Key 9/11 survivor seeks truth about America's blackest day

THE last man to leave the World Trade Center building alive is coming to Lancaster on Thursday, February 8, to speak on his experiences during and since 9/11. Visitor news editor INGRID KENT hears what William Rodriguez has to stay and finds out why he will be travelling all the way to the UK to give a lecture
WILLIAM Rodriguez was working as a janitor in the World Trade Center on the eleventh of September 2001 when he heard explosions – from below.
But William didn't just try to save his own skin; as the only key holder for the North Tower stairwell where he was working, he unlocked doors and helped firefighters to rescue hundreds of people.
William was also the last survivor to leave the building. He spent the rest of 9/11 helping out as a volunteer in the rescue efforts, and at dawn the following morning, was back at Ground Zero continuing his efforts.
After 9/11 William lost his job and has worked ever since to help others who were affected by the atrocities.
In February William is coming to Lancaster to tell his side of the story; a story the US Government would not let him tell in full. William, a native of Puerto Rico, a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of New Jersey, was employed as a maintenance worker at the 110-storey World Trade Center building for 19 years.

Arriving at 8.30am on the morning of 9/11, he went to the maintenance office located on the first sub-level, one of six sub-basements beneath ground level. Fourteen people were in the office at that time. As he was talking with others, he says there was an incredibly loud and powerful explosion which seemed to emanate from between sub-basement B2 and B3. There were 22 people on B2 sub-basement who also felt and heard that first explosion.

At first William thought it was a generator that had exploded, but the cement walls in the office cracked from the explosion. "When I heard the sound of the explosion, the floor beneath my feet vibrated, the walls started cracking and everything started shaking," said William, who was crowded together in the office with 14 other people, including Anthony Saltamachia, supervisor for the American Maintenance Company.
Just seconds later he says there was another explosion high above which made the building oscillate momentarily. This, he was later told, was a plane hitting the 90th floor. Then he says there were other explosions just above B1 and individuals started heading for the loading dock to escape the fires caused by the blasts. Unlocking doors for the firefighters as he went, William got to the 39th floor before he was turned back by the firefighters. As he began his descent he heard a plane hit the south tower. Down at ground level he saw the mangled and bloodied bodies of people who had jumped. William says he will never forget the anguish that hit him, or the sight of the senseless carnage.

The Twin Towers were the only known steel frame buildings in history claimed to have failed because of fire. Other steel frame buildings have been known to burn for hours and hours and not collapse. The cause of the Twin Towers' failure is not known because the evidence was rendered unavailable for investigation. Independent investigators said both towers suspiciously fell "like a house of cards," claiming that William probably heard pre-arranged detonated bomb blasts, strategically placed and timed to make it appear that the plane was the cause of the collapse.

After the trauma of losing many of his close friends and the sheer horror of the events of 9/11, William looked forward to his appearance at a closed-door hearing of the 9/11 Commission. But he started changing his opinion as he saw how the commission worked, and also when the American media edited out his testimonies about hearing bomb blasts in the buildings, whilst the Spanish media reported his claims unedited.
William was one of the last people to testify to the commission and spoke behind closed doors, unlike other witnesses. His testimony was not included in the final report. He said the commission didn't answer his questions and avoided the issues he was presenting. When the administration started to link the 9/11 attacks with the preparations of the 2003 Iraq war, he said he felt "manipulated and used".
He also sought out the National Institutes of Technology, which was investigating the collapse of the WTC, but was sent packing. And the FBI was not interested in his claim that he'd met one of the hijackers 'casing' the buildings several months before 9/11. In October 2004, William filed a civil lawsuit directed against George W Bush, Richard B Cheney, Donald H Rumsfeld and others, including a total of 100 defendants, together with Ellen Mariani and lawyer Phil Berg.
The RICO Act is normally used by the US government to nail organised crime as a conspiracy, but this time it was used against the government itself, claiming a conspiracy on its part.
The government filed a motion to dismiss, or at least transfer, the case on grounds of national security. Berg answered by filing an affidavit that alleged the defendants "had knowledge that the attacks were impending... but they failed to (take countermeasures), not by reason of mere negligence, confusion, or ineptitude, but because they affirmatively desired such attacks to occur."

