Dylan Avery Talks About Loose Change Final Cut on The Alex Jones Show

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Dylan talks a bit about the future plans for the existing second edition, clears up the misstatements on their budget for the film, and talks about what we can expect to see once Loose Change Final Cut is released.

Thanks to Bozo and Ed for the heads up!

cant wait. i gotta be honest

cant wait. i gotta be honest though, i dont see them getting this into many theaters. call me cynical, but i dont see how they could allow that(remember how tough it was for Micheal Moore to get his film picked up? and thats like Loose Change without the balls). i'll believe it when i see it.


.......I have to agree with you on that Chris,although i wish i did'nt.
What does it take to make the main stream theaters? Same as the main stream media?

its a different dynamic, but

its a different dynamic, but its still the same big corporations that make the call in the end. apparently Moore had to re-cut his movie numerous times to make it "acceptable" enough to be picked up by Lionsgate. im not sure exactly what he had to take out, but i hope LCFC doesnt get the same treatment. sadly, i only see LCFC making it into a few arthouse theaters and thats about it. i hope im wrong.

well matbe...

if it goes down well at caines (french film festival), then like Moore's F-911 it will make it to the european cinema's - and listening to Dylan, if it's gonna be as tight as it sounds; it will make it big time over here (i'm in UK), and then hopefully get proper backing in U.S!!

a tsunami starts off small, but when it breaks, it's unstopable!! :-)

Cannes film fest

I agree Cannes is the key. Mainstream media cannot ignore Cannes. I hope they make it to the Toronto film fest as well. They will get a warm welcome.

Freedom to Fascism

Not to be a downer, but the Aaron Russo's film also won an award at Cannes and well...but it might get things going abroad.

I thought it "premiered" on the beach nearby...

it won? what?

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That's right.

Aaron Russo used an inflatable screen... even still, he's done an amazing job with AFTF both pre and post-production.

Dylan - Do us Proud, you Have our Support !!!

This interview makes me want to hug Dylan!


- Warnings
- Oddities regarding lack of Secret Service agents while attacks occurred and Bush was in school
- Air defenses
- Military's changing explanations regarding air defenses
- Speed at which all 3 Towers Fell
- WTC7 (including showing that the support columns were pulled)
- Lack of defense of Pentagon
- Jones, Griffin, Ryan, Jersey Girls

Don't mention:

- Flight 93 landing in Cleveland
- Fetzer, Reynolds, Wood
- Street-level arguments about 9/11 at Ground Zero

mainstream programming

My opinion is that you don't need mainstream theaters to cause a ruckus. LC2E proved that already. I also bet quite some film and documentary festivals will be happy to include LCFC in their program.

The Blair Witch Project was

The Blair Witch Project was only playing in 1 theater in Atlanta when I went and saw it.. it then proceeded to blow up whenever people were waiting an hour in line to see it at this one theater.. the news had to cover it - and it happened all across the country..

we have to support the independent theaters in our cities, and we have to push them to air this, once that happens it is just a matter of time before people take notice to how it is selling out like hotcakes.

i know i personally will take 20+ people to see it if/when it comes to Atlanta, and i know i am not the only one.

best of luck to dylan and crew!

hell yeah dz, we have to

hell yeah dz, we have to push this film like nothing weve pushed before. i plan on promoting the hell out of it.


Will be making flyers,and posting them EVERYWHERE! Also ill take an ad out in the local paper.

I'm reading over at the

I'm reading over at the Loose Change forum that they are aiming for 3000 screens in the U.S.. not right away, but all in all.
It's a worldwide release, one company in the UK is interested in 70 screens.

Let's hope this will take off..



Loose change, tighter balls than that slob's sling shot job in F-911!

If 3.5 million have watched it online, then theaters who are out to make money have to see the potential here. If they don't then you know free-market capitalism is truly dead and we're really just living in an oligarchy.

10 million

The estimate for LC Internet downloads is 10 million. But of course it is difficult to estimate such things. One has to believe there is a huge market for the film.


Forgot about it

Digg this one also

Hey Guess What?

The United States is sending a second Aircraft Carrier Strike Group to the Gulf because, "The Middle East isn't a region to be dominated by Iran", and "the United States will protect its interests."

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

i wonder if Vegas is taking

i wonder if Vegas is taking bets on when the draft will be?

Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War
by Paul Craig Roberts

Everyone knows that Bush’s Iraq "surge" will not work. Even the authors of the plan, neoconservatives Frederick Kagan and Jack Keane, have emphasized that the plan cannot work with any less than an addition of 50,000 US troops committed to another three years of combat. Bush is only adding 40% of that number of troops, and Defense Secretary Gates speaks of the operation being over by summer’s end.

On January 18 a panel of retired generals testifying on Capitol Hill slammed Bush’s surge plan as "a fool’s errand." Even the easily bamboozled American public knows the plan will not work. Newsweek’s latest poll released January 20 shows that only 23% of the public support sending more troops to Iraq and that twice as many Americans trust the Democrats in Congress than trust Bush.

A majority of Americans (54%) believe Bush to be neither honest nor ethical, and 57% believe that Bush lacks "strong leadership qualities."

Nevertheless, Bush defended his surge plan, telling a group of TV stations last week, "I believe it will work."

Bush is correct that it will work – indeed, the surge is working. We have to be clear about how the plan works. It does not mean that 21,500 more US troops will bring order and stability to Iraq. The surge is working, because it is deflecting attention from the Bush Regime’s real game plan.

The real game plan is to orchestrate a war with Iran and to initiate wider conflict in the Middle East before public and military pressure forces the Bush Regime to withdraw US troops from Iraq.

Two US carrier attack groups have been deployed to the Persian Gulf. US missile systems are being sent to oil producing countries to counter any incoming missiles from Iran should any survive the US attack. Israeli pilots have been training for an attack on Iran. US war doctrine has been changed to permit pre-emptive nuclear attack on non-nuclear countries. US attack aircraft have been deployed at bases in Turkey. A neocon admiral who attends AIPAC events has been made commander in chief of US forces in the Middle East. Obviously, the ground war in Iraq and Afghanistan are not the focus of the Bush Regime’s new military deployments. The Bush Regime is focused on attacking Iran.

In CounterPunch (January 16) Col. Sam Gardiner reports that the Bush Regime has put into operation a group led by National Security Council staff whose mission is to create and foment outrage against Iran. Col. Gardiner details various signs of the Bush Regime’s escalation and indicates some of the final deployments that will signal an imminent strike on Iran, such as "USAF tankers moved to unusual places, like Bulgaria" in order to position them for refueling B-2 bombers on their way to Iran.

Both Michel Chossudovsky (ICH Jan. 17) and Jorge Hirsch (Antiwar.com Jan. 20) have recently documented evidence that the Bush Regime is orchestrating a crisis with Iran that can lead to the use of nuclear weapons to attack Iran.


i wonder if Vegas is taking bets on when the draft will be?

Good question; they should be. Why do you think Selective Service has been forcing all young males to register over the years? Now all they need to do is send them the draft cards!

Third ACSG in the Gulf?

Before he went AWOL, DL Abrahamson had made a good case for there already having been 2 groups in the Gulf before this one -- the third -- was sent. I see he hasn't updated the FF News website recently -- bummer, 'cause I would really like some links to his sources on this.

Return to Sender

If I don't recognize who my mail is coming from I always write "Return to Sender" on the outside of the envelope and send it right on back.

I know where my bills come from and I know what a Birthday card looks like and where they are coming from.... everything else gets the kick back.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Wecome aboard!

Off topic, but I just noticed.

Then again, it's not like you have a choice anymore... ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

An American Stalingrad

Fomenting war with Iran is the strategic equivalent of Hitler moving into Stalingrad. It is Bush's Waterloo. It will be the biggest U.S. military blunder since...Iraq?

This situation is similar to the Cuban Missile crisis - except in THIS case it appears that OUR president is to blame - and on a bad combination of acid and crack.

HOW can they think that they can possibly WIN a war with Iran?

Sure - we can probably reduce Iran to rubble in a matter of minutes. But it will take the use of nuclear weapons - and the ramifications of such an act will be catastrophic. The USA and ISrael will be viewed and reviled as the world pariah - akin to nazi germany. the world will rise up against us. we will be attacked economically and militarily by likely and unlikely enemies. everything from domestic terrorism to the collapse of the world bank to nuclear terrorism itself could emerge. MILIONS could die.

let me ask you. do you think for ONE MINUTE that anyone cold have predicted the death of 50 million people in World War 2?

when Hitler was marching around in silly uniforms in 1933 - and invading small defenseless countries like Poland in 1939 - do you think that ANYONE could have EVER imagined the WORST CASE SCENERIO that resulted?

no. of course not. we are all living in denial. even us. we all tell ourselves that - relatively speaking - everything will be ok. sure - we may see wars and violence - but the ONE thing that people are NOT understanding is that the WORST CASE SCENERIO could happen - again.

