testimonial/historical evidence is compelling to some people, but others just couldn't care less. On the other hand, the physical impossibility of the official "collapse" theories -- the Towers were blown to smithereens -- is what piques some people's curiosity. On the most basic level, without advanced physics, something fishy is immediately apparent to many people once they have thrown off the conditioned PTSD response to the images. In terms of a new investigation, it is as compelling as the circumstantial evidence. This doesn't rely on promoting a theory of controlled demolition per se.

When you say "in terms of activism and discussion," I just have to disagree. Building 7 is what did it for my mom -- and she's about the last person of whom I would have predicted that. The Towers are what did it for me. (And by 'did it" I mean convinced me that the official story was bullshit.) You have to know your audience.

I will say that when I saw the video of the TruthMove guys at Ground Zero, I felt very strongly that if I were there, I wouldn't be saying nuthin' other than "Excuse me, ma'am, but did you know many of the family members are demanding a new investigation?"

You gotta be kiddin me.

You gotta be kiddin me. Silverstein?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month