William said: "I have tried to tell my story to everybody, but nobody wants to listen. It is very strange what is going on here in supposedly the most democratic country in the world. In my home country of Puerto Rico and all the other Latin American countries, I have been allowed to tell my story uncensored. But here, I can't even say a word."

William Rodriguez will be speaking at the Hugh Pollard Lecture Theatre on St Martin's College Campus off Bowerham Road, at 7pm on Thursday, February 8. Tickets are by donation and the event is being organised by Contact the venue on 01524 384383.


William Rodriguez - UK and Eire Tour Dates in Feb 2007

Great post SBG...

You can find more information, including dates and times of William's UK and Eire tour, at...

Good luck all !!!

Thanks for this. I shall

Thanks for this. I shall attend the one local to me.


yeah i posted this up in the blogs section couple days ago.. lets give him a real good show over in UK!!

i'll be attending the Lewis one on 26th :with a crew -)

Seems like a great thing...

to do for the 911 Truth Movement would to get Willie Rodriguez along with as many of the others that were there in the basement of the WTC on film telling their story. At least we would have their testimonies forever. And, of course, it would downloaded forever by anyone interested in what really happend that day.

Has anyone tried to identify all the others down there with Willie? Or tried to track them down?

A simple documentary with the subjects speaking on camera and answering questions asked by someone off-camera would be simple and effective.

Howard Hunt, author, CIA

Howard Hunt, author, CIA officer and Watergate figure, dead at 88
E. Howard Hunt, an enigmatic figure in 20th-century American political subterfuge, has died at age 88, the Associated Press is reporting.

Hunt, who had a key role in the Watergate Hotel break-in that led to the eventual resignation of President Richard Nixon, "succumbed after a lengthy bout of pneumonia," the AP quoted his son, Austin.

Aside from his part in Watergate, Hunt was a World War II veteran, longtime officer in the Central Intelligence Agency, and a prolific author of spy novels.

According to an online biography, "In 1951, he hired William F. Buckley, Jr. as a CIA agent working within the Mexican student movement. Buckley and Hunt remained life-long friends."

Earlier this month, RAW STORY reported on Hunt's upcoming book, in which he speculates that President Lyndon Johnson "may have played a role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy." Hunt was often implicated by conspiracy theorists as having a part himself in the assassination.

Convicted Watergate 'plumber' claims LBJ may have had JFK assassinated
In a soon-to-be-published book, a former CIA agent, convicted for his role as a "plumber" in the Watergate scandal, claims that former President Lyndon B. Johnson may have played a role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

According to the New York Post's gossip column, Page Six, "E. Howard Hunt – the shadowy former CIA man who organized the Watergate break-in and was once eyed in the assassination of President Kennedy – bizarrely says that Lyndon Johnson could be seen as a prime suspect in the rubout."

"Only the most far-out conspiracy theorists believe in scenarios like Hunt's," the column continues. "But in a new memoir, American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate & Beyond, due out in April, Hunt, 88, writes: 'Having Kennedy liquidated, thus elevating himself to the presidency without having to work for it himself, could have been a very tempting and logical move on Johnson's part.'"

In 2004, the History Channel aired a program called The Guilty Men, which was partially based on a book by Barr McClellan, who alleged that "the law firm he quit a quarter-century ago was involved in convoluted plots that link Johnson to at least 11 deaths, including President Kennedy's." After much criticism, the cable channel apologized to its viewers, then aired a follow-up special which included a panel of three historians who "debunked" the claim.

"We have a great responsibility and this time we did not live up to it," History Channel executive vice president Dan Davids said. "We hold ourselves accountable. As we have said before, nothing is more important to us than the accuracy of our programming and the integrity of our network."

"LBJ had the money and the connections to manipulate the scenario in Dallas and is on record as having convinced JFK to make the appearance in the first place," Hunt writes, according to the tabloid. "He further tried unsuccessfully to engineer the passengers of each vehicle, trying to get his good buddy, Gov. [John] Connolly, to ride with him instead of in JFK's car – where...he would have been out of danger."

(looks like the scumbag tried to clear himself along with Bush and Nixon and lay it all off on LBJ. im not saying he wasnt in the know but come on.....)