and we all know what that means.

this is the biggest crisis in world history. i know that sound exaggerated - but the stakes have never been this high. the weapons have never been so fearsome. the sheer magnitude of billions of lives hanging in the balance - depending on such limited resources and food - and at the mercy of the political and military aspirations of just a handful of ruling elite - is unparalleled in world history.

the bigger they are - the harder they fall. all this technology we rely on is a house made of straw - and the winds of war are only now starting to blow.

imagine for one moment the results of complete breakdown in communication and transportation and resources and law and order. imagine for one moment waking up and discovering that a major US city has been destroyed with millions dead.

what is it going to take to stop this president from launching or causing a war with Iran?


In a rather longer winded way, you've expanded on something I used to say.

"Little Adolph wasn't HITLER until AFTER everything was said and done."

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

: |

you calling me a wind bag?


"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002


must be the coffee


and all those Elitist believers in Eugenics will be nice and comfie in their bunkers.... sitting on their golden couches.... watching it all unfold on the big screens.

Can we name all the people who have Bunkers at their disposal?


Warren Buffet

Bill Gates

George Bush


Area 51

they don't care

These people have been revealed.... they'll be safe when we are all gone

Dropping Nukes?.... 100,000 acres in Paraguay

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

What kind of world will be left??

While I realize that nukes are certainly possible with these psychopathic murdering criminals; what kind of world would they have left when they emerge from their bunkers? Wouldn't it be an environmental nightmare?

a Kevin Costner movie

Waterworld meets The Postman meets Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead.

The world will be populated by roaming mutant tribes of cannibals wearing the remnants of Nike logos.

Years ago when i lived in Texas i visited a store the specialized in collectables. They had all sorts of iconic items from the past like old Coca Cola advertizing from the 1930s and baseball cards, etc etc.

In one section they has old political mementos - like campaign buttons "I Like Ike" and "AUH2O" (Goldwater). I struck up a conversation with the guy who ran the shop, and expressed my fascination with history and World War 2.

He wanted to show me something. From a locked draw under the display case he pulled out a secret stash of Nazi Party pins and badges and Hitler Youth knives, etc etc etc.

Holy cow!

It made my skin crawl.

Of course - this is part of history and should be preserved. But, you can see why he could not put this stuff on display.

I sometimes wonder, if the USA triggers World War 3, and the nukes fly, and millions die..... could the icons of American culture end up reviled and hidden 100 years from now - forever disgraced?

You can easily see how, if America brings catastrophy to the world, how our history of slavery, and genocide against the indians, and brutal expansionism and war after war after war, would be the only history the people of the future would remember.

The Earth will always be

The Earth will always be here in one form or another.... it would definitely cause a nightmare scenario.... but probably no worse than we would leave it in 30 years.

they could probably emerge in 5 to ten years and be just fine

there would be several areas which would be spared.

there are many people who beleive that this planet experienced a nuclear war in the distant distant past.... but our historian keep trying to tell us that civilization is only 10,000 to 12,000 years old max.....

just keep that head burried

Zecharia Sitchen

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Loose Change equals Democratic Party

The Alex Jones Loose Change Jonathan Edwards/Hillary pandering to the Israel Lobby is all from the same Zionist controlled political and media system mind set. Get it? Does Loose Change grapple with these issues? Of course not, that is why they are being lavishly funded. The same reason Barack Obama and Alex Jones are funded by the powers that be: the say what they want to hear and steer clear of a critique of Jewish Power in America. Get ready for the new Holocaust destroy your free speech bill in the USA. I'm sure all the Holohoax Affirmers from the left right and center will applaud as they did when Rabbi Chertoff's Patriot Act passed.

Dear Jon

Let's hope Final Cut comes out before this Iran thing get's out of hand.


would love to see wider release of everybody's gotta learn sometime.

unless im wrong, or john's sources just dont check out, it has some of the most solid CIA/behind the scenes information, and is among my selection of films for baptising people into this knowledge

well done. john do you have any thoughts on the difficulties in working the media to get good films like these to see the light of day.

also- do ytou have any stats on views on google

saw some anti-war people out there, with signs on the plattitudes that killing is wrong. do these people generally not know 911 truth or have cognitive dissonance that something this heinous could have happened.

how do we get american liberals into this? seems like libertatian types are more inclined to distrust our government, and know that this is possible.

sorry for the long post. people ARE finding out. its both reassuring, and a national shame that this is more widely talked about outisde of the US.


