AUSTIN - 9/11 Truth & Anti-war Protest - SATURDAY - 1PM - Texas State Capitol


When: Saturday, January 27 at 1PM

Where: Texas State Capitol @ 11th and Congress

What: Demand a new 9/11 Investigation & Rally against the war

This week we have an opportunity to reach many, many more people. The Texas Solidarity Walk will arrive at the state capital at around 4PM including members of such organizations as:

American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, Texans for Peace, International Socialist Organization, World Can’t Wait-Austin, CodePink- Austin, MEChA, Libertarian Longhorns, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Society for Islamic Awareness, Pakistani Student Association, Tejanos for Truth, Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights, Resistencia Books,, Instruments for Peace, Food Not Bombs, PODER and Austin Center for Peace and Justice

While this march is advertised as an anti-war activity, everyone interested in shouting the truth about 9/11 should join us in making sure this critical information is heard by all of those who attend the march. This week we would like to gather in front of the Capitol for an hour and a half and then join the Solidarity Peace Walk at Austin City Hall to take part in the march back to the Capitol.

This is an on-going weekly protest

Over the last few weeks, we have had several concerned Austinites come out to join us in saying "No more!" The reaction from the public has been, on the majority, very positive and we continue to reach many people who have not yet heard the truth. We have given out over a hundred DVD's to interested individuals, packed full of documentaries like Freedom to Fascism, Terrorstorm, 9/11 Mysteries, Loose Change, and others.

Others have passed out flyers, talked to passersby and related critical information, and others have shouted messages with their signs. We will have fliers and DVD's to hand out again this week, and will provide a few signs for those who join us. If you plan to attend, however, please consider making your own signs, as it is important to say what you feel personally! All we ask is that we have solidarity of message including: exposing the lies of 9/11, the greater war on terror and the loss of our rights as Americans because of "post 9/11" legislation.

We hope to see you there this week and every week. There is much to gain in a sacrifice of a few hours every weekend to show Austin that we have had enough and will stand together.

Michelle, Joseph and Delynn



I am really diggin Austins vibe.... been looking for a job in the area.... Might be coming your way!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I'll be there - again

Hope to spiff up my sign this time and make it rain and sleet proof.

Please everyone around Austin, join us. Let there be a growing number of people, people who cannot be ignored..

Give us an hour or two of your time. It means so much, and it will make you feel good inside.

Blessings from Dachsie in Austin.