Think they'd

Let this one out in order to divert attention from the plot on 9/11?

LBJ was a bad man... and the CIA may have helped... but all those people are dead now and they can not be held accountable.... movin' on. I have to go to work tomorrow. The kids have a basketball game. Friends is on at 7.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

History Channel

It's funny you should mention the History Channel and the JFK murder. Just last week I was watching it and they showed a film trying to prove that Oswald did it with his trusty bolt action. I couldn't believe what I was watching. They blamed the JFK conspiracy theory on the movie JFK with Kevin Costner. I am beginning to think EVERYTHING they show on TV is bullshit. Don't fool yourselves, the Media is the real enemy. It's all propaganda. All of it. It's getting worse than Nazi Germany here in the States.

The Empire Turns Its on the Citizenry (SWAT Teams)

In recent years American police forces have called out SWAT teams 40,000 or more times annually....

40,000+ times annually??? And some people say they are not preparing us to live in a police state???

Land of the free????

Stupifying world prison statistics

Guess theres money in the incarceration business.

Nothing New.

"Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens in crowd-control situations before being used on the battlefield, the Air Force secretary said Tuesday.

The object is basically public relations. Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions from others about possible safety considerations, said Secretary Michael Wynne.

"If we're not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation," said Wynne. "(Because) if I hit somebody with a nonlethal weapon and they claim that it injured them in a way that was not intended, I think that I would be vilified in the world press." "

Hard to argue with a hero

It is hard to argue with a hero and victim. I think Willie obtained a recorded statment from another survivor but his name escapes me. Too bad no one in America wants to listen to him. It certainly sheds light on what really happend there that day.

"Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed. The building structure would still be there.
I'm not saying that properly applied explosives - shaped explosives - of that magnitude could not do a tremendous amount of damage. I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it."-Saturday, February 27, 1993-John Skilling, Head Structural Engineer WTC Towers-The Seattle Times


If the gov't feels they have nothing to hide, why would they not allow Rodriguez to share his story IN FULL. I'm sure there are things that he is not allowed to talk about because of "national security" reasons, but wouldn't it benifit THE AMERICAN PEOPLE if they really knew what he knew... No wonder the gov't doesn't want him to tell his FULL story.... The things he knows would probably be one of the "smoking guns" to expose The Commission Report as a waste of tax-payers dollars' and a total and complete fallacy. IF they don't have nothing to hide, RELEASE EVERYTHING RELATED TO 9/11 AND prove it!!!

Who's stopping him?

He's been telling his story - in its numerous incarnations - for years now. Nobody's stopping him.



This domain was created October 27, 2000 !!!!!

The registrar of record is Wild West Domains, Inc.

This domain was registered through Mega Cheap Domains which is also owned by Kevin Caruso.

Evil men attacked the U.S.A. on September 11, 2001.
It was a day in hell for all of us. An unthinkable attack by sick, satanic, evil cowards.

Check out the pictures. There are some there I've never seen before.

So who is Kevin Caruso how did he know to register this domain almost a year before and why does he promote the U S Government 9/11 meme?

Amanda - Is pointing out

Amanda -
Is pointing out websites registration dates the only evidence you've ever seen on 9/11?
This is the stupidest evidence possible. Even if it were true (which, coming from you, it almost definitely is not), who cares? There's hundreds of real smoking guns out there.
Why are you really here?

NATO False Flag Op Alert!

Does this smack of Operation Gladio or what?

Greek leftist guerrillas claim U.S. embassy attack

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek leftist guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle has claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on the U.S. embassy earlier this month and vowed more strikes on politicians and high-security buildings, police said.

CNN Interviews 911 researcher

CNN Interviews
Christopher Bollyn, 9/11 Researcher
23 January 2007

CNN sent a team from New York City to Chicago to interview Christopher Bollyn, 9/11 researcher and independent journalist, at the Schaumburg Township District Library on January 23, 2007.

Bollyn was interviewed for more than two hours by reporter Deborah Feyerick for a piece being produced by Sheila Steffen. The segment is expected to air at the end of the current week. Bollyn was told that the section of the program with his comments should be about 3 and a half minutes in length.