My stats on Google are approaching 1/4 million views. I am unsure what the circulation of the film is through bit-torrent and other sites that are streaming the film. Its impossible to track.

The problem with my film has always been the copyright concerns. I used film clips and music that i do not own the rights to. since i am not selling the film, it is fairly well protected under the fair usage clauses regarding journalism.... purely educational purposes... blah blah blah.

I contacted Warner Brothers and Real World Music to secure the licensing right to much of the material - and was turned down - although INTERESTINGLY they did NOT issue me a cease and desist letter either. They know my film exists - and seem to be allowing their legal sleeping dogs to lie. no one has challenged me legally.

But, a not-for-profit approach made distribution difficult. I took a financial bath on the whole project. Distributing free copies was a feel-good approach that was not practical in the long run.

I am currently working on the new version of the film that will be over 3 hours long (in 3 chapters for DVD). I intend this film to be the most comprehensive treatment on 9/11 yet released. This version will be more "copyright-friendly" and can and will be sold and distributed.

I've already signed a contract with the Independent Film Channel to premier the film at the IFC Center in New York City. But I am, so far, terribly behind schedule. But, showing this at the IFC could create some buzz, and i am hoping of course that the whole 9/11 community will help promote the release.

The early feedback I am receiving (from those who have seen it) is that it is much more polished and comprehensive than the original film - and makes a much more convincing case by citing a blizzard of facts that the first film failed to mention.

The original film lost its focus at times, spending too much time on V for Vendetta and Star Wars, and seemed a little too scattered and incohesive in places. I believe I've remedied this by starting with a very strong outline - hitting all the major points in a logical timeline.

I am shooting for a Spring 2007 release - in time to yet again hit the Tribeca Screening Room in time for their festival.

CIA/behind the scenes

CIA/behind the scenes information

This sounds intriguing... care to expand on the CIA insider info?

fingers crossed

I really feel like we are heading for some kind of endgame scenario, and Loose Change in theatrical release may be part of the turning point.

The globalists are clearly expanding the "war on terra" into a global conflict, with recent stories from Somalia and the Middle East giving people the impression of multiple theaters of conflict. When Cheney talked about a generational conflict, he wasn't spouting propagandist hype: he was explaining the game plan. They will make it happen. Are we capable of doing something about it?

If Dylan is collaborating with the right people, Loose Change Final Cut has the potential to change the political climate in America. My fingers are crossed. I'm nervous (over the globalist game plan) and excited (by our potential to respond).

War on "Terra"

Mike Tsarion's point - it's truly subliminal psy-ops! If you think about it, how can we wage war on a tactic? Why haven't we declared war on terrorists or even terrorism? It clearly has us thinking the war is on the world but at a level the average couch potato can't truly appreciate.

like a war against dandruff

My fear is that the propagandist expression "war on terror" will actually convince enough people that a global and persistent conflict is not only reasonable but necessary.

“This is an eternal war against terrorism. It’s like a war against dandruff. There’s no such thing as a war against terrorism. It’s idiotic. These are slogans. These are lies. It’s advertising, which is the only art form we ever invented and developed.”
- Gore Vidal


Would be nice if they had something that they could screen in DC this weekend!

Keep it up guys!

Hope to project it on the Washington Monument this summer
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


What greater publicity could there be than for Loose Change: Final Cut to kick Spiderman's ass opening weekend?

BTW, doesn't Cannes rhyme with "can"? I never could keep that straight.

What's up with that -1?

Are people voting Andrew down just because he's Andrew? Or because he quotes Shayler? Or what? Why not save it for posts of his that actually have objectionable content? (I mean, not that that ever happens. Kof... npt kof.)

A new slate...

I could understand the urge, but I have a proposal:

Now that the annoy-mice are banished, let's start with a new slate. Our differences were not caused by the little blighters, but they definately aggravated any existing disagreements. We're all in a bit of decompression, and, perhaps, have gotten used to feeling its noramal having twenty posts to rate down per session.

Take a step back---take a deep breath. Recalibrate, reevaluate. Maybe we should even give a warning before the blitze, something like, "You know, your post doesn't sound all that constructive--do YOU have any positive suggestions?"

They continue to be trouble, rate them down into a smoking crater.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


"Cahhhn." Definitely no "s" on the end :)

Can't wait, gunna burn 200 this time, that's a pledge!!!!!

Spreading the word Down Under!

Regards John - Sydney Australia