Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two Updated! Added Scene

Very good video.

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Sorry, I don't have time

Sorry, I don't have time this eve to see it again to hunt down this new scene--anyone know where I can find it (mostly)by itself?

Still good work; like widows, pilots are hard to "debunk"...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Added scene

Added scene is at 18:20 which shows the radar hole where AA77 transponder was turned off. We wanted to make it clear that AA77 was never positively identified on radar after this point and that the FDR can be from any type of aircraft. Only the NTSB claims the FDR is from AA77.

I also showed how the explosion from the ordinance and the explosion in the "5 frames DoD video" are very similar in terms of the bright flash, later in the film at 49:40 - 50:00.

We also removed the music over the second phone call from the NTSB so its easier to hear.

Hope this helps..


JDX... You might want to try converting to...

DivX prior to uploading to Google Video...

MPEG runs very slow and uses high CPU, plus I reckon you'll have less glitches and higher clarity (like 9/11 Mysteries and Terrorstorm versions on Google video)...

Might be worth experimenting with, and is so easy with Auto Gordian Knot (which is FREE - latest version 2.40).

Link :

Just choose the main .IFO file (for the movie, not menu or extras) from the DVD (in the VIDEO_TS folder, if applicable)

I reckon you'll like a lot.

Great job and good luck

Thanks veritas

Yeah, im still learning how to get a good quality picture up on google. So far the above video is 650mb. Anything more and its over 1 gig. The problem im having with google is that everytime i upload, it takes forever and a day to upload.. then another day to process.. then when its done.. it has split second skips in some spots due to the upload. We have uploaded this film about 5 times by now and still trying to get a good picture/smooth combo like as seen in the DVD. The DVD quality is excellent, but its hard to get a fine balance on the upload. I'll keep trying. If anyone does have the DVD, by all means, try to upload yourself as well. I will also be uploading the extra's from the DVD in different videos on youtube.. the Flight Data Recorder Expert and FBI calls.. so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your support all.


No Prob Rob...

With Auto Gordian Knot, you can specify a "target" size...

Give it a try... Guarantee it will get you an .AVI of a similar size, but far superior quality.

Have a play, it requires almost zero human interaction and does a brilliant job...

Good luck !!!

Great video! But picture quality is important in 9/11 vids.

Visual detail is lost in blurry video. It also looks less impressive to newbies. I often buy a DVD directly from the producer to get the extra clearness.

Cannot beat a DVD... but

a newbie or someone on the fence is unlikely to splash out on a DVD straight away...

If you're gunna put your wares on display at Google Video, I would suggest as high quality as possible.

From what I know it did not adversely effect DVD sales for Loose Change, 9/11 Mysteries or Terrorstorm. If anything, it helped promote them.

Plus it makes folks more inclined to spread the link far and wide and this is what's needed at this time :)

Good luck all