The CNN interviewers were very interested in knowing why Bollyn did not believe the official version. They were also keenly interested in why he thinks agents of the state of Israel were involved in the terror attacks on the World Trade Center.


Bollyn explained that the fact that Israel-based employees of Odigo had received instant text messages warning of the WTC attacks hours before they occurred and that these warnings had been accurate "to the minute" indicated that some Israelis (including employees of the Mossad-linked company) had clearly been forewarned.

"To have prior knowledge of a crime like 9/11 indicates involvement," Bollyn said.

Odigo had its U.S. headquarters a few blocks from the twin towers of the WTC. Had the Odigo warnings of an imminent attack been passed on to the authorities in New York City, thousands of lives could have been saved.

The CNN team was also very interested in the 5 "dancing Israelis" who were arrested in New Jersey after having been observed videotaping and celebrating the attacks on the twin towers.

Bollyn explained that he had investigated the story of the dancing Israelis through Paolo Lima, the New Jersey-based reporter who had followed the story in the days after 9/11. When it was reported by Lima in 2001 that the 5 men, who pretended to be movers, were Israeli citizens who had been caught with a van that tested positive for explosives, multiple passports, thousands of dollars in cash, and box cutters, Bollyn raised the question that they could be working for Israeli intelligence. The men also reportedly had been wearing Middle Eastern clothing to give the appearance that they were Arabs.

Months later, Urban Moving Systems, the fake moving company that the men "worked" for was exposed to be a Mossad front company based on information provided to the Forward newspaper of New York City. Dominic Suter, the head of the Weehawken, NJ-based Mossad front company, fled the United States immediately after 9/11 before the FBI could interview him.

After being released from U.S. custody, the 5 Israeli agents returned to Israel where they appeared on a popular television show and openly explained that their "purpose" had been sent to "document the event."

This admission certainly indicates prior knowledge of the attacks, which is proof of involvement.

See: "The Likud Criminal Gang Behind 9/11 and the War on Terror"

Here is the video excerpt of the Israelis' admission on TV:

The CNN interviewer repeatedly asked Bollyn, "Who did it?"

Bollyn responded, "I wish I knew," and described the 9/11 terror attack as "an unsolved crime." He explained that he does not speculate and works from evidence and information he comes across. Most recently, for example, he has been investigating the evidence that Thermate was used in the World Trade Center attack and demolitions.

The CNN program will also include interviews with critics of Bollyn from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The ADL, for example, has often labeled Bollyn as an anti-Semite, which is not true.


Knowing that the mainstream media is generally hostile to 9/11 skeptics and independent researchers, Bollyn, a scholar of Middle Eastern history, explained that there is a fundamental difference between Zionism and Judaism.

"There are Jews who are not Zionists and there are Zionists who are not Jews," he said.

If elements of Israeli intelligence were involved in the attacks of 9/11, he said, that would be very unfortunate but it should have no bearing on innocent Jews anywhere in the world. The state of Israel claims to represent the Jews of the world, whether they support Zionism or not.

Bollyn, who has lived in Israel and the Middle East, explained that while elements of the Israeli state appear to have been involved in the events of 9/11, they are from the most extreme right-wing group of revisionist Zionism. Many of the current officials in the government of the state of Israel are the sons and daughters of the terrorist Irgun organization of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the people who first brought terrorism to the Middle East and the world stage in the 1940s.

Asked why 9/11 would have been done by Zionists, Bollyn said that as the "New Pearl Harbor," 9/11 had been carried out to sway public opinion and usher in the on-going War on Terror.

This so-called War on Terror, he said, was first promoted publicly by the former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his book, Terrorism: How the West Can Win, in 1986.

The current U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are exactly what Netanyahu called for in his book. The Bush administration has followed the agenda of Netanyahu's war on terror in the Middle East to the letter since coming to office in 2001. This policy, Bollyn said, is disastrous for the U.S., the region, world peace, and ultimately, even for the Jews.

Ehud Olmert, the current Israeli prime minister, is a financial crook and a war criminal, Bollyn said. He was the co-defendant, with Menachem Atzmon, in a criminal financial scheme to raise funds in the United States and elsewhere for the Likud party when he was treasurer of the party in the late 1980s.

While both men were involved in the scheme, Atzmon was convicted while Olmert was acquitted. Olmert went on to become the mayor of Jerusalem while Atzmon became a "security expert" at U.S. and European airports as the CEO of his "security" company, International Consultants of Targeted Security (ICTS).

On 9/11, Olmert's old political ally and co-defendant Atzmon was the owner of Huntleigh USA, the company that provided passenger screening and security services at Boston's Logan airport and the airport of Newark, New Jersey.

See: "The Israeli Prime Minister's Connection to 9/11"

While Bollyn's comments to CNN will certainly be drastically edited, he sincerely hopes and expects that CNN will not distort his opinions or allow him to be smeared as an anti-Semite.

OT: Barriers in America to massive attention to 9/11...

It seems like the following are some psychological barriers to more people being outspoken about the 3,000+ murders on 9/11:

1) The belief that America just could not have evolved to such an evil state where criminals inside its government would aid, abet, and facilitate the events of 9/11.

2) Fear of speaking out in the workplace or community for fear of retribution resulting in job loss and financial income.

3) Fear of being labeled as a terrorist.

What can we do to remove these barriers?

Other barriers too?

There may also be some structural barriers. As an analogy, most people in the early USA probably failed to see how uterrly unjust slavery was. The structure of society depended on it. Something like that may be happening here too. Why otherwise the near-total blindness?

You mention the fear of being labeled a terrorist. There is also the fear of being labeled a kook. Remarkable, isn't it, that looking at the obvious, and seeing it, is labeled kooky.

I believe the only useful strategies will involve lots of patience and persistence.

Ed Brown IRS Standoff

This is where every 911 truther should be, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ed Brown. The fights gotta start somewhere & we're getting nowhere fast looking to politicians.

" A New Hampshire man has gained national media attention by his refusal to surrender to federal authorities after being found guilty by a federal jury of tax evasion. The media is mystified by the national movement of supporters converging on Mr. Brown’s New Hampshire home, many of whom are willing to risk their own lives to stand with him, even sleeping outdoors in a New England winter. This documentary explains the complex issues surrounding these events, and contains exclusive video footage of Mr. Brown explaining his position, and his determination to be killed defending himself against any government efforts to take him into custody. "

hell yea Big_D!

As someone who has NEVER filed an "Income tax return in my life and being a member of "We the People".....

I was very heartened when Aaron Russo's movie AFFTF came out,and was embraced by 9/11truthers over here,even though its not about 9/11.

Consequentially, (because tax time is comin soon....NOT!....) many 9/11 truthers will now be asking themselves a question (hopefully) "am I gonna file one of those bootleg 1040 forms this year"?
"Am I gonna submit a finacial confession"?
........OR AM I LIKE ED?.....

Here is a blog set up just for Ed Browns has many different audio blog telephone interviews with Ed and others in the (very large!) -67 million strong- Income tax truth movement. Add it to your "favorite list and check on Ed regularly! .....He needs DUE PROCESS OF LAW! .....he is also a 9/11 truther!!!!

P.S. I think (on top of being a hero) William Rodrigues is one of the most serious, intelligent, articulate and honest people in the movement! (amongst many of course!)

dont shoot the messenger......

Did thermite make WTC's plane-shaped holes?
Dr. A.K. Dewdney suggests an explanation for the way numerous 9-11 videos appear to show an aluminum airplane gliding into a steel and concrete building (From Jan. 7):
"There is absolutely no question, should the perps have worrried that too much of the incoming aircraft would be left outside the tower, that the impact site could have been prepped with thermite and explosives to welcome the baby in with minimal fuss. In light of this alternative, one simply cannot make a claim of no planes without refuting the alternative, as well.
This is certainly a feasible option which should be explored by 9/11 researchers, particularly those who are not so credulous as Dewdney in taking the video record at face value. Simple crash physics dictates that no Boeing airliner made those cartoon cut-outs; but thermite is a likely culprit and would dovetail well with tests by Dr. Steven Jones (late of Brigham Young University), who claims to have found evidence of thermite in the remains of the WTC.